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Attitude Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Each Experience Through Which We Pass Operates Ultimately For Our Good. This Is A Correct Attitude To Adopt And We Must Be Able To See It In That Light.
~ Raymond Holliwell
During Civil Disturbance Adopt Such An Attitude That People Do Not Attach Any Importance To You - They Neither Burden You With Complicated Affairs, Nor Try To Derive Any Advantage Out Of You.
~ Imam Ali- Ibn- Abi- Talib, Nahjul- Balgha (Peak of Eloquence), saying no1
Success Is 80 Attitude And 20 Aptitude.
~ Funmi Wale- Adegbite
Your Mental Attitude Is Someting You Can Control Outright And You Must Use Self-discipline Until You Create A Positive Mental Attitude -- Your Mental Attitude Attracts To You Everything That Makes You What You Are.
~ Napolean Hill
Any Fact Facing Us Is Not As Important As Our Attitude Toward It, For That Determines Our Success Or Failure.
~ Norman Vincent Peale