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Animal Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Man Is The Only Animal For Whom His Own Existence Is A Problem Which He Has To Solve.
~ Erich Fromm
Man Is A Make-believe Animal - He Is Never So Truly Himself As When He Is Acting A Part.
~ William Hazlitt
Every Animal Knows More Than You Do. Nez Perce.
~ American Indian Prove
A Politician Is An Animal Which Can Sit On A Fence And Yet Keep Both Ears To The Ground.
~ Henry Louis Mencken
Man Is The Only Animal That Blushes -- Or Needs To.
~ Mark Twain
What Is A Country Without Rabbits And Partridges They Are Among The Most Simple And Indigenous Animal Products Ancient And Venerable Familes Known To Antiquity As To Modern Times Of The Very Hue And Substance Of Nature, Nearest Allied To Leaves And To The Ground.
~ Henry David Thoreau
I Died A Mineral, And Became A Plant. I Died A Plant And Rose An Animal. I Died An Animal And I Was Man. Why Should I Fear When Was I Less By Dying.
~ Jalal ud- Din Rumi
The Animals Of The Planet Are In Desperate Peril... Without Free Animal Life I Believe We Will Lose The Spiritual Equivalent Of Oxygen.
~ Alice Walker, Living by the Word, 1988
Man Is The Only Animal That Laughs And Has A State Legislature.
~ Samuel Butle
Man Is The Only Animal Whose Desires Increase As They Are Fed The Only Animal That Is Never Satisfied.
~ Henry George
Man May Be Considered As A Superior Species Of Animal Who Produces Philosophies And Poems In About The Same Way A Silkworm Produces Their Cocoons And Bees Their Hives.
~ Hippilyte Taine
After Several Minutes Of Utterly Dull Conversation I Began To Think Of Her Not As A Woman But As A Human, Then Not As A Human But As An Animal, Then Not As An Animal But As A Source Of High-grade Protein.
~ Mark Gooley