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Children Quotes

from thousands of famous people

I Love Children - Especially When They Cry, For Then Someone Takes Them Away.
~ Nancy Mitford
The Role Of The Teacher Remains The Highest Calling Of A Free People. To The Teacher, America Entrusts Her Most Precious Resource, Her Children And Asks That They Be Prepared... To Face The Rigors Of Individual Participation In A Democratic Society.
~ Shirley Mount Hufstedle
The Best Way To Keep Children At Home Is To Make The Home Atmosphere Pleasant --- And Let The Air Out Of Their Tires.
~ Dorothy Parke
My Music Is Best Understood By Children And Animals.
~ Igor Stravinsky, In Observer 8 Oct. 1961
Parents Were Invented To Make Children Happy By Giving Them Something To Ignore.
~ Ogden Nash
When Men Are Brought Face To Face With Their Opponents, Forced To Listen And Learn And Mend Their Ideas, They Cease To Be Children And Savages And Begin To Live Like Civilized Men. Then Only Is Freedom A Reality, When Men May Voice Their Opinions Because They Must Examine Their Opinions.
~ Walter Lippmann
Our Deeds Are Like Children That Are Born To Us; They Live And Act Apart From Our Own Will. Nay, Children May Be Strangled, But Deeds Never: They Have An Indestructible Life Both In And Out Of Our Consciousness.
~ George Eliot, Romola, 1863
All My Children Have Spoken For Themselves Since They First Learned To Speak, And Not Always With My Advance Approval, And I Expect That To Continue In The Future.
~ Gerald R. Ford
Lawers, I Suppose, Were Children Once.
~ Charles Lam
The Best Inheritance A Parent Can Give His Children Is A Few Minutes Of His Time Each Day.
~ O. A. Battista
Setting A Good Example For Children Takes All The Fun Out Of Middle Age.
~ William Feathe
Wealth And Children Are The Adornment Of Life.
~ Koran