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Children Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Give Me The Children Until They Are Seven And Anyone May Have Them Afterward.
~ Saint Francis Xavie
We Are Behaving Like People Without Compassion And Love For The Most Vulnerable Section Of Society. The Children Of The Universe Are Without A Spokesperson, They Are Voiceless? We Are All Touched By The Atrocities Committed Against Children: Sexual, Physical Abuse, Child Slave Labor, Educational Neglect. We Feel Ashamed. Angry. Appalled. But There Is No Action? No Action.
~ Michael Jackson
The Training Of Children Is A Profession, Where We Must Know How To Waste Time In Order To Save It.
~ Jean- Jacques Rousseau
Educate Your Children To Self-control, To The Habit Of Holding Passion And Prejudice And Evil Tendencies To An Upright And Reasoning Will, And You Have Done Much To Abolish Misery From Their Future Lives And Crimes To Society.
~ Daniel Webste
What Greater Pain Could Mortals Have Than This To See Their Children Dead Before Their Eyes.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
The Only Truly Happy People Are Children And The Creative Minority.
~ Jean Caldwell
Refrain From Doing Ill For One All Powerful Reason, Lest Our Children Should Copy Our Misdeeds We Are All To Prone To Imitate Whatever Is Base And Depraved.
~ Juvenal
Animals Are Always Loyal And Love You, Whereas With Children You Never Know Where You Are.
~ Christina Foyle, The Times (1993)
Instead Of Being Presented With Stereotypes By Age, Sex, Color, Class, Or Religion, Children Must Have The Opportunity To Learn That Within Each Range, Some People Are Loathsome And Some Are Delightful.
~ Margaret Mead
It Is Really Asking Too Much Of A Woman To Expect Her To Bring Up Her Husband And Her Children Too.
~ Lillian Bell
A Sunday School Is A Prison In Which Children Do Penance For The Evil Conscience Of Their Parents.
~ H. L. Mencken
The Fields Were Fruitful And Starving Men Moved On The Roads. The Granaries Were Full And The Children Of The Poor Grew Up Rachitic.
~ John Steinbeck