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The Purpose Of Most Computer Languages Is To Lengthen Your Resume By A Word And A Comma.
~ Larry Wall
My Computer Beat Me At Checkers, But I Sure Beat It At Kickboxing.
~ Emo Phillips
As Far As We Know, Our Computer Has Never Had An Undetected Error.
~ Weisert
There Is No Reason For Any Individual To Have A Computer In Their Home.
~ Ken Olsen, CEO DEC 1977
The NeXT Computer The Hardware Makes It A PC, The Software Makes It A Workstation, The Unit Sales Makes It A Mainframe.
~ Anon
A Computer Lets You Make More Mistakes Faster Than Any Invention In Human History - With The Possible Exceptions Of Handguns And Tequila.
~ Mitch Ratliffe
Want To Make Your Computer Go Really Fast Throw It Out A Window.
~ Anon
We Have Come Through A Strange Cycle In Programming, Starting With The Creation Of Programming Itself As A Human Activity. Executives With The Tiniest Smattering Of Knowledge Assume That Anyone Can Write A Program, And Only Now Are Programmers Beginning To Win Their Battle For Recognition As True Professionals. Not Just Anyone, With Any Background, Or Any Training, Can Do A Fine Job Of Programming. Programmers Know This, But Then Why Is It That They Think That Anyone Picked Off The Street Can Do Documentation? One Has Only To Spend An Hour Looking At Papers Written By Graduate Students To Realize The Extent To Which The Ability To Communicate Is Not Universally Held. And So, When We Speak About Computer Program Documentation, We Are Not Speaking About The Psychology Of Computer Programming At All - Except Insofar As Programmers Have The Illusion That Anyone Can Do A Good Job Of Documentation, Provided He Is Not Smart Enough To Be A Programmer.
~ Gerald Weinberg, "The Psychology of Computer Programming"
In A Few Minutes A Computer Can Make A Mistake So Great That It Would Have Taken Many Men Many Months To Equal It.
~ Unknown
There Are Two Things In Particular That It The Computer Industry Failed To Foresee: One Was The Coming Of The Internet...; The Other Was The Fact That The Century Would End.
~ Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt
The Process Of Preparing Programs For A Digital Computer Is Especially Attractive, Not Only Because It Can Be Economically And Scientifically Rewarding, But Also Because It Can Be An Aesthetic Experience Much Like Composing Poetry Or Music.
~ Donald E. Knuth
The Question Of Whether A Computer Can Think Is No More Interesting Than The Question Of Whether A Submarine Can Swim.
~ E. W. Dijkstra