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Christian Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The Last Christian Died On The Cross.
~ Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
I Honestly Believe That In My Lifetime We Will See A Country Once Again Governed By Christians... And Christian Values. What Christians Have Got To Do Is Take Back This Country, One Precinct At A Time, One Neighborhood At A Time, And One State At A Time.
~ Ralph Reed, Executive Director, the Christian Coalition
I Admire The Serene Assurance Of Those Who Have Religious Faith. It Is Wonderful To Observe The Calm Confidence Of A Christian With Four Aces.
~ Mark Twain
If You Will Protest Courageously, And Yet With Dignity And Christian Love, When The History Books Are Written In Future Generations, The Historians Will Have To Pause And Say, There Lived A Great People-a Black People-who Injected New Meaning And Dignity Into The Veins Of Civilization.
~ Martin Luther King, Jr
Being Filled With The Holy Spirit, Then, Is A Matter Of Obedience To The Word Of God. The Filling Of The Spirit That All Experienced At Pentecost Was A Matter Of A Promise Being Fulfilled. Today, The Believer Is To Be Filled In Obedience To The Command Of Ephesians 518, Continuously, Not Merely By A Single, Crisis Experience. The Christian Life Is A Growth Process Toward Maturity.
~ Clarence Crame
You Have To Be Realistic About Terrorism. Certain Groups Of People, Certain Groups, Muslim Fundamentalists, Christian Fundamentalists, Jewish Fundamentalists, And Just Plain Guys From Montanta, Are Going To Continue To Make Life In This Country Very Interesting For A Long, Long Time.
~ George Carlin, You Are All Diseased
A Man Who Is Eating Or Lying With His Wife Or Preparing To Go To Sleep In Humility, Thankfulness And Temperance, Is, By Christian Standards, In An Infinitely Higher State Than One Who Is Listening To Bach Or Reading Plato In A State Of Pride.
~ Clive Staples Lewis
The Christian Resolution To Find The World Ugly And Bad Has Made The World Ugly And Bad.
~ Friedrich Nietzsche
The Christian Ideal Has Not Been Tried And Found Wanting. It Has Been Found Difficult And Left Untried.
~ Gilbert Keith Chesterton
The Goal Of Every Married Couple, Indeed, Every Christian Home, Should Be To Make Christ The Head, The Counselor And The Guide.
~ Paul Sadle
My Object Will Be, If Possible, To Form Christian Men, For Christian Boys I Can Scarcely Hope To Make.
~ Thomas Arnold
If A Man Cannot Be A Christian In The Place He Is, He Cannot Be A Christian Anywhere.
~ Henry Ward Beeche