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She Used To Drag Her Mattress Besider Her Low Window And Lie Awake For A Long While, Vibrating With Excitement, As A Machine Vibrates From Speed. Life Rushed In Upon Her Through That Window - Or So It Seemed. In Reality, Of Course, Life Rushes From Within, Not From Without. There Is No Work Of Art So Big Or So Beautiful That Is Was Not Once All Contained In Some Youthful Body, Like This One Which Lay On The Floor In The Moonlight, Pulsing With Ardor And Anticipation.
~ Willa Cather, The Song of the Lark
Abused As We Abuse It At Present, Dramatic Art Is In No Sense Cathartic It Is Merely A Form Of Emotional Masturbation. It Is The Rarest Thing To Find A Player Who Has Not Had His Character Affected For The Worse By The Practice Of His Profession. Nobody Can Make A Habit Of Self-exhibition, Nobody Can Exploit His Personality For The Sake Of Exercising A Kind Of Hypnotic Power Over Others, And Remain Untouched By The Process.
~ Aldous Huxley
There Is An Art Of Which Every Man Should Be A Master The Art Of Reflection. If You Are Not A Thinking Man, To What Purpose Are You A Man At All?
~ William Hart Coleridge
Let Each Man Exercise The Art He Knows.
~ Aristophanes, Wasps, 422 B. C
Truth Is The Secret Of Eloquence And Of Virtue, The Basis Of Moral Authority It Is The Highest Summit Of Art And Life.
~ Henri Frdric Amiel
The Art Of Living Lies In A Fine Mingling Of Holding On And Letting Go.
~ Havelock Ellis
Aesthetic Emotion Puts Man In A State Favorable To The Reception Of Erotic Emotion. Art Is The Accomplice Of Love. Take Love Away And There Is No Longer Art.
~ Rmy de Gourmont
Religion Is The Masterpiece Of The Art Of Animal Training, For It Trains People As To How They Shall Think.
~ Arthur Shopenhaue
Our Individual Lives Cannot, Generally, Be Works Of Art Unless The Social Order Is Also.
~ Charles Horton Cooley
All Art Is At Once Surface And Symbol. Those Who Go Beneath The Surface Do So At Their Own Peril. Those Who Read The Symbol Do So At Their Own Peril.
~ Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray, the preface
Every Artist Wants His Work To Be Permanent. But What Is The Aswan Dam Covered Some Of The Greatest Art In The World. Venice Is Sinking. Great Books And Pictures Were Lost In The Florence Floods. In The Meantime We Still Enjoy Butterflies.
~ Romare Beardon
Be Slow To Fall Into Friendship But When Thou Art In, Continue Firm And Constant.
~ Socrates