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Children Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The Direct Use Of Force Is Such A Poor Solution To Any Problem, It Is Generally Employed Only By Small Children And Large Nations.
~ David Friedman
The Fields Were Fruitful And Starving Men Moved On The Roads. The Granaries Were Full And The Children Of The Poor Grew Up Rachitic.
~ John Steinbeck
As Great Scientists Have Said And As All Children Know, It Is Above All By The Imagination That We Achieve Perception, And Compassion, And Hope.
~ Ursula K. LeGuin
The Easiest Way For Your Children To Learn About Money Is For You Not To Have Any.
~ Katharine Whitehorn
We Are Living Beyond Our Means. As A People We Have Developed A Lifestyle That Is Draining The Earth Of Its Priceless And Irreplaceable Resources Without Regard For The Future Of Our Children And People All Around The World.
~ Margaret Mead
I Remember How, In College, I Got That Part-time Job As A Circus Clown, And How The Children Would Laugh And Laugh At Me. I Vowed, Then And There, That I Would Get Revenge.
~ Jack Handey Deep Thoughts
Adults Are Just Obsolete Children And The Hell With Them.
~ Dr. Seuss a. k. a. Theodore Giesel
We Need To Make A World In Which Fewer Children Are Born, And In Which We Take Better Care Of Them.
~ Max Born
If Children Grew Up According To Early Indications, We Should Have Nothing But Geniuses.
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
A Little Boy Came Home And Told His Mother He Had Gotten First Prize In An Examination. The Question Had Been How Many Legs Does A Horse Have He Had Answered, Three. When His Mother Asked How He Had Gotten The First Prize, He Replied That All The Other Children Had Said, Two.
~ Richard Kehl
The Most Important Thing A Father Can Do For His Children Is To Love Their Mother.
~ Rev. Theodore Hegburgh
Providence Protects Children And Idiots. I Know Because I Have Tested It.
~ Mark Twain