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Children Quotes

from thousands of famous people

A Special Providence Protects Fools, Drunkards, Small Children And The United States Of America.
~ Otto von Bismarck
Small Children Disturb Your Sleep, Big Children Your Life.
~ Yiddish Prove
We Are Given Children To Test Us And Make Us More Spiritual.
~ George F. Will
Did You Know That Every Two Hours The Nations Of This World Spend As Much On Armaments As They Spend On The Children Of This World Every Year?
~ Peter Ustinov
And What Is A Good Citizen? Simply One Who Never Says, Does Or Thinks Anything That Is Unusual. Schools Are Maintained In Order To Bring This Uniformity Up To The Highest Possible Point. A School Is A Hopper Into Which Children Are Heaved While They Are Still Young And Tender; Therein They Are Pressed Into Certain Standard Shapes And Covered From Head To Heels With Official Rubber-stamps.
~ H. L. Mencken
Our Children Change Us? Whether They Live Or Not.
~ Lois McMaster Bujold, "Barrayar", 1991
Our Common Language Is... English. And Our Common Task Is To Ensure That Our Non- English-speaking Children Learn This Common Language.
~ William John Bennett
Do Not Allow Children To Mix Drinks. It Is Unseemly And They Use Too Much Vermouth.
~ Steve Allen
Oh, What A Tangled Web Do Parents Weave When They Think That Their Children Are Nave.
~ Ogden Nash
The Distinction Between Children And Adults, While Probably Useful For Some Purposes, Is At Bottom A Specious One, I Feel. There Are Only Individual Egos, Crazy For Love.
~ Don Barthelme
Happiness Is An Imaginary Condition, Formerly Attributed By The Living To The Dead, Now Usually Attributed By Adults To Children, And By Children To Adults.
~ Thomas Szasz
Grown Men Can Learn From Very Little Children For The Hearts Of Little Children Are Pure. Therefore, The Great Spirit May Show To Them Many Things Which Older People Miss.
~ Black Elk