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Children Quotes

from thousands of famous people

My Music Is Best Understood By Children And Animals.
~ Igor Stravinsky, In Observer 8 Oct. 1961
The Central Struggle Of Parenthood Is To Let Our Hopes For Our Children Outweigh Our Fears.
~ Ellen Goodman
How Is It That Little Children Are So Intelligent And Men So Stupid It Must Be Education That Does It.
~ Alexandre Dumas
Before I Was Married, I Had A Hundred Theories About Raising Children And No Children. Now, I Have Three Children And No Theories.
~ John Wilmot
Adults Are Just Obsolete Children And The Hell With Them.
~ Dr. Seuss, (as quoted in his obit in Time)
No Matter How Old A Mother Is, She Watches Her Middle-aged Children For Signs Of Improvement.
~ Florida Scott- Maxwell
Educate Your Children To Self-control, To The Habit Of Holding Passion And Prejudice And Evil Tendencies To An Upright And Reasoning Will, And You Have Done Much To Abolish Misery From Their Future Lives And Crimes To Society.
~ Daniel Webste
The English Have No Respect For Their Language, And Will Not Teach Their Children To Speak It.
~ George Bernard Shaw, Pygmalion (1916) preface
Lawyers, I Suppose, Were Children Once.
~ Charles Lam
Men Are But Children Of A Larger Growth, Our Appetites As Apt To Change As Theirs, And Full As Craving Too, And Full As Vain.
~ John Dryden
Give Me The Children Until They Are Seven And Anyone May Have Them Afterwards.
~ St. Francis Xavie
If Something Happened Along The Route And You Had To Leave Your Children With Bob Dole Or Bill Clinton, I Think You Would Probably Leave Them With Bob Dole.
~ Robert Joseph Bob Dole