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Children Quotes

from thousands of famous people

In The Education Of Children There Is Nothing Like Alluring The Interest And Affection, Otherwise You Only Make So Many Asses Laden With Books.
~ Michel de Montaigne
Human Beings Are The Only Creatures That Allow Their Children To Come Back Home.
~ Bill Cosby
Most American Children Suffer Too Much Mother And Too Little Father.
~ Gloria Steinem
A Second Wife Is Hateful To The Children Of The First; A Viper Is Not More Hateful.
~ Euripides, Alcestis, 438 B. C
And What Is A Good Citizen? Simply One Who Never Says, Does Or Thinks Anything That Is Unusual. Schools Are Maintained In Order To Bring This Uniformity Up To The Highest Possible Point. A School Is A Hopper Into Which Children Are Heaved While They Are Still Young And Tender; Therein They Are Pressed Into Certain Standard Shapes And Covered From Head To Heels With Official Rubber-stamps.
~ H. L. Mencken
The Educating Of The Parents Is Really The Education Of The Child Children Tend To Live What Is Unlived In The Parents, So It Is Vital That Parents Should Be Aware Of Their Inferior, Their Dark Side, And Should Press On Getting To Know Themselves.
~ Laurens Van der Post
Did You Know That Every Two Hours The Nations Of This World Spend As Much On Armaments As They Spend On The Children Of This World Every Yea.
~ Peter Ustinov
Grown-ups Never Understand Anything For Themselves, And It Is Tiresome For Children To Be Always And Forever Explaining Things To Them.
~ Antoine de Saint- Exupery, "The Little Prince", 1943
The Training Of Children Is A Profession, Where We Must Know How To Waste Time In Order To Save It.
~ Jean- Jacques Rousseau
The Best Inheritance A Parent Can Give To His Children Is A Few Minutes Of Their Time Each Day.
~ M. Grundle
While We Try To Teach Our Children All About Life, Our Children Teach Us What Life Is All About.
~ Angela Schwindt
He Lives Not Long Who Battles With The Immortals, Nor Do His Children Prattle About His Knees When He Has Come Back From Battle And The Dread Fray.
~ Homer, The Iliad