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Car Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Living With A Conscience Is Like Driving A Car With The Brakes On.
~ Budd Schulberg
Never Lend Your Car To Anyone To Whom You Have Given Birth.
~ Erma Bombeck
Telling The Future By Looking At The Past Assumes That Conditions Remain Constant. This Is Like Driving A Car By Looking In The Rearview Mirror.
~ Herb Brody
Frank Knew That No Man Had Ever Crossed The Desert On Foot And Lived To Tell About It. So, He Decided To Get Back In His Car And Keep Driving.
~ Jack Handey Deep Thoughts
One Hundred Years From Now, It Will Not Matter What My Bank Account Was, How Big My House Was, Or What Kind Of Car I Drove. But The World May Be A Little Better, Because I Was Important In The Life Of A Child.
~ Forest Witcraft
Expecting A Carjacker Or Rapist Or Drug Pusher To Care That His Possession Or Use Of A Gun Is Unlawful Is Like Expecting A Terrorist To Care That His Car Bomb Is Taking Up Two Parking Spaces.
~ Joseph T. Chew
To attract men, I wear a perfume called ``New Car Interior.'
~ Rita Rudne
The Human Brain Is Like A Railroad Freight Car -- Guaranteed To Have A Certain Capacity But Often Running Empty.
~ Unknown
Is Fuel Efficiency Really What We Need Most Desperatelly I Say That What We Really Need Is A Car That Can Be Shot When It Breaks Down.
~ Russell Bake
A Man Who Has Never Gone To School May Steal From A Freight Car But If He Has A University Education, He May Steal The Whole Railroad.
~ Theodore Roosevelt
When You Read About A Car Crash In Which Two Or Three Youngsters Are Killed, Do You Pause To Dwell On The Amount Of Love And Treasure And Patience Parents Poured Into Bodies No Longer Suitable For Open Caskets.
~ Jim
Teach Children To Be Polite And Courteous In The Home, And, When He Grows Up, He Will Never Be Able To Edge His Car Onto A Freeway.
~ Unknown