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Children Quotes

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The Conscience Of Children Is Formed By The Influences That Surround Them; Their Notions Of Good And Evil Are The Result Of The Moral Atmosphere They Breathe.
~ Ricthe
Our Children Change Us? Whether They Live Or Not.
~ Lois McMaster Bujold, "Barrayar", 1991
The Central Struggle Of Parenthood Is To Let Our Hopes For Our Children Outweigh Our Fears.
~ Ellen Goodman
I Love Children --- Especially When They Cry, For Then Someone Takes Them Away.
~ Nancy Mitford
The Best Way To Keep Children At Home Is To Make The Home Atmosphere Pleasant - And Let The Air Out Of The Tires.
~ Dorothy Parke
I Have A Dream, That My Four Little Children Will One Day Live In A Nation Where They Will Not Be Judged By The Color Of Their Skin But By The Content Of Their Character. I Have A Dream Today.
~ Martin Luther King, Jr
He Who Teaches Children Learns More Than They Do.
~ German Prove
Religion Holds The Solution To All Problems Of Human Relationship, Whether They Are Between Parents And Children Or Nation And Nation. Sooner Or Later, Man Has Always Had To Decide Whether He Worships His Own Power Or The Power Of God.
~ A. J. Toynbee
The Sea Rises, The Light Fails, Lovers Cling To Each Other, And Children Cling To Us. The Moment We Cease To Hold Each Other, The Moment We Break Faith With One Another, The Sea Engulfs Us And The Light Goes Out.
~ James Arthur Baldwin
I Believe That Whoever Tries To Think Things Through Honestly Will Soon Recognize How Unworthy And Even Fatal Is The Traditional Bias Against Negroes. What Can The Man Of Good Will Do To Combat This Deeply Rooted Prejudice He Must Have The Courage To Set An Example By Words And Deed, And Must Watch Lest His Children Become Influenced By Racial Bias.
~ Albert Einstein
Love Your Children With All Your Hearts, Love Them Enough To Discipline Them Before It Is Too Late. ... Praise Them For Important Things, Even If You Have To Stretch Them A Bit. Praise Them A Lot. They Live On It Like Bread And Butter And They Need It More Than Bread And Butter.
~ Lavina Christensen Fugal
Mothers Are Fonder Than Fathers Of Their Children Because They Are More Certain They Are Their Own.
~ Aristotle