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Animal Quotes

from thousands of famous people

It Is Not In Giving Life But In Risking Life That Man Is Raised Above The Animal That Is Why Superiority Has Been Accorded In Humanity Not To The Sex That Brings Forth But To That Which Kills.
~ Simone de Beauvoi
Man... Is A Tame Or Civilized Animal Never The Less, He Requires Proper Instruction And A Fortunate Nature, And Then Of All Animals He Becomes The Most Divine And Most Civilized But If He Be Insufficiently Or Ill- Educated He Is The Most Savage Of Earthly Creatures.
~ Plato
Man Is The Only Animal That Laughs And Weeps, For He Is The Only Animal That Is Struck With The Difference Between What Things Are And What They Ought To Be.
~ William Hazlitt
We Know What The Animals Do, What Are The Needs Of The Beaver, The Bear, The Salmon, And Other Creatures, Because Long Ago Men Married Them And Acquired This Knowledge From Their Animal Wives. Today The Priests Say We Lie, But We Know Better.
~ Native American
No Animal Should Ever Jump Up On The Dining-room Furniture Unless Absolutely Certain That He Can Hold His Own In The Conversation.
~ Fran Lebowitz
Every Animal Knows More Than You Do. Nez Perce.
~ American Indian Prove
A Politician Is An Animal Which Can Sit On A Fence And Yet Keep Both Ears To The Ground.
~ Henry Louis Mencken
Religion Is The Masterpiece Of The Art Of Animal Training, For It Trains People As To How They Shall Think.
~ Arthur Shopenhaue
In Endowing Us With Memory, Nature Has Revealed To Us A Truth Utterly Unimaginable To The Unreflective Creation, The Truth Of Immortality.... The Most Ideal Human Passion Is Love, Which Is Also The Most Absolute And Animal And One Of The Most Ephemeral.
~ George Santayana
Man Is The Only Animal That Can Remain On Friendly Terms With The Victims He Intends To Eat Until He Eats Them.
~ Samuel Butle
After Several Minutes Of Utterly Dull Conversation I Began To Think Of Her Not As A Woman But As A Human, Then Not As A Human But As An Animal, Then Not As An Animal But As A Source Of High-grade Protein.
~ Mark Gooley
Man Is The Only Animal For Whom His Own Existence Is A Problem Which He Has To Solve.
~ Erich Fromm