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Art Quotes

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There Are Painters Who Transform The Sun To A Yellow Spot, But There Are Others Who With The Help Of Their Art And Their Intelligence, Transform A Yellow Spot Into The Sun.
~ Pablo Picasso
The Art Of Being Wise Is The Art Of Knowing What To Overlook.
~ William James
There Is An Art Of Which Every Man Should Be A Master The Art Of Reflection. If You Are Not A Thinking Man, To What Purpose Are You A Man At All?
~ William Hart Coleridge
Politics Is The Art Of The Possible.
~ Otto Von Bismarck, remark, Aug. 11, 1867
Men Are The Only Animals That Devote Themselves, Day In And Day Out, To Making One Another Unhappy. It Is An Art Like Any Other. Its Virtuosi Are Called Altruists.
~ H. L. Mencken
Jealousy Is The Art Of Injuring Ourselves More Than Others.
~ Alexandre Dumas
Life Is The Art Of Drawing Sufficient Conclusions From Insufficient Premises.
~ Samuel Butle
Literature Is The Art Of Writing Something That Will Be Read Twice; Journalism What Will Be Read Once.
~ Cyril Connolly, Enemies of Promise (1938)
One Must Not Always Think That Feeling Is Everything. Art Is Nothing Without Form.
~ Gustave Flaubert
The Notes I Handle No Better Than Many Pianists. But The Pauses Between The Notes--ah, That Is Where The Art Resides.
~ Arthur Schnabel
Art Does Not Imitate Life. Art Is Much More Powerful Than That. Art Brings Life Back. And It Does It By Exposing The Secrets We All Carry Inside.
~ Jose Raul Bernardo, The Secret of the Bulls (Simon & Schuster, 1996
The Art Of Government Is The Organization Of Idolatry.
~ George Bernard Shaw