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Children Quotes

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Our Heritage And Ideals, Our Code And Standards -- The Things We Live By And Teach Our Children -- Are Preserved Or Diminished By How Freely We Exchange Ideas And Feelings.
~ Walt Disney
A Second Wife Is Hateful To The Children Of The First A Viper Is Not More Hateful.
~ Euripides
The Tooth Fairy Teaches Children That They Can Sell Body Parts For Money.
~ David Richerby
Instead Of Being Presented With Stereotypes By Age, Sex, Color, Class, Or Religion, Children Must Have The Opportunity To Learn That Within Each Range, Some People Are Loathsome And Some Are Delightful.
~ Margaret Mead
Few Things Are More Satisfying Than Seeing Your Own Children Have Teenagers Of Their Own.
~ Doug Larson
Your Children Need Your Presence More Than Your Presents.
~ Jesse Louis Jackson
Of Children As Of Procreation - The Pleasure Momentary, The Posture Ridiculous, The Expense Damnable.
~ Evelyn Waugh
My Mother Loved Children -- She Would Have Given Anything If I Had Been One.
~ Groucho Marx
We Would Have Broken Up Except For The Children. Who Were The Children Well, She And I Were.
~ Mort Sahl
The Poor And The Affluent Are Not Communicating Because They Do Not Have The Same Words. When We Talk Of The Millions Who Are Culturally Deprived, We Refer Not To Those Who Do Not Have Access To Good Libraries And Bookstores, Or To Museums And Centers For The Performing Arts, But Those Deprived Of The Words With Which Everything Else Is Built, The Words That Opens Doors. Children Without Words Are Licked Before They Start. The Legion Of The Young Wordless In Urban And Rural Slums, Eight To Ten Years Old, Do Not Know The Meaning Of Hundreds Of Words Which Most Middle-class People Assume To Be Familiar To Much Younger Children. Most Of Them Have Never Seen Their Parents Read A Book Or A Magazine, Or Heard Words Used In Other Than Rudimentary Ways Related To Physical Needs And Functions. Thus Is Cultural Fallout Caused, The Vicious Circle Of Ignorance And Poverty Reinforced And Perpetuated. Children Deprived Of Words Become School Dropouts; Dropouts Deprived Of Hope Behave Delinquently. Amateur Censors Blame Delinquency On Reading Immoral Books And Magazines, When In Fact, The Inability To Read Anything Is The Basic Trouble.
~ Peter S. Jennison
While We Try To Teach Our Children All About Life, Our Children Teach Us What Life Is All About.
~ Angela Schwindt
It Was Once Said That The Moral Test Of Government Is How That Government Treats Those Who Are In The Dawn Of Life, The Children Those Who Are In The Twilight Of Life, The Elderly And Those Who Are In The Shadows Of Life, The Sick, The Needy And The Handicapped.
~ Hubert Humphrey