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Animal Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Man May Be Considered As A Superior Species Of Animal Who Produces Philosophies And Poems In About The Same Way A Silkworm Produces Their Cocoons And Bees Their Hives.
~ Hippilyte Taine
Man Is The Only Animal That Learns By Being Hypocritical. He Pretends To Be Polite And Then, Eventually, He _becomes_ Polite.
~ Jean Ke
No Animal Should Ever Jump Up On The Dining-room Furniture Unless Absolutely Certain That He Can Hold His Own In The Conversation.
~ Fran Lebowitz
Man Is The Only Animal That Can Remain On Friendly Terms With The Victims He Intends To Eat Until He Eats Them.
~ Samuel Butle
Man Is The Only Animal That Laughs And Has A State Legislature.
~ Samuel Butle
A Human Being Is An Animal Suspended In Webs Of Significance Which He Himself Has Spun.
~ Clifford Geertz, "Cultural Anthropology" by Nanda
We Have Enslaved The Rest Of The Animal Creation, And Have Treated Our Distant Cousins In Fur And Feathers So Badly That Beyond Doubt, If They Were Able To Formulate A Religion, They Would Depict The Devil In Human Form.
~ William Ralph Inge
Man Is A Gregarious Animal And Much More So In His Mind Than In His Body. A Golden Rule; Judge Men Not By Their Opinions But By What Their Opinions Have Made Of Them.
~ Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
I Died A Mineral, And Became A Plant. I Died A Plant And Rose An Animal. I Died An Animal And I Was Man. Why Should I Fear When Was I Less By Dying.
~ Jalal ud- Din Rumi
Liberty Is To Faction, What Air Is To Fire, An Ailment Without Which It Instantly Expires. But It Could Not Be A Less Folly To Abolish Liberty, Which Is Essential To Political Life, Because It Nourishes Faction, Than It Would Be To Wish The Annihilation Of Air, Which Is Essential To Animal Life, Because It Imparts To Fire Its Destructive Agency.
~ James Madison, Federalist 10
Perpetual Inspiration Is As Necessary To The Life Of Goodness, Holiness And Happiness As Perpetual Respiration Is Necessary To Animal Life.
~ Andrew Bonar Law
It Is Not In Giving Life But In Risking Life That Man Is Raised Above The Animal That Is Why Superiority Has Been Accorded In Humanity Not To The Sex That Brings Forth But To That Which Kills.
~ Simone de Beauvoi