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Is This A Dagger Which I See Before Me, The Handle Toward My Hand Come, Let Me Clutch Thee. I Have Thee Not, And Yet I See Thee Still. Art Thou Not, Fatal Vision, Sensible To Feeling As To Sight Or Art Thou But A Dagger Of The Mind, A False Creation, Proceeding From The Heat-oppressed Brain.
~ William Shakespeare
The Aim Of Art, The Aim Of A Life Can Only Be To Increase The Sum Of Freedom And Responsibility To Be Found In Every Man And In The World. It Cannot, Under Any Circumstances, Be To Reduce Or Suppress That Freedom, Even Temporarily. No Great Work Has Ever Been Based On Hatred And Contempt. On The Contrary, There Is Not A Single True Work Of Art That Has Not In The End Added To The Inner Freedom Of Each Person Who Has Known And Loved It.
~ Albert Camus
The Real Art Of Conversation Is Not Only To Say The Right Thing At The Right Place But To Leave Unsaid The Wrong Thing At The Tempting Moment.
~ Dorothy Nevill
All Art Is At Once Surface And Symbol. Those Who Go Beneath The Surface Do So At Their Own Peril. Those Who Read The Symbol Do So At Their Own Peril.
~ Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray, the preface
If Debugging Is The Art Of Removing Bugs, Then Programming Must Be The Art Of Inserting Them.
~ Unknown
The True Work Of Art Is But A Shadow Of The Divine Perfection.
~ Michelangelo Buonarroti
Why Art Thou Cast Down, O My Soul? And Why Art Thou Disquieted In Me? Hope Thou In God: For I Shall Yet Praise Him For The Help Of His Countenance.
~ Psalm 42, Book II, Holy Bible
Ability Is The Art Of Getting Credit For All The Home Runs Somebody Else Hits.
~ Casey Stengel
There Are Periods In History When Change Is Necessary, And Other Periods When It Is Better To Keep Everything For The Time As It Is. The Art Of Life Is To Be In The Rhythm Of Your Age.
~ Oswald Mosley
Gossip Is The Art Of Saying Nothing In A Way That Leaves Practically Nothing Unsaid.
~ Walter Winchell
The Object Of Art Is To Crystallize Emotion Into Thought, And Then Fix It In Form.
~ Francois Delsarte
Those Who Educate Children Well Are More To Be Honored Than Parents, For These Only Gave Life, Those The Art Of Living Well.
~ Aristotle