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Art Quotes

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Be Slow To Fall Into Friendship, But When Thou Art In, Continue Firm And Constant.
~ Derek Bethune
The Object Of Art Is To Crystallize Emotion Into Thought, And Then Fix It In Form.
~ Francois Delsarte
We Have Art So That We Shall Not Die Of Reality.
~ Nietzsche
Great Is The Art Of Beginning, But Greater Is The Art Of Ending.
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
There Is An Art Of Which Every Man Should Be A Master The Art Of Reflection. If You Are Not A Thinking Man, To What Purpose Are You A Man At All.
~ William Hart Coleridge
Politics Is The Art Of Looking For Trouble, Finding It Everywhere, Diagnosing It Incorrectly And Applying The Wrong Remedies.
~ Julius Henry Marx
A Sense Of Humor Is Part Of The Art Of Leadership, Of Getting Along With People, Of Getting Things Done.
~ Dwight D. Eisenhowe
Politics Is Not The Art Of The Possible. It Consists In Choosing Between The Disastrous And The Unpalatable.
~ John Kenneth Galbraith
Let Each Man Exercise The Art He Knows.
~ Aristophanes, Wasps, 422 B. C
No Form Of Nature Is Inferior To Art For The Arts Merely Imitate Natural Forms.
~ Marcus Aurelius Antoninus
Engineering Is Not Merely Knowing And Being Knowledgeable, Like A Walking Encyclopedia Engineering Is Not Merely Analysis Engineering Is Not Merely The Possession Of The Capacity To Get Elegant Solutions To Non-existent Engineering Problems Engineering Is Practicing The Art Of The Organized Forcing Of Technological Change... Engineers Operate At The Interface Between Science And Society...
~ Dean Gordon Brown
Artificial Intelligence: The Art Of Making Computers That Behave Like The Ones In Movies.
~ Bill Bulko