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Attitude Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Each Experience Through Which We Pass Operates Ultimately For Our Good. This Is A Correct Attitude To Adopt And We Must Be Able To See It In That Light.
~ Raymond Holliwell
The Uncompromising Attitude Is More Indicative Of An Inner Uncertainty Than A Deep Conviction. The Implacable Stand Is Directed More Against The Doubt Within Than The Assailant Without.
~ Eric Hoffe
My Pacifism Is An Instinctive Feeling, A Feeling That Possesses Me Because The Murder Of Men Is Disgusting. My Attitude Is Not Derived From Any Intellectual Theory But Is Based On My Deepest Antipathy To Every Kind Of Cruelty And Hatred.
~ Albert Einstein
There Is More Than A Verbal Tie Between The Words Common, Community, And Communication.... Try The Experiment Of Communicating, With Fullness And Accuracy, Some Experience To Another, Especially If It Be Somewhat Complicated, And You Will Find Your Own Attitude Toward Your Experience Changing.
~ John Dewey
Creative Power, Is That Receptive Attitude Of Expectancy Which Makes A Mold Into Which The Plastic And As Yet Undifferentiated Substance Can Flow And Take The Desired Form.
~ Thomas Troward
When You Have Shot And Killed A Man You Have In Some Measure Clarified Your Attitude Toward Him. You Have Given A Definite Answer To A Definite Problem. For Better Or Worse You Have Acted Decisively. In A Way, The Next Move Is Up To Him.
~ R. A. Lafferty
For Today And Its Blessings, I Owe The World An Attitude Of Gratitude.
~ Clarence E. Hodges
Your Mental Attitude Is Someting You Can Control Outright And You Must Use Self-discipline Until You Create A Positive Mental Attitude -- Your Mental Attitude Attracts To You Everything That Makes You What You Are.
~ Napolean Hill
Ultimately, Contentment Is More A Shift In Attitude Than A Change In Circumstances.
~ Linda Dillow, "Calm My Anxious Heart"
Certain Thoughts Are Prayers. There Are Moments When Whatever Be The Attitude Of The Body, The Soul Is On Its Knees.
~ Victor Hugo
Hitler And Mussolini Were Only The Primary Spokesmen For The Attitude Of Domination And Craving For Power That Are In The Heart Of Almost Everyone. Until The Source Is Cleared, There Will Always Be Confusion And Hate, Wars And Class Antagonisms.
~ Jiddu Krishnamurti
The Best Way To Inspire People To Superior Performance Is To Convince Them By Everything You Do And By Your Everyday Attitude That You Are Wholeheartedly Supporting Them.
~ Harold S. Geneen