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Tact Is The Art Of Making A Point Without Making An Enemy.
~ Unknown
Acting Is Merely The Art Of Keeping A Large Group Of People From Coughing.
~ Sir Ralph Richardson, quoted in New York Herald Tribune, May 19, 1946
The Weather-cock On The Church Spire, Though Made Of Iron, Would Soon Be Broken By The Storm-wind If It... Did Not Understand The Noble Art Of Turning To Every Wind.
~ Heinrich Heine
Literature Is The Art Of Writing Something That Will Be Read Twice Journalism What Will Be Grasped At Once.
~ Cyril Connolly
Creativity Is Allowing Yourself To Make Mistakes. Art Is Knowing Which Ones To Keep.
~ Scott Adams
Well, The Telling Of Jokes Is An Art Of Its Own, And It Always Rises From Some Emotional Threat. The Best Jokes Are Dangerous, And Dangerous Because They Are In Some Way Truthful.
~ Kurt Vonnegut, Interview, Mcsweeneys. net
We Must Never Forget That Art Is Not A Form Of Propaganda It Is A Form Of Truth.
~ John F. Kennedy
Politics Is The Art Of Achieving The Maximum Amount Of Freedom For Individuals That Is Consistent With The Maintenance Of Social Order.
~ Barry Goldwate
Politics Is Not The Art Of The Possible. It Consists Of Choosing Between The Disastrous And The Unpalatable.
~ J. K. Galbraith
To Know How To Suggest Is The Great Art Of Teaching.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
The Purpose Of Art Is To Lay Bare The Questions Which Have Been Hidden By The Answers.
~ James Baldwin
Under The Influence Of Art The Walls Expand, The Roof Rises, And It Becomes A Temple.
~ Robert Ingersoll, On Isadora Duncan