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Angels Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Sometimes It Is Said That Man Cannot Be Trusted With The Governing Of Himself. Can He, Then, Be Trusted With The Government Of Others? Or Have We Found Angels In The Forms Of Kings To Govern Him? Let History Answer This Question.
~ Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address
It Is Better To Conquer Yourself Than To Win A Thousand Battles. Then The Victory Is Yours. It Cannot Be Taken From You, Not By Angels Or By Demons, Heaven Or Hell.
~ Buddha
Be Not Forgetful To Entertain Strangers, For Thereby Some Have Entertained Angels Unawares.
~ Hebrews 13: 2
The Guardian Angels Of Life Sometimes Fly So High As To Be Beyond Our Sight, But They Are Always Looking Down Upon Us.
~ Jean Paul Friedrich Richte
Now Cracks A Noble Heart. Good Night Sweet Prince: And Flights Of Angels Sing Thee To Thy Rest!
~ William Shakespeare, "Hamlet", Act 5 scene 2
And Yet, As Angels In Some Brighter Dreams Call To The Soul When Man Doth Sleep, So Some Strange Thoughts Transcend Our Wonted Themes, And Into Glory Peep.
~ Henry Vaughn
We Are Each Of Us Angels With Only One Wing, And We Can Only Fly By Embracing One Another.
~ Luciano de Crescento
We Are Each Of Us Angels With Only One Wing. And We Can Only Fly By Embracing Each Other.
~ Comte DeBussy- Rabutin
Gratitude Is Our Most Direct Line To God And The Angels. The More We Seek Gratitude, The More Reason The Angels Will Give Us For Gratitude And Joy To Exist In Our Lives.
~ Terry Lynn Taylo
The Earth Has Grown Old With Its Burden Of Care But At Christmas It Always Is Young, The Heart Of The Jewel Burns Lustrous And Fair And Its Soul Full Of Music Breaks The Air, When The Song Of Angels Is Sung.
~ Phillips Brooks
Perhaps The Angels Who Fear To Tread Where Fools Rush In Used To Be Fools Who Rushed In.
~ Franklin P. Jones
Somewhere Between The Angels And The French Lies The Rest Of Humanity.
~ Mark Twain