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Children Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Parenting Is A Negative Thing. Keep Your Children From Killing Themselves, Or Anyone Else, And Hope For The Best.
~ Erma Bombeck
I Must Study Politics And War That My Sons May Have Liberty To Study Mathematics And Philosophy. My Sons Ought To Study Mathematics And Philosophy, Geography, Natural History, Naval Architecture, Navigation, Commerce, And Agriculture, In Order To Give Their Children A Right To Study Painting, Poetry, Music, Architecture, Statuary, Tapestry, And Porcelain.
~ John Adams
Educate Your Children To Self-control, To The Habit Of Holding Passion And Prejudice And Evil Tendencies Subject To An Upright And Reasoning Will, And You Have Done Much To Abolish Misery From Their Future And Crimes From Society.
~ Benjamin Franklin
Bricks And Mortar Make A House, But The Laughter Of Children Makes A Home.
~ Irish Prove
Human Beings Are The Only Creatures That Allow Their Children To Come Back Home.
~ Bill Cosby
All Of Us Can Think Of A Book... That We Hope None Of Our Children Have Taken Off The Shelf. But If I Have The Right To Remove That Book From The Shelf -that Work I Abhor- Then You Also Have Exactly The Same Right And So Does Everyone Else. And Then We Have No Books Left On The Shelf For Any Of Us.
~ Katherine Paterson
Before I Got Married I Had Six Theories About Bringing Up Children Now I Have Six Children And No Theories.
~ John Wilmot
Having Children Is Like Having A Bowling Alley Installed In Your Brain.
~ Alan Bleasdale
Happiness Is An Imaginary Condition, Formerly Often Attributed By The Living To The Dead, Now Usually Attributed By Adults To Children, And By Children To Adults.
~ H Hahn Blavatsky
I Must Say The Biggest Lesson You Can Learn In Life, Or Teach Your Children, Is That Life Is Not Castles In The Skies, Happily Ever After. The Biggest Lesson We Have To Give Our Children Is Truth.
~ Goldie Hawn
The Fundamental Defect Of Fathers Is That They Want Their Children To Be A Credit To Them.
~ Bertrand Russell
It Has Always Been The Prerogative Of Children And Half-wits To Point Out That The Emperor Has No Clothes. But The Half-wit Remains A Half-wit, And The Emperor Remains An Emperor.
~ Neil Gaiman, Sandman