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I Believe It To Be True That Dreams Are The True Interpreters Of Our Inclinations; But There Is Art Required To Sort And Understand Them.
~ Michel de Montaigne
Truth Is The Secret Of Eloquence And Of Virtue, The Basis Of Moral Authority It Is The Highest Summit Of Art And Life.
~ Henri Frdric Amiel
O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore Art Thou Romeo?
~ William Shakespeare, "Romeo and Juliet", Act 2 scene 2
Literature Is The Art Of Writing Something That Will Be Read Twice Journalism What Will Be Read Once.
~ Cyril Connolly
There Are Painters Who Transform The Sun To A Yellow Spot, But There Are Others Who With The Help Of Their Art And Their Intelligence, Transform A Yellow Spot Into The Sun.
~ Pablo Picasso
When Thou Art At Rome, Do As They Do At Rome.
~ Miguel de Cervantes
The Art Of Progress Is To Preserve Order Amid Change And To Preserve Change Amid Order.
~ Alfred North Whitehead
Literature Is The Art Of Writing Something That Will Be Read Twice Journalism What Will Be Grasped At Once.
~ Cyril Connolly
Abused As We Abuse It At Present, Dramatic Art Is In No Sense Cathartic It Is Merely A Form Of Emotional Masturbation. It Is The Rarest Thing To Find A Player Who Has Not Had His Character Affected For The Worse By The Practice Of His Profession. Nobody Can Make A Habit Of Self-exhibition, Nobody Can Exploit His Personality For The Sake Of Exercising A Kind Of Hypnotic Power Over Others, And Remain Untouched By The Process.
~ Aldous Huxley
The Most Beautiful Thing We Can Experience Is The Mysterious. It Is The Source Of All Art And Science.
~ Albert Einstein
Where The World Ceases To Be The Scene Of Our Personal Hopes And Wishes, Where We Face It As Free Beings Admiring, Asking And Observing, There We Enter The Realm Of Art And Science.
~ Albert Einstein
Great Art Is As Irrational As Great Music. It Is Mad With Its Own Loveliness.
~ George Jean Nathan