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Angels Quotes

from thousands of famous people

We Are Like Children, Who Stand In Need Of Masters To Enlighten Us And Direct Us And God Has Provided For This, By Appointing His Angels To Be Our Teachers And Guides.
~ Saint Thomas Aquinas
The Golden Moments In The Stream Of Life Rush Past Us And We See Nothing But Sand The Angels Come To Visit Us, And We Only Know Them When They Are Gone.
~ George Eliot
Love Came Down At Christmas Love All Lovely, Love Divine Love Was Born At Christmas, Stars And Angels Gave The Sign.
~ Christina Georgina Rossetti
Somewhere Between The Angels And The French Lies The Rest Of Humanity.
~ Mark Twain
I Do Not Think Myself To Be A Worm, And A Grub, Grass Of The Field Fit Only To Be Burned, A Clod, A Morsel Of Putrid Atoms That Should Be Thrown To The Dungheap, Ready For The Nethermost Pit. Nor If I Did Should I Therefore Expect To Sit With Angels And Archangels.
~ Anthony Trollope
Sometimes It Is Said That Man Cannot Be Trusted With The Governing Of Himself. Can He, Then, Be Trusted With The Government Of Others? Or Have We Found Angels In The Forms Of Kings To Govern Him? Let History Answer This Question.
~ Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address
It Is Better To Conquer Yourself Than To Win A Thousand Battles. Then The Victory Is Yours. It Cannot Be Taken From You, Not By Angels Or By Demons, Heaven Or Hell.
~ Buddha
How Many Angels Are There One - Who Transforms Our Live - Is Plenty.
~ Prove
We Must Not Be Enemies. Though Passion May Have Strained, It Must Not Break Our Bonds Of Affection. The Mystic Chords Of Memory, Stretching From Every Battlefield And Patriot Grave, To Every Living Heart And Hearth-stone, All Over This Broad Land, Will Yet Swell The Chorus Of The Union When Again Touched, As Surely They Will Be, By The Better Angels Of Our Nature.
~ Abraham Lincoln
Gratitude Is Our Most Direct Line To God And The Angels. The More We Seek Gratitude, The More Reason The Angels Will Give Us For Gratitude And Joy To Exist In Our Lives.
~ Terry Lynn Taylo
Think, In Mounting Higher, The Angels Would Press On Us, And Aspire To Drop Some Golden Orb Of Perfect Song Into Our Deep, Dear Silence.
~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Yes, Love Indeed Is Light From Heaven A Spark Of That Immortal Fire With Angels Shared, By Allah Given To Lift From Earth Our Low Desire.
~ George Gordon Byron