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Car Quotes

from thousands of famous people

To attract men, I wear a perfume called ``New Car Interior.'
~ Rita Rudne
The Human Brain Is Like A Railroad Freight Car -- Guaranteed To Have A Certain Capacity But Often Running Empty.
~ Unknown
The Car Trip Can Draw The Family Together, As It Was In The Days Before Television When Parents And Children Actually Talked To Each Other.
~ Andrew H. Malcolm
The Best Car Safety Device Is A Rear-view Mirror With A Cop In It.
~ Dudley Moore
Many Highly Intelligent People Are Poor Thinkers. Many People Of Average Intelligence Are Skilled Thinkers. The Power Of A Car Is Separate From The Way The Car Is Driven.
~ Edward De Bono
Is Fuel Efficiency Really What We Need Most Desperatelly I Say That What We Really Need Is A Car That Can Be Shot When It Breaks Down.
~ Russell Bake
Expecting A Carjacker Or Rapist Or Drug Pusher To Care That His Possession Or Use Of A Gun Is Unlawful Is Like Expecting A Terrorist To Care That His Car Bomb Is Taking Up Two Parking Spaces.
~ Joseph T. Chew
Living With A Conscience Is Like Driving A Car With The Brakes On.
~ Budd Schulberg
Frank Knew That No Man Had Ever Crossed The Desert On Foot And Lived To Tell About It. So, He Decided To Get Back In His Car And Keep Driving.
~ Jack Handey Deep Thoughts
Normal Is Getting Dressed In Clothes That You Buy For Work And Driving Through Traffic In A Car That You Are Still Paying For - In Order To Get To The Job You Need To Pay For The Clothes And The Car, And The House You Leave Vacant All Day So You Can Afford To Live In It.
~ Ellen Goodman
A Man Who Has Never Gone To School May Steal From A Freight Car But If He Has A University Education, He May Steal The Whole Railroad.
~ Theodore Roosevelt
One Hundred Years From Now, It Will Not Matter What My Bank Account Was, How Big My House Was, Or What Kind Of Car I Drove. But The World May Be A Little Better, Because I Was Important In The Life Of A Child.
~ Forest Witcraft