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Children Quotes

from thousands of famous people

They Do Not Leave Home Without American Express. ... Blame The Moral Carelessness That Parents Pass Off As The Gift Of Freedom As They Cut Their Children Loose Like Colorful Kites And Wish Them An Exciting Flight.
~ Roger Rosenblatt
Few Things Are More Satisfying Than Seeing Your Own Children Have Teenagers Of Their Own.
~ Doug Larson
A Man Who Gives His Children Habits Of Industry Provides For Them Better Than By Giving Them A Fortune.
~ Richard Whately
You Are The Bows From Which Your Children As Living Arrows Are Sent Forth.
~ Kahlil Gibran
We Need To Make A World In Which Fewer Children Are Born, And In Which We Take Better Care Of Them.
~ Max Born
Having Children Makes You No More A Parent Than Having A Piano Makes You A Pianist.
~ Michael Levine
Our Deeds Are Like Children That Are Born To Us; They Live And Act Apart From Our Own Will.
~ George Eliot, Romola
Often And Often Afterwards, The Beloved Aunt Would Ask Me Why I Had Never Told Anyone How I Was Being Treated. Children Tell Little More Than Animals, For What Comes To Them They Accept As Eternally Established.
~ Rudyard Kipling
Sexual Enlightenment Is Justified Insofar As Girls Cannot Learn Too Soon How Children Do Not Come Into The World.
~ Karl Kraus
Imagine A School With Children That Can Read Or Write, But With Teachers Who Cannot, And You Have A Metaphor Of The Information Age In Which We Live.
~ Peter Cochrane
It Is Not Giving Children More That Spoils Them; It Is Giving Them More To Avoid Confrontation.
~ John Gray, "Children Are From Heaven"
We Would Have Broken Up Except For The Children. Who Were The Children Well, She And I Were.
~ Mort Sahl