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Animal Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The Human Animal Differs From The Lesser Primates In His Passion For Lists Of Ten Best.
~ H. Allen Smith
No Animal Should Ever Jump Up On The Dining-room Furniture Unless Absolutely Certain That He Can Hold His Own In The Conversation.
~ Fran Lebowitz
Religion Is The Masterpiece Of The Art Of Animal Training, For It Trains People As To How They Shall Think.
~ Arthur Shopenhaue
We Know What The Animals Do, What Are The Needs Of The Beaver, The Bear, The Salmon, And Other Creatures, Because Long Ago Men Married Them And Acquired This Knowledge From Their Animal Wives. Today The Priests Say We Lie, But We Know Better.
~ Native American
Contrary To Popular Belief, The Most Dangerous Animal Is Not The Lion Or Tiger Or Even The Elephant. The Most Dangerous Animal Is A Shark Riding On An Elephant, Just Trampling And Eating Everything They See.
~ Jack Handey Deep Thoughts
The Male Is A Domestic Animal Which, If Treated With Firmness, Can Be Trained To Do Most Things.
~ Jilly Coope
Man Is The Only Animal For Whom His Own Existence Is A Problem Which He Has To Solve.
~ Erich Fromm
What Is A Country Without Rabbits And Partridges They Are Among The Most Simple And Indigenous Animal Products Ancient And Venerable Familes Known To Antiquity As To Modern Times Of The Very Hue And Substance Of Nature, Nearest Allied To Leaves And To The Ground.
~ Henry David Thoreau