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Politics Is Not The Art Of The Possible. It Consists In Choosing Between The Disastrous And The Unpalatable.
~ John Kenneth Galbraith
The Beautiful, Which Is Perhaps Inseparable From Art, Is Not After All Tied To The Subject, But To The Pictorial Representation. In This Way And In No Other Does Art Overcome The Ugly Without Avoiding It.
~ Paul Klee
If Language Is Not Correct, Then What Is Said Is Not What Is Meant; If What Is Said Is Not What Is Meant, Then What Must Be Done Remains Undone; If This Remains Undone, Morals And Art Will Deteriorate; If Justice Goes Astray, The People Will Stand About In Helpless Confusion. Hence There Must Be No Arbitrariness In What Is Said. This Matters Above Everything.
~ Confucius
The Most Beautiful Thing We Can Experience Is The Mysterious. It Is The Source Of All True Art And Science.
~ Albert Einstein
The Great Art Of Giving Consists In This The Gift Should Cost Very Little And Yet Be Greatly Coveted, So That It May Be The More Highly Appreciated.
~ Baltasar Gracian
To Know How To Suggest Is The Art Of Teaching.
~ Henri Frdric Amiel
It Is The Spectator, And Not Life, That Art Really Mirrors.
~ Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray, the preface
All That I Desire To Point Out Is The General Principle That Life Imitates Art Far More Than Art Imitates Life.
~ Oscar Wilde
Diversity The Art Of Thinking Independently Together.
~ Malcolm Stevenson Forbes
Nothing Is Really So Poor And Melancholy As Art That Is Interested In Itself And Not In Its Subject.
~ George Santayana, Life of Reason (1905) vol. 4, ch. 8
We Have Art So That We Shall Not Die Of Reality.
~ Nietzsche
Politics Is The Art Of Looking For Trouble, Finding It Whether It Exists Or Not, Diagnosing It Incorrectly, And Applying The Wrong Remedy.
~ Ernest Benn