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Bird Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Both The Cockroach And The Bird Would Get Along Very Well Without Us, Although The Cockroach Would Miss Us Most.
~ Joseph Wood Krutch
There Is Not A Flower Or Bird In Sight, Only A Small Screen On Which Lines Are Moving, While The Child Sits Almost Motionless, Pushing At The Keyboard With One Finger. As A Learning Environment, It May Be Mentally Rich, But It Is Perceptually Extremely Impoverished. No Smells Or Tastes, No Wind Or Bird Song Unless The Computer Is Programmed To Produce Electronic Tweets, No Connection With Soil, Water, Sunlight, Warmth, The Actual Learning Environment Is Almost Autistic In Quality, Impoverished Sensually, Emotionally, And Socially.
~ John Davy
A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush.
~ Miguel de Cervantes
That Old Saw About The Early Bird Just Proves That The Worm Should Have Stayed In Bed.
~ Robert Heinlein, Time Enough For Love
I Never Saw A Wild Thing Sorry For Itself. A Bird Will Fall Frozen Dead From The Bow Of A Ship Without Ever Having Felt Sorry For Itself.
~ D. H. Lawerence
If It Looks Like A Duck, And Quacks Like A Duck, We Have At Least To Consider The Possibility That We Have A Small Aquatic Bird Of The Family Anatidae On Our Hands.
~ Douglas Noel Adams
God Gives Every Bird Its Food, But He Does Not Throw It Into Its Nest.
~ J. G. Holland
The Bird A Nest, The Spider A Web, Man Friendship.
~ William Blake
The Bird Of Paradise Alights Only Upon The Hand That Does Not Grasp.
~ John Berry, Flight of White Crows
The Bird Has An Honor That Man Does Not Have. Man Lives In The Traps Of His Abdicated Laws And Traditions But The Birds Live According To The Natural Law Of God Who Causes The Earth To Turn Around The Sun.
~ Kahlil Gibran
The Very Idea Of A Bird Is A Symbol And A Suggestion To The Poet. A Bird Seems To Be At The Top Of The Scale, So Vehement And Intense His Life.... The Beautiful Vagabonds, Endowed With Every Grace, Masters Of All Climes, And Knowing No Bounds -- How Many Human Aspirations Are Realised In Their Free, Holiday-lives -- And How Many Suggestions To The Poet In Their Flight And Song.
~ John Burroughs
I Feel Like A Tiny Bird With A Big Song!
~ Jerry Van Amerongen, Ballard Street, 08-18-05