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Art Quotes

from thousands of famous people

After A Certain High Level Of Technical Skill Is Achieved, Science And Art Tend To Coalesce In Esthetics, Plasticity, And Form. The Greatest Sceintists Are Always Artists As Well.
~ Albert Einstein
The Art Of Love: Knowing How To Combine The Temperment Of A Vampire With The Discretion Of An Anemone.
~ E. M. Cioran
Those Who Gave Thee A Body, Furnished It With Weakness But He Who Gave Thee Soul, Armed Thee With Resolution. Employ It, And Thou Art Wise Be Wise And Thou Art Happy.
~ Akhenaton
Be Slow To Fall Into Friendship, But When Thou Art In, Continue Firm And Constant.
~ Derek Bethune
All The World Is Queer Save Thee And Me. And Even Thou Art A Little Queer.
~ Sir Robert Owen
Romeo, Romeo, Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo Deny Thy Father, And Refuse Thy Name...
~ William Shakespeare
Silence Is One Great Art Of Conversation.
~ Anon
BesideCother Art To Be Learned -- Not To See What Is Not.
~ Maria Mitchell
Religion Is The Everlasting Dialogue Between Humanity And God. Art Is Its Soliloquy.
~ Franz Werfel
The Most Beautiful Thing To Experience Is The Mysterious. It Is The True Source Of Life, Art And Science.
~ Michael Talbot
Engineering Is The Art Or Science Of Making Practical.
~ Samuel C. Florman
Engineering Is Not Merely Knowing And Being Knowledgeable, Like A Walking Encyclopedia Engineering Is Not Merely Analysis Engineering Is Not Merely The Possession Of The Capacity To Get Elegant Solutions To Non-existent Engineering Problems Engineering Is Practicing The Art Of The Organized Forcing Of Technological Change... Engineers Operate At The Interface Between Science And Society...
~ Dean Gordon Brown