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Attitude Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The Longer I Live, The More I Realize The Impact Of Attitude On Life. Attitude To Me Is More Important Than Facts.... We Cannot Change Our Past... We Cannot Change The Fact That People Will Act In A Certain Way. We Cannot Change The Inevitable. The Only Thing We Can Do Is Play On The String We Have, And That Is Our Attitude. I Am Convinced That Life Is 10 Percent What Happens To Me And 90 Percent How I React To It. And So It Is With You... We Are In Charge Of Our Attitudes.
~ Charles R. Swindoll
The Greatest Discovery Of My Generation Is That Man Can Alter His Life Simply By Altering His Attitude Of Mind.
~ James Truslow Adams
You Cannot Control What Happens To You, But You Can Control Your Attitude Toward What Happens To You, And In That, You Will Be Mastering Change Rather Than Allowing It To Master You.
~ Brian Tracy
The Uncompromising Attitude Is More Indicative Of An Inner Uncertainty Than A Deep Conviction. The Implacable Stand Is Directed More Against The Doubt Within Than The Assailant Without.
~ Eric Hoffe
In The Attitude Of Silence The Soul Finds The Path In A Clearer Light, And What Is Elusive And Deceptive Resolves Itself Into Crystal Clearness. Our Life Is A Long And Arduous Quest After Truth.
~ Mahatma Gandhi
When You Have Shot And Killed A Man You Have In Some Measure Clarified Your Attitude Toward Him. You Have Given A Definite Answer To A Definite Problem. For Better Or Worse You Have Acted Decisively. In A Way, The Next Move Is Up To Him.
~ R. A. Lafferty
Certain Thoughts Are Prayers. There Are Moments When Whatever Be The Attitude Of The Body, The Soul Is On Its Knees.
~ Victor Hugo
In All The Work We Do, Our Most Valuable Asset Can Be The Attitude Of Self-examination. It Is Forgivable To Make Mistakes, But To Stand Fast Behind A Wall Of Self-righteousness And Make The Same Mistake Twice Is Not Forgivable.
~ Dr. Dale E. Turne
We Have Among Us A Class Of Mammon Worshippers, Whose One Test Of Conservatism Or Radicalism Is The Attitude One Takes With Respect To Accumulated Wealth. Whatever Tends To Preserve The Wealth Of The Wealthy Is Called Conservatism, And Whatever Favors Anything Else, No Matter What Is Called Socialism.
~ Richard T. Ely
Nothing Can Stop The Man With The Right Mental Attitude From Achieving His Goal Nothing On Earth Can Help The Man With The Wrong Mental Attitude.
~ Thomas Jefferson
The Art Of Being Yourself At Your Best Is The Art Of Unfolding Your Personality Into The Person You Want To Be.... Be Gentle With Yourself, Learn To Love Yourself, To Forgive Yourself, For Only As We Have The Right Attitude Toward Ourselves Can We Have The Right Attitude Toward Others.
~ Wilfred Peterson, This Week (Oct. 1, 1961)
Creative Power, Is That Receptive Attitude Of Expectancy Which Makes A Mold Into Which The Plastic And As Yet Undifferentiated Substance Can Flow And Take The Desired Form.
~ Thomas Troward