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My Friends And My Road-fellows, Pity The Nation That Is Full Of Beliefs And Empty Of Religion. Pity The Nation That Wears A Cloth It Does Not Weave, Eats A Bread It Does Not Harvest, And Drinks A Wine That Flows Not From Its Own Winepress. Pity The Nation That Acclaims The Bully As Hero, And That Deems The Glittering Conqueror Bountiful. Pity The Nation That Raises Not Its Voice Save When It Walks In A Funeral, Boasts Not Except Among Its Ruins, And Will Rebel Not Save When Its Neck Is Laid Between The Sword And The Block. Pity The Nation Whose Statesman Is A Fox, Whose Philosopher Is A Juggler, And Whose Art Is The Art Of Patching And Mimicking. Pity The Nation That Welcomes Its New Ruler With Trumpetings, And Farewells Him With Hootings, Only To Welcome Another With Trumpetings Again. Pity The Nation Divided Into Fragments, Each Fragment Deeming Itself A Nation.
~ Kahlil Gibran
Finance Is The Art Of Passing Money From Hand To Hand Until It Finally Disappears.
~ Robert W. Sarnoff
The Art Of Taxation Consists In So Plucking The Goose As To Obtain The Largest Possible Amount Of Feathers With The Smallest Amount Of Hissing.
~ Jean Baptiste Colbert
Engineering Is The Art Of Organizing And Directing Men And Controlling The Forces And Materials Of Nature For The Benefit Of The Human Race.
~ Henry G. Stott, 1907
Thou Art A Cat, And A Rat, And A Coward.
~ Miguel de Cervantes
ARCHITECTURE, N The Art Of How To Waste Space.
~ Philip Johnson
To The Accountants, A True Work Of Art Is An Investment That Hangs On The Wall.
~ Hilary Alexander, Sunday Telegraph (1993)
Engineering Is The Professional Art Of Applying Science To The Optimum Conversion Of Natural Resources To The Benefit Of Man.
~ Ralph J. Smith
Conversation Is An Art In Which A Man Has All Mankind For Competitors.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
The Art Of Medicine Consists In Amusing The Patient While Nature Cures The Disease.
~ Voltaire
Whereas In Art Nothing Worth Doing Can Be Done Without Genius, In Science Even A Very Moderate Capacity Can Contribute To A Supreme Achievement.
~ Bertrand Russell
Another Unsettling Element In Modern Art Is That Common Symptom Of Immaturity, The Dread Of Doing What Has Been Done Before.
~ Edith Wharton