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If The Children Already Born Each Have Only Two Children Themselves... In Twenty-seven To Thirty-five Years The Population Of The World Will Double.
~ Robert H Bork
Animals Are Always Loyal And Love You, Whereas With Children You Never Know Where You Are.
~ Christina Foyle, The Times (1993)
Just Think Of The Tragedy Of Teaching Children Not To Doubt.
~ Clarence Darrow
My Mother Loved Children -- She Would Have Given Anything If I Had Been One.
~ Groucho Marx
Lawyers, I Suppose, Were Children Once.
~ Charles Lam
Innately, Children Seem To Have Little True Realistic Anxiety. They Will Run Along The Brink Of Water, Climb On The Window Sill, Play With Sharp Objects And With Fire, In Short, Do Everything That Is Bound To Damage Them And To Worry Those In Charge Of Them, That Is Wholly The Result Of Education; For They Cannot Be Allowed To Make The Instructive Experiences Themselves.
~ Sigmund Freud
Happiness Is An Imaginary Condition, Formerly Attributed By The Living To The Dead, Now Usually Attributed By Adults To Children, And By Children To Adults.
~ Thomas Szasz
The Central Struggle Of Parenthood Is To Let Our Hopes For Our Children Outweigh Our Fears.
~ Ellen Goodman
It Is Against The Grain Of Modern Education To Teach Children To Program. What Fun Is There In Making Plans, Acquiring Discipline In Organizing Thoughts, Devoting Attention To Detail, And Learning To Be Self-critical?
~ Alan Perlis
What Children Take From Us, They GiveWe Become People Who Feel More Deeply, Question More Deeply, Hurt More Deeply, And Love More Deeply.
~ Sonia Taitz
I Remember How, In College, I Got That Part-time Job As A Circus Clown, And How The Children Would Laugh And Laugh At Me. I Vowed, Then And There, That I Would Get Revenge.
~ Jack Handey Deep Thoughts
To Laugh Often And Much To Win The Respect Of Intelligent People And The Affection Of Children To Earn The Appreciation Of Honest Critics And Endure The Betrayal Of False Friends To Appreciate Beauty, To Find The Best In Others To Leave The World A Little Better Whether By A Healthy Child, A Garden Patch Or A Redeemed Social Condition To Know Even One Life Has Breathed Easier Because You Have Lived. This Is The Meaning Of Success.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson