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Children Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Our Children Change Uswhether They Live Or Not.
~ Lois McMaster Bujold
The Fields Were Fruitful And Starving Men Moved On The Roads. The Granaries Were Full And The Children Of The Poor Grew Up Rachitic.
~ John Steinbeck
Too Often We Give Children Answers To Remember Rather Than Problems To Solve.
~ Roger Lewin
Never Raise Your Hand To Your Children It Leaves Your Midsection Unprotected.
~ Robert Orben
Adults Are Just Children Who Earn Money.
~ Kenneth Branaugh
We Thank You, Almighty God, For The Gift Of Water. Over It The Holy Spirit Moved In The Beginning Of Creation. Through It You Led The Children Of Israel Out Of Their Bondage In Egypt Into The Land Of Promise. In It Your Son Jesus Received The Baptism Of John And We Are Buried With Christ In His Death. By It We Share In His Resurrection. Through It We Are Reborn By The Holy Spirit.
~ Book of Common Praye
Curiosity In Children, Is But An Appetite For Knowledge. One Great Reason Why Children Abandon Themselves Wholly To Silly Pursuits And Trifle Away Their Time Insipidly Is, Because They Find Their Curiosity Balked, And Their Inquiries Neglected.
~ John Locke
Life Is Either A Daring Adventure Or Nothing. Security Does Not Exist In Nature, Nor Do The Children Of Men As A Whole Experience It. Avoiding Danger Is No Safer In The Long Run Than Exposure.
~ Helen Kelle
Before I Got Married I Had Six Theories About Bringing Up Children Now I Have Six Children And No Theories.
~ John Wilmot
Grown Ups Never Understand Anything For Themselves, And It Is Tiresome For Children To Be Always And Forever Explaining Things To Them.
~ Antoine de Saint- Exupery
The Best Way To Keep Children Home Is To Make The Home Atmosphere Pleasant--and Let The Air Out Of The Tires.
~ Dorothy Parke
We Want Far Better Reasons For Having Children Than Not Knowing How To Prevent Them.
~ Dora Russell