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Children Quotes

from thousands of famous people

There Was A Time When We Expected Nothing Of Our Children But Obedience, As Opposed To The Present, When We Expect Everything Of Them But Obedience.
~ Anatole Broyard
Always Be Nice To Your Children Because They Are The Ones Who Will Choose Your Rest Home.
~ Phyllis Dille
A Little Boy Came Home And Told His Mother He Had Gotten First Prize In An Examination. The Question Had Been How Many Legs Does A Horse Have He Had Answered, Three. When His Mother Asked How He Had Gotten The First Prize, He Replied That All The Other Children Had Said, Two.
~ Richard Kehl
The Value Of Marriage Is Not That Adults Produce Children But That Children Produce Adults.
~ Peter De Vries
The Best Way To Keep Children At Home Is To Make The Home Atmosphere Pleasant - And Let The Air Out Of The Tires.
~ Dorothy Parke
The Words That A Father Speaks To His Children In The Privacy Of Home Are Not Heard By The World, But, As In Whispering Galleries, They Are Clearly Heard At The End, And By Posterity.
~ Ricthe
Learning To Dislike Children At An Early Age Saves A Lot Of Expense And Aggravation Later In Life.
~ Robert Byrne
Our Children Seem To Have Wonderful Taste, Or None - Depending, Of Course, On Whether Or Not They Agree With Us.
~ Author Unknown
Our Deeds Are Like Children That Are Born To Us; They Live And Act Apart From Our Own Will. Nay, Children May Be Strangled, But Deeds Never: They Have An Indestructible Life Both In And Out Of Our Consciousness.
~ George Eliot, Romola, 1863
Just Think Of The Tragedy Of Teaching Children Not To Doubt.
~ Clarence Darrow
Her Children Arise Up, And Call Her Blessed.
~ Proverbs 3128
The Best Inheritance A Parent Can Give To His Children Is A Few Minutes Of Their Time Each Day.
~ M. Grundle