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Babies Quotes

from thousands of famous people

I Gather, Young Man, That You Wish To Be A Member Of Parliament. The First Lesson That You Must Learn Is, When I Call For Statistics About The Rate Of Infant Mortality, What I Want Is Proof That Fewer Babies Died When I Was Prime Minister Than When Anyone Else Was Prime Minister. That Is A Political Statistic.
~ Sir Winston Churchill
War Will Never Cease Until Babies Begin To Come Into The World With Larger Cerebums And Smaller Adrenal Glands.
~ H. L. Mencken
What Good Mothers And Fathers Instinctively Feel Like Doing For Their Babies Is Usually Best After All.
~ Benjamin McLane Spock
I Thought About How Mothers Feed Their Babies With Tiny Little Spoons And Forks So I Wondered, What Do Chinese Mothers Use? Toothpicks?
~ George Carlin
I Was Much Distressed By Next Door People Who Had Twin Babies And Played The Violin; But One Of The Twins Died, And The Other Has Eaten The Fiddle - So All Is Peace.
~ Edward Lea
The More People Have Studied Different Methods Of Bringing Up Children The More They Have Come To The Conclusion That What Good Mother And Fathers Instinctively Feel Like Doing For Their Babies Is The Best After All.
~ Benjamin Spock
Jack Was Out Kissing Babies While I Was Out Passing Bills. Someone Had To Tend The Store.
~ Lyndon B. Johnson