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Children Quotes

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It Has Always Been The Prerogative Of Children And Half-wits To Point Out That The Emperor Has No Clothes. But The Half-wit Remains A Half-wit, And The Emperor Remains An Emperor.
~ Neil Gaiman, Sandman
The Fundamental Defect Of Fathers Is That They Want Their Children To Be A Credit To Them.
~ Bertrand Russell
I Think That Maybe If Women And Children Were In Charge We Would Get Somewhere.
~ James Thurbe
I Must Study Politics And War That My Sons May Have Liberty To Study Mathematics And Philosophy. My Sons Ought To Study Mathematics And Philosophy, Geography, Natural History, Naval Architecture, Navigation, Commerce, And Agriculture, In Order To Give Their Children A Right To Study Painting, Poetry, Music, Architecture, Statuary, Tapestry, And Porcelain.
~ John Adams
Live So That When Your Children Think Of Fairness And Integrity, They Think Of You.
~ H. Jackson Brown Jr
When Men Are Brought Face To Face With Their Opponents, Forced To Listen And Learn And Mend Their Ideas, They Cease To Be Children And Savages And Begin To Live Like Civilized Men. Then Only Is Freedom A Reality, When Men May Voice Their Opinions Because They Must Examine Their Opinions.
~ Walter Lippmann
We Thank You, Almighty God, For The Gift Of Water. Over It The Holy Spirit Moved In The Beginning Of Creation. Through It You Led The Children Of Israel Out Of Their Bondage In Egypt Into The Land Of Promise. In It Your Son Jesus Received The Baptism Of John And We Are Buried With Christ In His Death. By It We Share In His Resurrection. Through It We Are Reborn By The Holy Spirit.
~ Book of Common Praye
You Must Write For Children In The Same Way As You Do For Adults, Only Better.
~ Maxim Gorky
Those Who Educate Children Well Are More To Be Honored Than Parents, For These Only Gave Life, Those The Art Of Living Well.
~ Aristotle
What Is The Use Of Physicians Like Myself Trying To Help Parents To Bring Up Children Healthy And Happy, To Have Them Killed In Such Numbers For A Cause That Is Ignoble.
~ Benjamin Spock
I Married The First Man I Ever Kissed. When I Tell My Children That, They Just About Throw Up.
~ Barbara Bush
Innately, Children Seem To Have Little True Realistic Anxiety. They Will Run Along The Brink Of Water, Climb On The Window Sill, Play With Sharp Objects And With Fire, In Short, Do Everything That Is Bound To Damage Them And To Worry Those In Charge Of Them, That Is Wholly The Result Of Education; For They Cannot Be Allowed To Make The Instructive Experiences Themselves.
~ Sigmund Freud