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The Work Of Art Must Seize Upon You, Wrap You Up In Itself And Carry You Away. It Is The Means By Which The Artist Conveys His Passion. It Is The Current Which He Puts Forth Which Sweeps You Along In His Passion.
~ Auguste Renoi
Death Be Not Proud, Though Some Have Called Thee Mighty And Dreadfull, For Thou Art Not So, For, Those, Whom Thou Thinkst, Thou Dost Overthrow, Die Not, Poor Death, Nor Yet Canst Thou Kill Me.
~ John Donne
Procrastination Is The Art Of Keeping Up With Yesterday.
~ Don Marquis
The Real Art Of Conversation Is Not Only To Say The Right Thing At The Right Place But To Leave Unsaid The Wrong Thing At The Tempting Moment.
~ Dorothy Nevill
Truth Is The Secret Of Eloquence And Of Virtue, The Basis Of Moral Authority; It Is The Highest Summit Of Art And Life.
~ Henri- Fr? d? ric Amiel
The Art Of Living Easily As To Money Is To Pitch Your Scale Of Living One Degree Below Your Means.
~ Sir Henry Taylo
Religion Is The Masterpiece Of The Art Of Animal Training, For It Trains People As To How They Shall Think.
~ Arthur Shopenhaue
Originality Is The Fine Art Of Remembering What You Hear But Forgetting Where You Heard It.
~ Laurence J. Pete
To Know How To Suggest Is The Great Art Of Teaching.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
ARCHITECTURE, N The Art Of How To Waste Space.
~ Philip Johnson
One Must Not Always Think That Feeling Is Everything. Art Is Nothing Without Form.
~ Gustave Flaubert
The Bad Teacher Imposes His Ideas And His Methods On His Pupils, And Such Originality As They May Have Is Lost In The Second-rate Art Of Imitation.
~ Stephen Neill