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Children Quotes

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The Words That A Father Speaks To His Children In The Privacy Of Home Are Not Heard By The World, But, As In Whispering Galleries, They Are Clearly Heard At The End, And By Posterity.
~ Ricthe
Play Is Often Talked About As If It Were A Relief From Serious Learning. But For Children Play Is Serious Learning. Play Is Really The Work Of Childhood.
~ Fred Rogers
They Do Not Leave Home Without American Express. ... Blame The Moral Carelessness That Parents Pass Off As The Gift Of Freedom As They Cut Their Children Loose Like Colorful Kites And Wish Them An Exciting Flight.
~ Roger Rosenblatt
No Matter How Old A Mother Is, She Watches Her Middle-aged Children For Signs Of Improvement.
~ Florida Scott- Maxwell
It Was Once Said That The Moral Test Of Government Is How That Government Treats Those Who Are In The Dawn Of Life, The Children Those Who Are In The Twilight Of Life, The Elderly And Those Who Are In The Shadows Of Life, The Sick, The Needy And The Handicapped.
~ Hubert Humphrey
If You Raise Your Children To Feel That They Can Accomplish Any Goal Or Task They Decide Upon, You Will Have Succeeded As A Parent And You Will Have Given Your Children The Greatest Of All Blessings.
~ Brian Tracy
Innately, Children Seem To Have Little True Realistic Anxiety. They Will Run Along The Brink Of Water, Climb On The Window Sill, Play With Sharp Objects And With Fire, In Short, Do Everything That Is Bound To Damage Them And To Worry Those In Charge Of Them, That Is Wholly The Result Of Education; For They Cannot Be Allowed To Make The Instructive Experiences Themselves.
~ Sigmund Freud
It Is Against The Grain Of Modern Education To Teach Children To Program. What Fun Is There In Making Plans, Acquiring Discipline In Organizing Thoughts, Devoting Attention To Detail, And Learning To Be Self-critical?
~ Alan Perlis
Men Are But Children Of A Larger Growth, Our Appetites As Apt To Change As Theirs, And Full As Craving Too, And Full As Vain.
~ John Dryden
The First Duty To Children Is To Make Them Happy, If You Have Not Made Them So, You Have Wronged Them, No Other Good They May Get Can Make Up For That.
~ Charles Buxton
Bricks And Mortar Make A House, But The Laughter Of Children Makes A Home.
~ Irish Prove
Recommend Virtue To Your Children It Alone, Not Money, Can Make Them Happy. I Speak From Experience.
~ Ludwig van Beethoven