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The Art Of Love: Knowing How To Combine The Temperment Of A Vampire With The Discretion Of An Anemone.
~ E. M. Cioran
The Art Of Progress Is To Preserve Order Amid Change And To Preserve Change Amid Order.
~ Alfred North Whitehead
Literature Is The Art Of Writing Something That Will Be Read Twice; Journalism What Will Be Read Once.
~ Cyril Connolly, Enemies of Promise (1938)
The True Work Of Art Is But A Shadow Of The Divine Perfection.
~ Michelangelo Buonarroti
The Paleolithic Hunters Who Painted The Unsurpassed Animal Murals On The Ceiling Of The Cave At Altamira Had Only Rudimentary Tools. Art Is Older Than Production For Use, And Play Older Than Work. Man Was Shaped Less By What He Had To Do Than By What He Did In Playful Moments. It Is The Child In Man That Is The Source Of His Uniqueness And Creativeness, And The Playground Is The Optimal Milieu For The Unfolding Of His Capacities.
~ Eric Hoffe
The Aim Of Art Is To Represent Not The Outward Appearance Of Things, But Their Inward Significance.
~ Aristotle
Truth Is The Secret Of Eloquence And Of Virtue, The Basis Of Moral Authority It Is The Highest Summit Of Art And Life.
~ Henri Frdric Amiel
You Desire To Know The Art Of Living, My Friend? It Is Contained In One Phrase: Make Use Of Suffering.
~ Henri- Fr? d? ric Amiel
Democracy Is The Art Of Running The Circus From The Monkey Cage.
~ H. L. Mencken
Engineering Is The Professional Art Of Applying Science To The Optimum Conversion Of Natural Resources To The Benefit Of Man.
~ Ralph J. Smith
If Art Is To Nourish The Roots Of Our Culture, Society Must Set The Artist Free To Follow His Vision Wherever It Takes Him.
~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy
There Are Periods In History When Change Is Necessary, And Other Periods When It Is Better To Keep Everything For The Time As It Is. The Art Of Life Is To Be In The Rhythm Of Your Age.
~ Oswald Mosley