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Angels Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The Guardian Angels Of Life Sometimes Fly So High As To Be Beyond Our Sight, But They Are Always Looking Down Upon Us.
~ Jean Paul Friedrich Richte
The Golden Moments In The Stream Of Life Rush Past Us And We See Nothing But Sand; The Angels Come To Visit Us, And We Only Know Them When They Are Gone.
~ George Eliot
Unlike Those Who Pretend To Be Immaculate, Fallen Angels Are Usually More Intriguing Because Their Earthliness Is Heavenly.
~ Carl Polloi
It Is Sad That While Science Moves Ahead In Exciting New Areas Of Research, Fine-tuning Our Knowledge Of How Life Originated And Evolved, Creationists Remain Mired In Medieval Debates About Angels On The Head Of A Pin And Animals In The Belly Of An Ark.
~ Michael Sherme
When One Has Tasted Watermelon He Knows What The Angels Eat.
~ Mark Twain
Fools Rush In Where Angels Fear To Tread.
~ Alexander Pope, (1712? )
It Is Not Because Angels Are Holier Than Men Or Devils That Makes Them Angels, But Because They Do Not Expect Holiness From One Another, But From God Only.
~ William Blake
We Are Not Enemies But Friends. We Must Not Be Enemies. Though Passion May Have Strained It Must Not Break Our Bonds Of Affection. The Mystic Cords Of Memory Shall Swell When Again Touched, As Surely They Will Be, By The Better Angels Of Nature.
~ Abraham Lincoln
Perhaps The Angels Who Fear To Tread Where Fools Rush In Used To Be Fools Who Rushed In.
~ Franklin P. Jones
The Angels Are So Enamoured Of The Language That Is Spoken In Heaven, That They Will Not Distort Their Lips With The Hissing And Unmusical Dialects Of Men, But Speak Their Own, Whether There Be Any Who Understand It Or Not.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Gratitude Is Our Most Direct Line To God And The Angels. The More We Seek Gratitude, The More Reason The Angels Will Give Us For Gratitude And Joy To Exist In Our Lives.
~ Terry Lynn Taylo
I Do Not Think Myself To Be A Worm, And A Grub, Grass Of The Field Fit Only To Be Burned, A Clod, A Morsel Of Putrid Atoms That Should Be Thrown To The Dungheap, Ready For The Nethermost Pit. Nor If I Did Should I Therefore Expect To Sit With Angels And Archangels.
~ Anthony Trollope