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Children Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Living Up To Basic Ethical Standards In The Classroom-discipline, Tolerance, Honesty-is One Of The Most Important Ways Children Learn How To Function In Society At Large.
~ Eloise Salholz
All My Children Have Spoken For Themselves Since They First Learned To Speak, And Not Always With My Advance Approval, And I Expect That To Continue In The Future.
~ Gerald R. Ford
Play Is Often Talked About As If It Were A Relief From Serious Learning. But For Children Play Is Serious Learning. Play Is Really The Work Of Childhood.
~ Fred Rogers
You Must Write For Children In The Same Way As You Do For Adults, Only Better.
~ Maxim Gorky
Cherish Your Visions And Your Dreams As They Are The Children Of Your Soul The Blue Prints Of Your Ultimate Accomplishments.
~ Napolean Hill
Too Often We Give Children Answers To Remember Rather Than Problems To Solve.
~ Roger Lewin
Do Not Allow Children To Mix Drinks. It Is Unseemly And They Use Too Much Vermouth.
~ Steve Allen
All Children Are Essentially Criminal.
~ Denis Diderot
Recommend To Your Children Virtue; That Alone Can Make Them Happy, Not Gold.
~ Ludwig van Beethoven
The Distinction Between Children And Adults, While Probably Useful For Some Purposes, Is At Bottom A Specious One, I Feel. There Are Only Individual Egos, Crazy For Love.
~ Don Barthelme
Sometimes When I Look At My Children I Say To Myself, Lillian, You Should Have Stayed A Virgin.
~ Lillian Carter, mother of Jimmy and Billy
The Direct Use Of Force Is Such A Poor Solution To Any Problem, It Is Generally Employed Only By Small Children And Large Nations.
~ David Friedman