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Animal Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Man Is A Make-believe Animal - He Is Never So Truly Himself As When He Is Acting A Part.
~ William Hazlitt
In Endowing Us With Memory, Nature Has Revealed To Us A Truth Utterly Unimaginable To The Unreflective Creation, The Truth Of Immortality.... The Most Ideal Human Passion Is Love, Which Is Also The Most Absolute And Animal And One Of The Most Ephemeral.
~ George Santayana
We Have Enslaved The Rest Of The Animal Creation, And Have Treated Our Distant Cousins In Fur And Feathers So Badly That Beyond Doubt, If They Were Able To Formulate A Religion, They Would Depict The Devil In Human Form.
~ William Ralph Inge
Man... Is A Tame Or Civilized Animal Never The Less, He Requires Proper Instruction And A Fortunate Nature, And Then Of All Animals He Becomes The Most Divine And Most Civilized But If He Be Insufficiently Or Ill- Educated He Is The Most Savage Of Earthly Creatures.
~ Plato
After Several Minutes Of Utterly Dull Conversation I Began To Think Of Her Not As A Woman But As A Human, Then Not As A Human But As An Animal, Then Not As An Animal But As A Source Of High-grade Protein.
~ Mark Gooley
The Human Animal Differs From The Lesser Primates In His Passion For Lists Of Ten Best.
~ H. Allen Smith
Man Is A Rational Animal Who Always Loses His Temper When Called Upon To Act In Accordance With The Dictates Of Reason.
~ Orson Welles
My Favorite Animal Is Steak.
~ Fran Lebowitz
The Paleolithic Hunters Who Painted The Unsurpassed Animal Murals On The Ceiling Of The Cave At Altamira Had Only Rudimentary Tools. Art Is Older Than Production For Use, And Play Older Than Work. Man Was Shaped Less By What He Had To Do Than By What He Did In Playful Moments. It Is The Child In Man That Is The Source Of His Uniqueness And Creativeness, And The Playground Is The Optimal Milieu For The Unfolding Of His Capacities.
~ Eric Hoffe
About The Rhinoceros Here Is An Animal With A Hide Two Feet Think And No Apparent Interest In Politics. What A Waste.
~ Randolph Silliman Bourne
The Animals Of The Planet Are In Desperate Peril... Without Free Animal Life I Believe We Will Lose The Spiritual Equivalent Of Oxygen.
~ Alice Walker, Living by the Word, 1988
Society Expects Man To Be A Passive Social Animal Who Believes Like The People Of The Field In Jurgen That To Do What You Always Have Done And What Is Expected Of You Are The Twin Rules Of Life. This, Is Course, Is Not True. The Wanton Crucifixion Of Impulses, The Unnecessary Blocking And Frustration Of The Drives And Urges, Are An Evil That Reflects Itself In Sophistication, Ennui And Boredom, Dissatisfaction, Melancholy, Fatigue, Anxiety And Neurosis.
~ Abraham Myerson