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Christmas Quotes

from thousands of famous people

But I Am Sure That I Have Always Thought Of Christmas Time, When It Has Come Round... As A Good Time A Kind, Forgiving, Charitable, Pleasant Time The Only Time I Know Of, In The Long Calendar Of The Year, When Men And Women Seem By One Consent To Open Their Shut-up Hearts Freely.
~ Charles Dickens
Once Upon A Time--of All The Good Days In The Year, On Christmas Eve--old Scrooge Sat Busy In His Counting-house.
~ Charles Dickens
It Is Christmas In The Heart That Puts Christmas In The Air.
~ W. T. Ellis
At Christmas Play And Make Good Cheer, For Christmas Comes But Once A Year.
~ Thomas Tusse
I Sometimes Think We Expect Too Much Of Christmas Day. We Try To Crowd Into It The Long Arrears Of Kindliness And Humanity Of The Whole Year. As For Me, I Like To Take My Christmas A Little At A Time, All Through The Year. And Thus I Drift Along Into The Holidays--let Them Overtake Me Unexpectedly--waking Up Some Fine Morning And Suddenly Saying To Myself Why This Is Christmas Day.
~ David Grayson
The Earth Has Grown Old With Its Burden Of Care But At Christmas It Always Is Young, The Heart Of The Jewel Burns Lustrous And Fair And Its Soul Full Of Music Breaks The Air, When The Song Of Angels Is Sung.
~ Phillips Brooks
Christmas--that Magic Blanket That Wraps Itself About Us, That Something So Intangible That It Is Like A Fragrance. It May Weave A Spell Of Nostalgia. Christmas May Be A Day Of Feasting, Or Of Prayer, But Always It Will Be A Day Of Remembrance--a Day In Which We Think Of Everything We Have Ever Loved.
~ Augusta E. Rundell
A Merry Christmas To Everybody A Happy New Year To All The World.
~ Charles Dickens
I Will Honor Christmas In My Heart, And Try To Keep It All Year.
~ Charles Dickens
Christmas The Very Word Brings Joy To Our Hearts. No Matter How We May Dread The Rush, The Long Christmas Lists For Gifts And Cards To Be Bought And Given--when Christmas Day Comes There Is Still The Same Warm Feeling We Had As Children, The Same Warmth That Enfolds Our Hearts And Our Homes.
~ Joan Winmill Brown
Somehow He Tim Gets Thoughtful Sitting By Himself So Much, And Thinks The Strangest Things You Ever Heard. He Told Me, Coming Home, That He Hoped The People Saw Him In The Church, Because He Was A Cripple, And It Might Be Pleasant For Them To Remember Upon Christmas Day, Who Made Lame Beggars Walk, And Blind Men See.
~ Charles Dickens
Love Came Down At Christmas Love All Lovely, Love Divine Love Was Born At Christmas, Stars And Angels Gave The Sign.
~ Christina Georgina Rossetti