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Children Quotes

from thousands of famous people

I Think That Maybe If Women And Children Were In Charge We Would Get Somewhere.
~ James Thurbe
Parents Can Only Advise Their Children Or Point Them In The Right Direction. Ultimately People Shape Their Own Characters.
~ Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl
The Pursuit Of Truth And Beauty Is A Sphere Of Activity In Which We Are Permitted To Remain Children All Our Lives.
~ Albert Einstein
Adults Are Just Obsolete Children And The Hell With Them.
~ Dr. Seuss a. k. a. Theodore Giesel
I Married The First Man I Ever Kissed. When I Tell My Children That They Just About Throw Up.
~ Barbara Bush
The Tools Of Conquest Do Not Necessarily Come With Bombs And Explosions And Fallout. There Are Weapons That Are Simply Thoughts, Attitudes, Prejudices -- To Be Found In The Minds Of Men. For The Record, Prejudices Can Kill And Suspicion Can Destroy, And A Thoughtless, Frightened Search For A Scapegoat Has A Fallout All Its Own -- For The Children And The Children Yet Unborn. And The Pity Of It Is That These Things Cannot Be Confined To The Twilight Zone.
~ Rod Serling
A Lot Of Children Know Absolutely Nothing About Guns Other Than What They See On T. V., And Those Are The Wrong Things.
~ Marion Hamme
There Are Children Playing In The Street Who Could Solve Some Of My Top Problems In Physics, Because They Have Modes Of Sensory Perception That I Lost Long Ago.
~ Julius Robert Oppenheime
I Believe That Whoever Tries To Think Things Through Honestly Will Soon Recognize How Unworthy And Even Fatal Is The Traditional Bias Against Negroes. What Can The Man Of Good Will Do To Combat This Deeply Rooted Prejudice He Must Have The Courage To Set An Example By Words And Deed, And Must Watch Lest His Children Become Influenced By Racial Bias.
~ Albert Einstein
The More People Have Studied Different Methods Of Bringing Up Children The More They Have Come To The Conclusion That What Good Mother And Fathers Instinctively Feel Like Doing For Their Babies Is The Best After All.
~ Benjamin Spock
We Are Behaving Like People Without Compassion And Love For The Most Vulnerable Section Of Society. The Children Of The Universe Are Without A Spokesperson, They Are Voiceless? We Are All Touched By The Atrocities Committed Against Children: Sexual, Physical Abuse, Child Slave Labor, Educational Neglect. We Feel Ashamed. Angry. Appalled. But There Is No Action? No Action.
~ Michael Jackson
It Is Not Giving Children More That Spoils Them It Is Giving Them More To Avoid Confrontation.
~ John Gray