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Children Quotes

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The Conscience Of Children Is Formed By The Influences That Surround Them; Their Notions Of Good And Evil Are The Result Of The Moral Atmosphere They Breathe.
~ Ricthe
Our Deeds Are Like Children That Are Born To Us; They Live And Act Apart From Our Own Will.
~ George Eliot, Romola
No Man Should Bring Children Into The World Who Is Unwilling To Persevere To The End In Their Nature And Education.
~ Plato
The Sea Rises, The Light Fails, Lovers Cling To Each Other, And Children Cling To Us. The Moment We Cease To Hold Each Other, The Moment We Break Faith With One Another, The Sea Engulfs Us And The Light Goes Out.
~ James Arthur Baldwin
It Is Against The Grain Of Modern Education To Teach Children To Program. What Fun Is There In Making Plans, Acquiring Discipline In Organizing Thoughts, Devoting Attention To Detail, And Learning To Be Self-critical?
~ Alan Perlis
Love Your Children With All Your Hearts, Love Them Enough To Discipline Them Before It Is Too Late. ... Praise Them For Important Things, Even If You Have To Stretch Them A Bit. Praise Them A Lot. They Live On It Like Bread And Butter And They Need It More Than Bread And Butter.
~ Lavina Christensen Fugal
Parenting Is A Negative Thing. Keep Your Children From Killing Themselves, Or Anyone Else, And Hope For The Best.
~ Erma Bombeck
The Best Way To Keep Children At Home Is To Make The Home Atmosphere Pleasant --- And Let The Air Out Of Their Tires.
~ Dorothy Parke
The Educating Of The Parents Is Really The Education Of The Child Children Tend To Live What Is Unlived In The Parents, So It Is Vital That Parents Should Be Aware Of Their Inferior, Their Dark Side, And Should Press On Getting To Know Themselves.
~ Laurens Van der Post
Free Children Are Not Easily Influenced; The Absence Of Fear Accounts For This Phenomenon. Indeed, The Absence Of Fear Is The Finest Thing That Can Happen To A Child.
~ A. S. Neill, Summerhill
Parents Learn A Lot From Their Children About Coping With Life.
~ Muriel Spark
If You Want To See What Children Can Do, You Must Stop Giving Them Things.
~ Norman Douglas