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Art Quotes

from thousands of famous people

There Art Two Cardinal Sins From Which All Others Spring Impatience And Laziness.
~ Franz Kafka
Politics Is The Art Of Looking For Trouble, Finding It Everywhere, Diagnosing It Incorrectly And Applying The Wrong Remedies.
~ Julius Henry Marx
The Finest Works Of Art Are Precious, Among Other Reasons, Because They Make It Possible For Us To Know, If Only Imperfectly And For A Little While, What It Actually Feels Like To Think Subltly And Feel Nobly.
~ Aldous Huxley
Fine Art And Pizza Delivery, What We Do Falls Neatly In Between!
~ David Letterman
Art Can Only Be Truly Art By Presenting An Adequate Outward Symbol Of Some Fact In The Interior Life.
~ Margaret Fulle
It Is Certain That The Real Function Of Art Is To Increase Our Self-consciousness; To Make Us More Aware Of What We Are, And Therefore Of What The Universe In Which We Live Really Is. And Since Mathematics, In Its Own Way, Also Performs This Function, It Is Not Only Aesthetically Charming But Profoundly Significant. It Is An Art, And A Great Art.
~ John W. N. Sullivan
Without Freedom, No Art Art Lives Only On The Restraints It Imposes On Itself, And Dies Of All Others.
~ Albert Camus
Politics Is The Art Of The Possible.
~ Otto Von Bismarck, remark, Aug. 11, 1867
Civilization Is The Art Of Living In Towns Of Such Size The Everyone Does Not Know Everyone Else.
~ Julian Jaynes, "The Origin of Consciousness"
The Most Beautiful Thing We Can Experience Is The Mysterious. It Is The Source Of All True Art And Science.
~ Albert Einstein
No Form Of Art Goes Beyond Ordinary Consciousness As Film Does, Straight To Our Emotions, Deep Into The Twilight Room Of The Soul.
~ Ingrid Bergman
One Must Not Always Think That Feeling Is Everything. Art Is Nothing Without Form.
~ Gustave Flaubert