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Computer Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Why Is It Drug Addicts And Computer Afficionados Are Both Called Users.
~ Clifford Stoll
There Is No Reason Anyone Would Want A Computer In Their Home.
~ Ken Olson
The Computer Is A Moron.
~ Peter Drucke
The Question Of Whether A Computer Can Think Is No More Interesting Than The Question Of Whether A Submarine Can Swim.
~ E. W. Dijkstra
It Would Appear That We Have Reached The Limits Of What It Is Possible To Achieve With Computer Technology, Although One Should Be Careful With Such Statements, As They Tend To Sound Pretty Silly In 5 Years.
~ John Von Neumann (ca. 1949)
The Purpose Of Most Computer Languages Is To Lengthen Your Resume By A Word And A Comma.
~ Larry Wall
My Computer Beat Me At Checkers, But I Sure Beat It At Kickboxing.
~ Emo Phillips
In All Large Corporations, There Is A Pervasive Fear That Someone, Somewhere Is Having Fun With A Computer On Company Time. Networks Help Alleviate That Fear.
~ John C. Dvorak
In A Few Minutes A Computer Can Make A Mistake So Great That It Would Have Taken Many Men Many Months To Equal It.
~ Unknown
There Is Not A Flower Or Bird In Sight, Only A Small Screen On Which Lines Are Moving, While The Child Sits Almost Motionless, Pushing At The Keyboard With One Finger. As A Learning Environment, It May Be Mentally Rich, But It Is Perceptually Extremely Impoverished. No Smells Or Tastes, No Wind Or Bird Song Unless The Computer Is Programmed To Produce Electronic Tweets, No Connection With Soil, Water, Sunlight, Warmth, The Actual Learning Environment Is Almost Autistic In Quality, Impoverished Sensually, Emotionally, And Socially.
~ John Davy
A Computer Terminal Is Not Some Clunky Old Television With A Typewriter In Front Of It. It Is An Interface Where The Mind And Body Can Connect With The Universe And Move Bits Of It About. From Mostly Harmless.
~ Douglas Noel Adams
To Err Is Human--and To Blame It On A Computer Is Even More So.
~ Robert Orben