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Angels Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The Golden Moments In The Stream Of Life Rush Past Us And We See Nothing But Sand; The Angels Come To Visit Us, And We Only Know Them When They Are Gone.
~ George Eliot
It Would Be Absurd If We Did Not Understand Both Angels And Devils, Since We Invented Them.
~ John Steinbeck, East of Eden, Chapter 13, Part II
Sometimes It Is Said That Man Cannot Be Trusted With The Governing Of Himself. Can He, Then, Be Trusted With The Government Of Others? Or Have We Found Angels In The Forms Of Kings To Govern Him? Let History Answer This Question.
~ Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address
Perhaps The Angels Who Fear To Tread Where Fools Rush In Used To Be Fools Who Rushed In.
~ Franklin P. Jones
We Are Each Of Us Angels With Only One Wing, And We Can Only Fly By Embracing One Another.
~ Luciano de Crescento
And Yet, As Angels In Some Brighter Dreams Call To The Soul When Man Doth Sleep, So Some Strange Thoughts Transcend Our Wonted Themes, And Into Glory Peep.
~ Henry Vaughn
Somewhere Between The Angels And The French Lies The Rest Of Humanity.
~ Mark Twain
Friends Are Angels That Lift Us To Our Feet When Our Wings Have Trouble Remembering How To Fly.
~ Unknown
The Earth Has Grown Old With Its Burden Of Care But At Christmas It Always Is Young, The Heart Of The Jewel Burns Lustrous And Fair And Its Soul Full Of Music Breaks The Air, When The Song Of Angels Is Sung.
~ Phillips Brooks
We Are Like Children, Who Stand In Need Of Masters To Enlighten Us And Direct Us And God Has Provided For This, By Appointing His Angels To Be Our Teachers And Guides.
~ Saint Thomas Aquinas
We Must Not Be Enemies. Though Passion May Have Strained, It Must Not Break Our Bonds Of Affection. The Mystic Chords Of Memory, Stretching From Every Battlefield And Patriot Grave, To Every Living Heart And Hearth-stone, All Over This Broad Land, Will Yet Swell The Chorus Of The Union When Again Touched, As Surely They Will Be, By The Better Angels Of Our Nature.
~ Abraham Lincoln
It Is Sad That While Science Moves Ahead In Exciting New Areas Of Research, Fine-tuning Our Knowledge Of How Life Originated And Evolved, Creationists Remain Mired In Medieval Debates About Angels On The Head Of A Pin And Animals In The Belly Of An Ark.
~ Michael Sherme