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Art Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Making Money Is Art And Working Is Art And Good Business Is The Best Art Of All.
~ Andy Warhol
The Art Of Being Yourself At Your Best Is The Art Of Unfolding Your Personality Into The Person You Want To Be.... Be Gentle With Yourself, Learn To Love Yourself, To Forgive Yourself, For Only As We Have The Right Attitude Toward Ourselves Can We Have The Right Attitude Toward Others.
~ Wilfred Peterson, This Week (Oct. 1, 1961)
Thou Art Gone From My Gaze Like A Beautiful Dream, And I Seek Thee In Vain By The Meadow And Stream.
~ George Linley
To Affect The Quality Of The Day That Is The Art Of Life.
~ Henry David Thoreau
Thou Art A Man, God Is No More. Thy Own Humanity Learn To Adore.
~ William Blake
We Must Never Forget That Art Is Not A Form Of Propaganda It Is A Form Of Truth.
~ John F. Kennedy
A Compromise Is The Art Of Dividing A Cake In Such A Way That Everyone Believes He Has The Biggest Piece.
~ Ludwig Erhard
Engineering Is Not Merely Knowing And Being Knowledgeable, Like A Walking Encyclopedia; Engineering Is Not Merely Analysis; Engineering Is Not Merely The Possession Of The Capacity To Get Elegant Solutions To Non-existent Engineering Problems; Engineering Is Practicing The Art Of The Organized Forcing Of Technological Change... Engineers Operate At The Interface Between Science And Society...
~ Dean Gordon Brown
Yea, Though I Walk Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death, I Will Fear No Evil, For Thou Art With Me. Thy Rod And Thy Staff They Comfort Me... Surely Goodness And Mercy Shall Follow Me Throughout The Rest Of My Life And I Will Dwell In The House Of The Lord Forever.
~ Bible, Psalm 23, New Testament
One Must Not Always Think That Feeling Is Everything. Art Is Nothing Without Form.
~ Gustave Flaubert
The Art Of Government Is The Organization Of Idolatry.
~ George Bernard Shaw
We Must Never Forget That Art Is Not A Form Of Propaganda; It Is A Form Of Truth.
~ John F. Kennedy, October 26, 1963