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I Remember How, In College, I Got That Part-time Job As A Circus Clown, And How The Children Would Laugh And Laugh At Me. I Vowed, Then And There, That I Would Get Revenge.
~ Jack Handey Deep Thoughts
Your Children Need Your Presence More Than Your Presents.
~ Jesse Louis Jackson
The Best Inheritance A Parent Can Give To His Children Is A Few Minutes Of Their Time Each Day.
~ M. Grundle
I Am Afraid We Must Make The World Honest Before We Can Honestly Say To Our Children That Honesty Is The Best Policy.
~ Sir Walter Besant
Modern Cynics And Skeptics... See No Harm In Paying Those To Whom They Entrust The Minds Of Their Children A Smaller Wage Than Is Paid To Those To Whom They Entrust The Care Of Their Plumbing.
~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Too Often We Give Children Answers To Remember Rather Than Problems To Solve.
~ Roger Lewin
Adults Find Pleasure In Deceiving A Child. They Consider It Necessary, But They Also Enjoy It. The Children Very Quickly Figure It Out And Then Practice Deception Themselves.
~ Elias Canetti
No Book Has Yet Been Written In Praise Of A Woman Who Let Her Husband And Children Starve Or Suffer While She Invented Even The Most Useful Things, Or Wrote Books, Or Expressed Herself In Art, Or Evolved Philosophic Systems.
~ Anna Garlin Spence
It Has Always Been The Prerogative Of Children And Half-wits To Point Out That The Emperor Has No Clothes. But The Half-wit Remains A Half-wit, And The Emperor Remains An Emperor.
~ Neil Gaiman, Sandman
The Sea Rises, The Light Fails, Lovers Cling To Each Other, And Children Cling To Us. The Moment We Cease To Hold Each Other, The Moment We Break Faith With One Another, The Sea Engulfs Us And The Light Goes Out.
~ James Arthur Baldwin
Grown-ups Never Understand Anything For Themselves, And It Is Tiresome For Children To Be Always And Forever Explaining Things To Them.
~ Antoine de Saint- Exupery, "The Little Prince", 1943
Those Who Educate Children Well Are More To Be Honored Than Parents, For These Only Gave Life, Those The Art Of Living Well.
~ Aristotle