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Children Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Educate Your Children To Self-control, To The Habit Of Holding Passion And Prejudice And Evil Tendencies Subject To An Upright And Reasoning Will, And You Have Done Much To Abolish Misery From Their Future And Crimes From Society.
~ Benjamin Franklin
It Is Really Asking Too Much Of A Woman To Expect Her To Bring Up Her Husband And Her Children Too.
~ Lillian Bell
The Best Way To Keep Children At Home Is To Make The Home Atmosphere Pleasant - And Let The Air Out Of The Tires.
~ Dorothy Parke
The Tooth Fairy Teaches Children That They Can Sell Body Parts For Money.
~ David Richerby
Recommend To Your Children Virtue That Alone Can Make Them Happy, Not Gold.
~ Ludwig van Beethoven
We Are Behaving Like People Without Compassion And Love For The Most Vulnerable Section Of Society. The Children Of The Universe Are Without A Spokesperson, They Are Voiceless? We Are All Touched By The Atrocities Committed Against Children: Sexual, Physical Abuse, Child Slave Labor, Educational Neglect. We Feel Ashamed. Angry. Appalled. But There Is No Action? No Action.
~ Michael Jackson
God Knows That A Mother Needs Fortitude And Courage And Tolerance And Flexibility And Patience And Firmness And Nearly Every Other Brave Aspect Of The Human Soul. But Because I Happen To Be A Parent Of Almost Fiercely Maternal Nature, I Praise Casualness. It Seems To Me The Rarest Of Virtues. It Is Useful Enough When Children Are Small. It Is Important To The Point Of Necessity When They Are Adolescents.
~ Phyllis Mcginley
Innately, Children Seem To Have Little True Realistic Anxiety. They Will Run Along The Brink Of Water, Climb On The Window Sill, Play With Sharp Objects And With Fire, In Short, Do Everything That Is Bound To Damage Them And To Worry Those In Charge Of Them, That Is Wholly The Result Of Education; For They Cannot Be Allowed To Make The Instructive Experiences Themselves.
~ Sigmund Freud
What Children Take From Us, They Give? We Become People Who Feel More Deeply, Question More Deeply, Hurt More Deeply, And Love More Deeply.
~ Sonia Taitz, O Magazine, May 2003
No Matter How Old A Mother Is, She Watches Her Middle-aged Children For Signs Of Improvement.
~ Florida Scott- Maxwell
I Married The First Man I Ever Kissed. When I Tell My Children That, They Just About Throw Up.
~ Barbara Bush
The More People Have Studied Different Methods Of Bringing Up Children The More They Have Come To The Conclusion That What Good Mother And Fathers Instinctively Feel Like Doing For Their Babies Is The Best After All.
~ Benjamin Spock