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Art Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Life Imitates Art More Than Art Imitates Life.
~ Oscar Wilde
The Art Of Love... Is Largely The Art Of Persistence.
~ Albert Ellis
The Purpose Of Art Is To Lay Bare The Questions Which Have Been Hidden By The Answers.
~ James Baldwin
Death Be Not Proud, Though Some Have Called Thee Mighty And Dreadfull, For Thou Art Not So, For, Those, Whom Thou Thinkst, Thou Dost Overthrow, Die Not, Poor Death, Nor Yet Canst Thou Kill Me.
~ John Donne
Life Is The Art Of Drawing Sufficient Conclusions From Insufficient Premises.
~ Samuel Butle
ARCHITECTURE, N The Art Of How To Waste Space.
~ Philip Johnson
Abused As We Abuse It At Present, Dramatic Art Is In No Sense Cathartic It Is Merely A Form Of Emotional Masturbation. It Is The Rarest Thing To Find A Player Who Has Not Had His Character Affected For The Worse By The Practice Of His Profession. Nobody Can Make A Habit Of Self-exhibition, Nobody Can Exploit His Personality For The Sake Of Exercising A Kind Of Hypnotic Power Over Others, And Remain Untouched By The Process.
~ Aldous Huxley
There Is No More Difficult Art To Acquire Than The Art Of Observation, And For Some Men It Is Quite As Difficult To Record An Observation In Brief And Plain Language.
~ William Osle
Men Are The Only Animals That Devote Themselves, Day In And Day Out, To Making One Another Unhappy. It Is An Art Like Any Other. Its Virtuosi Are Called Altruists.
~ H. L. Mencken
The Art Of Living Is More Like Wrestling Than Dancing, In So Far As It Stands Ready Against The Accidental And The Unforeseen, And Is Not Apt To Fall.
~ Marcus Aurelius Antoninus
Farewell! Thou Art Too Dear For My Possessing.
~ William Shakespeare, Sonnet lxxxvii
Tact Is The Art Of Making A Point Without Making An Enemy.
~ Unknown