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Bird Quotes

from thousands of famous people

But I Have Always Liked Bird Dogs Better Than Kennel-fed Dogs Myself--you Know, One That Will Get Out And Hunt For Food Rather Than Sit On His Fanny And Yell.
~ Charles E. Wilson
Hold Fast To Dreams, For If Dreams Die, Life Is A Broken Winged Bird That Cannot Fly.
~ Langston Hughes
No Bird Soars Too High If He Soars With His Own Wings.
~ William Blake
Rather Do What Is Nothing In The Purpose Than To Be Idle, That The Devil May Find Thee Doing. The Bird That Sits Is Easily Shot When The Fliers Escape The Fowler. Idleness Is The Dead Sea That Swallows All The Virtues, And Is The Self-made Sepulcher Of A Living Man.
~ Francis Quarles
Different People Have Different Duties Assigned To Them By Nature Nature Has Given One The Power Or The Desire To Do This, And The Other That. Each Bird Must Sing With His Own Throat.
~ Henrik Ibsen
Faith Is The Bird That Feels The Light When The Dawn Is Still Dark.
~ Rabindranath Tagore
A Bird Does Not Sing Because It Has An Answer. It Sings Because It Has A Song.
~ Chinese Prove
Perfect As The Wing Of A Bird May Be, It Will Never Enable The Bird To Fly If Unsupported By The Air. Facts Are The Air Of Science. Without Them A Man Of Science Can Never Rise.
~ Ivan Pavlov
Both The Cockroach And The Bird Could Get Along Very Well Without Us, Although The Cockroach Would Miss Us Most.
~ Joseph Wood Krutch