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Children Quotes

from thousands of famous people

A Sunday School Is A Prison In Which Children Do Penance For The Evil Conscience Of Their Parents.
~ H. L. Mencken
The Only People Who Seem To Have Nothing To Do With The Education Of The Children Are The Parents.
~ G. K. Chesterton
He Who Teaches Children Learns More Than They Do.
~ German Prove
Give Me The Children Until They Are Seven And Anyone May Have Them Afterward.
~ Saint Francis Xavie
Do Not Confine Your Children To Your Own Learning, For They Were Born In Another Time.
~ Hebrew Prove
Our Nation Was Born In Genocide When It Embraced The Doctrine That The Original American, The Indian, Was An Inferior Race. Even Before There Were Large Numbers Of Negroes On Our Shore, The Scar Of Our Racial Hatred Had Already Disfigured Colonial Society. From The Sixteenth Century Forward, Blood Flowed In Battles Over Racial Supremacy. We Are Perhaps The Only Nation Which Tried As A Matter Of National Policy To Wipe Out Its Indigenous Population. Moreover, We Elevated That Tragic Experience Into A Noble Crusade. Indeed, Even Today We Have Not Permitted Ourselves To Reject Or Feel Remorse For This Shameful Episode. Our Literature, Our Films, Our Drama, Our Folklore All Exalt It. Our Children Are Still Taught To Respect The Violence Which Reduced A Red-skinned People Of An Earlier Culture Into A Few Fragmented Groups Herded Into Impoverished Reservations.
~ John Kennedy, Autobiography of malcolm x
It Has Always Been The Prerogative Of Children And Half-wits To Point Out That The Emperor Has No Clothes. But The Half-wit Remains A Half-wit, And The Emperor Remains An Emperor.
~ Neil Gaiman, Sandman
A Man Who Gives His Children Habits Of Industry Provides For Them Better Than By Giving Them A Fortune.
~ Richard Whately
The Car Trip Can Draw The Family Together, As It Was In The Days Before Television When Parents And Children Actually Talked To Each Other.
~ Andrew H. Malcolm
Adults Are Just Obsolete Children And The Hell With Them.
~ Dr. Seuss a. k. a. Theodore Giesel
I Have Found The Best Way To Give Advice To Your Children Is To Find Out What They Want And Then Advise Them To Do It.
~ Harry S Truman
There Are Times When God Asks Nothing Of His Children Except Silence, Patience And Tears.
~ C. S. Robinson