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No Form Of Art Goes Beyond Ordinary Consciousness As Film Does, Straight To Our Emotions, Deep Into The Twilight Room Of The Soul.
~ Ingrid Bergman
All Art Is At Once Surface And Symbol. Those Who Go Beneath The Surface Do So At Their Own Peril. Those Who Read The Symbol Do So At Their Own Peril.
~ Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray, the preface
There Is One Art Of Which Man Should Be Master, The Art Of Reflection.
~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge
The Art Of Progress Is To Preserve Order Amid Change.
~ A. N. Whitehead
What Would It Be Like If You Lived Each Day, Each Breath, As A Work Of Art In Progress Imagine That You Are A Masterpiece Unfolding, Every Second Of Every Day, A Work Of Art Taking Form With Every Breath.
~ Thomas Crum
Politics Is The Gentle Art Of Getting Votes From The Poor And Campaign Funds From The Rich, By Promising To Protect Each From The Other.
~ Oscar Ameringe
Acting Is Merely The Art Of Keeping A Large Group Of People From Coughing.
~ Sir Ralph Richardson, quoted in New York Herald Tribune, May 19, 1946
The Most Beautiful Experience We Can Have Is The Mysterious - The Fundamental Emotion Which Stands At The Cradle Of True Art And True Science.
~ Albert Einstein
Originality Is The Art Of Concealing Your Source.
~ Franklin P. Jones
From One Soul Of The Universe Are All Souls Derived... Of These Souls There Are Many Changes, Some Into A More Fortunate Estate, And Some Quite Contrary... Not All Human Souls But Only The Pious Ones Are Divine. Once Separated From The Body, And After The Struggle To Acquire Piety, Which Consists In Knowing God And Injuring None, Such A Soul Becomes All Intelligence. The Impious Soul, However, Punishes Itself By Seeking A Human Body To Enter Into, For No Other Body Can Receive A Human Soul It Cannot Enter The Body Of An Animal Devoid Of Reason. Divine Law Preserves The Human Soul From Such Infamy... The Soul Passeth From Form To Form And The Mansions Of Her Pilgrimage Are Manifold. Thou Puttest Off Thy Bodies As Raiment And As Vesture Dost Thou Fold Them Up. Thou Art From Old, O Soul Of Man Yea, Thou Art From Everlasting.
~ Hermes
Diplomacy Is The Art Of Knowing What Not To Say.
~ Matthew Trump, in Mother Earth News
Sadistic Excess Attempts To Reach Roughly And By Harshness What Art Reaches By Fineness.
~ Percy Wynham Lewis