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Alcohol Quotes

from thousands of famous people

No Power On Earth Or Above The Bottomless Pit Has Such Influence To Terrorize And Make Cowards Of Men As The Liquor Power. Satan Could Not Have Fallen On A More Potent Instrument With Which To Thrall The World. Alcohol Is King.
~ Eliza Mother Stewart
In The 1940s A Survey Listed The Top Seven Discipline Problems In Public Schools Talking, Chewing Gum, Making Noise, Running In The Halls, Getting Out Of Turn In Line, Wearing Improper Clothes, Not Putting Paper In Wastebaskets. A 1980s Survey Lists These Top Seven Drug Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, Pregnancy, Suicide, Rape, Robbery, Assault. Arson, Gang Warfare And Venereal Disease Are Also-rans.
~ George Will
Today, There Is A Drug And Alcohol Abuse Epidemic In This Country. And No One Is Safe From It-not You, Not Me And Certainly Not Our Children, Because This Epidemic Has Their Names Written On It.
~ Nancy Davis Reagan
I Have Taken More Out Of Alcohol Than Alcohol Has Taken Out Of Me.
~ Sir Winston Churchill
The Internet Is Like Alcohol In Some Sense. It Accentuates What You Would Do Anyway. If You Want To Be A Loner, You Can Be More Alone. If You Want To Connect, It Makes It Easier To Connect.
~ Esther Dyson, Interview in Time Magazine, October 2005
Every Form Of Addiction Is Bad, No Matter Whether The Narcotic Be Alcohol Or Morphine Or Idealism.
~ Carl Jung