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Under The Influence Of Art The Walls Expand, The Roof Rises, And It Becomes A Temple.
~ Robert Ingersoll, On Isadora Duncan
There Are Periods In History When Change Is Necessary, And Other Periods When It Is Better To Keep Everything For The Time As It Is. The Art Of Life Is To Be In The Rhythm Of Your Age.
~ Oswald Mosley
O Romeo, Romeo Wherefore Art Thou Romeo.
~ William Shakespeare
No Form Of Nature Is Inferior To Art For The Arts Merely Imitate Natural Forms.
~ Marcus Aurelius Antoninus
The Art Of Being Yourself At Your Best Is The Art Of Unfolding Your Personality Into The Person You Want To Be.... Be Gentle With Yourself, Learn To Love Yourself, To Forgive Yourself, For Only As We Have The Right Attitude Toward Ourselves Can We Have The Right Attitude Toward Others.
~ Wilfred Peterson, This Week (Oct. 1, 1961)
The Art Of Medicine Consists In Amusing The Patient While Nature Cures The Disease.
~ Voltaire
Finance Is The Art Of Passing Money From Hand To Hand Until It Finally Disappears.
~ Robert W. Sarnoff
The Stage Is Not Merely The Meeting Place Of All The Arts, But Is Also The Return Of Art To Life.
~ Oscar Wilde
Diversity The Art Of Thinking Independently Together.
~ Malcolm Stevenson Forbes
Besides The Noble Art Of Getting Things Done, There Is A Nobler Art Of Leaving Things Undone? The Wisdom Of Life Consists In The Elimination Of Nonessentials.
~ Lin Yutang, O Magazine, October 2002
The Art Of Love: Knowing How To Combine The Temperment Of A Vampire With The Discretion Of An Anemone.
~ E. M. Cioran
A Compromise Is The Art Of Dividing A Cake In Such A Way That Everyone Believes He Has The Biggest Piece.
~ Ludwig Erhard