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In Human Life, Art May Arise From Almost Any Activity, And Once It Does So, It Is Launched On A Long Road Of Exploration, Invention, Freedom To The Limits Of Extravagance, Interference To The Point Of Frustration, Finally Discipline, Controlling Constant Change And Growth.
~ Susanne Lange
We Must Never Forget That Art Is Not A Form Of Propaganda It Is A Form Of Truth.
~ John F. Kennedy
The Art Of Taxation Consists In So Plucking The Goose As To Obtain The Largest Possible Amount Of Feathers With The Smallest Amount Of Hissing.
~ Jean Baptiste Colbert
Good Management Is The Art Of Making Problems So Interesting And Their Solutions So Constructive That Everyone Wants To Get To Work And Deal With Them.
~ Paul Hawken, Growing a Business
Originality Is The Fine Art Of Remembering What You Hear But Forgetting Where You Heard It.
~ Laurence J. Pete
This Art Of Resting The Mind And The Power Of Dismissing From It All Care And Worry Is Probably One Of The Secrets Of Energy In Our Great Men.
~ Captain J. A. Hadfield
All Art Is But Imitation Of Nature.
~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca
Politics Is The Art Of Preventing People From Sticking Their Noses In Things That Are Properly Their Business.
~ Paul Val? ry
Literature Is The Art Of Writing Something That Will Be Read Twice Journalism What Will Be Read Once.
~ Cyril Connolly
The True Masters Of The Art Of Living Are Already Happy If They Are Not Unhappy.
~ Jean Anouilh
Engineering Is The Art Of Organizing And Directing Men And Controlling The Forces And Materials Of Nature For The Benefit Of The Human Race.
~ Henry G. Stott, 1907
There Is No More Difficult Art To Acquire Than The Art Of Observation, And For Some Men It Is Quite As Difficult To Record An Observation In Brief And Plain Language.
~ William Osle