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Children Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The English Have No Respect For Their Language, And Will Not Teach Their Children To Speak It.
~ George Bernard Shaw, Pygmalion (1916) preface
The Children Despise Their Parents Until The Age Of 40, When They Suddenly Become Just Like Them-thus Preserving The System.
~ Quentin
We Want Far Better Reasons For Having Children Than Not Knowing How To Prevent Them.
~ Dora Russell
If Something Happened Along The Route And You Had To Leave Your Children With Bob Dole Or Bill Clinton, I Think You Would Probably Leave Them With Bob Dole.
~ Robert Joseph Bob Dole
All Of Us Can Think Of A Book... That We Hope None Of Our Children Have Taken Off The Shelf. But If I Have The Right To Remove That Book From The Shelf -that Work I Abhor- Then You Also Have Exactly The Same Right And So Does Everyone Else. And Then We Have No Books Left On The Shelf For Any Of Us.
~ Katherine Paterson
God Sends Children For Another Purpose Than Merely To Keep Up The Race - To Enlarge Our Hearts; And To Make Us Unselfish And Full Of Kindly Sympathies And Affection; To Give Our Shoulds Higher Aims; To Call Out All Our Faculties To Extended Enterprise And Exertion And To Bring Round Our Firesides Bright Faces, Happy Smiles, And Loving, Tender Hearts. My Soul Blesses The Great Father, Every Day, That He Has Gladdened The Earth With Little Children.
~ Mary Howitt
Let The Minor Genius Go His Light Way And Enjoy His Life - The Great Nature Cannot So Live, He Is Never Really In Holiday Mood, Even Though He Often Plucks Flowers By The Wayside And Ties Them Into Knots And Garlands Like Little Children And Lays Out On A Sunny Morning.
~ W. B. Yeats
You Must Write For Children In The Same Way As You Do For Adults, Only Better.
~ Maxim Gorky
Never Raise Your Hand To Your Children It Leaves Your Midsection Unprotected.
~ Robert Orben
I Have Found The Best Way To Give Advice To Your Children Is To Find Out What They Want And Then Advise Them To Do It.
~ Harry S Truman
What Is The Use Of Physicians Like Myself Trying To Help Parents To Bring Up Children Healthy And Happy, To Have Them Killed In Such Numbers For A Cause That Is Ignoble.
~ Benjamin Spock
Live So That When Your Children Think Of Fairness And Integrity, They Think Of You.
~ H. Jackson Brown Jr