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BesideCother Art To Be Learned -- Not To See What Is Not.
~ Maria Mitchell
The Art Of Living Is More Like That Of Wrestling Than Of Dancing The Main Thing Is To Stand Firm And Be Ready For An Unseen Attack.
~ Marcus Aelius Aurelius
Diplomacy Is The Art Of Knowing What Not To Say.
~ Matthew Trump, in Mother Earth News
Learn The Art Of Patience. Apply Discipline To Your Thoughts When They Become Anxious Over The Outcome Of A Goal. Impatience Breeds Anxiety, Fear, Discouragement And Failure. Patience Creates Confidence, Decisiveness, And A Rational Outlook, Which Eventually Leads To Success.
~ Brian Adams
A Prince Should Therefore Have No Other Aim Or Thought, Nor Take Up Any Other Thing For His Study But War And It Organization And Discipline, For That Is The Only Art That Is Necessary To One Who Commands.
~ Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince
We All Know That Art Is Not The Truth, Art Is A Lie That Makes Us Realize The Truth.
~ Pablo Picasso
From One Soul Of The Universe Are All Souls Derived... Of These Souls There Are Many Changes, Some Into A More Fortunate Estate, And Some Quite Contrary... Not All Human Souls But Only The Pious Ones Are Divine. Once Separated From The Body, And After The Struggle To Acquire Piety, Which Consists In Knowing God And Injuring None, Such A Soul Becomes All Intelligence. The Impious Soul, However, Punishes Itself By Seeking A Human Body To Enter Into, For No Other Body Can Receive A Human Soul It Cannot Enter The Body Of An Animal Devoid Of Reason. Divine Law Preserves The Human Soul From Such Infamy... The Soul Passeth From Form To Form And The Mansions Of Her Pilgrimage Are Manifold. Thou Puttest Off Thy Bodies As Raiment And As Vesture Dost Thou Fold Them Up. Thou Art From Old, O Soul Of Man Yea, Thou Art From Everlasting.
~ Hermes
The Art Of War Is Simple Enough. Find Out Where Your Enemy Is. Get At Him As Soon As You Can. Strike Him As Hard As You Can, And Keep Moving.
~ Ulysses S. Grant
Tell Me Not, In Mournful Numbers, Life Is But An Empty DreamFor The Soul Is Dead That Slumbers, And Things Are Not What They Seem. Life Is Real Life Is EarnestAnd The Grave Is Not Its GoalDust Thou Art To Dust Returnest, Was Not Spoken Of The Soul.
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
This Art Of Resting The Mind And The Power Of Dismissing From It All Care And Worry Is Probably One Of The Secrets Of Energy In Our Great Men.
~ Captain J. A. Hadfield
Politics Is The Art Of The Possible.
~ Otto Von Bismarck, remark, Aug. 11, 1867
Politics Is The Art Of Achieving The Maximum Amount Of Freedom For Individuals That Is Consistent With The Maintenance Of Social Order.
~ Barry Goldwate