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Art Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The Art Of Progress Is To Preserve Order Amid Change.
~ A. N. Whitehead
There Art Two Cardinal Sins From Which All Others Spring: Impatience And Laziness.
~ Franz Kafka
When Thou Art At Rome, Do As They Do At Rome.
~ Miguel de Cervantes
Great Art Is As Irrational As Great Music. It Is Mad With Its Own Loveliness.
~ George Jean Nathan
Art Can Only Be Truly Art By Presenting An Adequate Outward Symbol Of Some Fact In The Interior Life.
~ Margaret Fulle
Politics Is The Art Of Preventing People From Sticking Their Noses In Things That Are Properly Their Business.
~ Paul Val? ry
Teachers Believe They Have A Gift For Giving It Drives Them With The Same Irrepressible Drive That Drives Others To Create A Work Of Art Or A Market Or A Building.
~ A Bartlett Giamatti
The Art Of Taxation Consists In So Plucking The Goose As To Obtain The Largest Possible Amount Of Feathers With The Smallest Amount Of Hissing.
~ Jean Baptiste Colbert
Speak The Truth, Do Not Yield To Anger Give, If Thou Art Asked For Little By These Three Steps Thou Wilt Go Near The Gods.
~ The Dhammapada
Whereas In Art Nothing Worth Doing Can Be Done Without Genius, In Science Even A Very Moderate Capacity Can Contribute To A Supreme Achievement.
~ Bertrand Russell
Men Are The Only Animals That Devote Themselves, Day In And Day Out, To Making One Another Unhappy. It Is An Art Like Any Other. Its Virtuosi Are Called Altruists.
~ H. L. Mencken
The Art Of Acceptance Is The Art Of Making Someone Who Has Just Done You A Small Favor Wish That He Might Have Done You A Greater One.
~ J. Russel Lynes