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I Have A Cat Named Trash. In The Current Political Climate It Would Seem That If I Were Trying To Sell Him At Least To A Computer Scientist, I Would Not Stress That He Is Gentle To Humans And Is Self-sufficient, Living Mostly On Field Mice. Rather, I Would Argue That He Is Object-oriented.
~ Roger King
Pixel, N.: A Mischievous, Magical Spirit Associated With Screen Displays. The Computer Industry Has Frequently Borrowed From Mythology: Witness The Sprites In Computer Graphics, The Demons In Artificial Intelligence, And The Trolls In The Marketing Department.
~ Jeff Meye
There Are Two Things In Particular That It The Computer Industry Failed To Foresee: One Was The Coming Of The Internet...; The Other Was The Fact That The Century Would End.
~ Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt
Why Is It Drug Addicts And Computer Afficionados Are Both Called Users.
~ Clifford Stoll
Want To Make Your Computer Go Really Fast Throw It Out A Window.
~ Anon
As Far As We Know, Our Computer Has Never Had An Undetected Error.
~ Weisert
In A Few Minutes A Computer Can Make A Mistake So Great That It Would Have Taken Many Men Many Months To Equal It.
~ Unknown
Man Is The Best Computer We Can Put Aboard A Spacecraft... And The Only One That Can Be Mass Produced With Unskilled Labor.
~ Wernher von Braun
The Purpose Of Most Computer Languages Is To Lengthen Your Resume By A Word And A Comma.
~ Larry Wall
To Err Is Human--and To Blame It On A Computer Is Even More So.
~ Robert Orben
There Are Many Methods For Predicting The Future. For Example, You Can Read Horoscopes, Tea Leaves, Tarot Cards, Or Crystal Balls. Collectively, These Methods Are Known As Nutty Methods. Or You Can Put Well-researched Facts Into Sophisticated Computer Models, More Commonly Referred To As A Complete Waste Of Time.
~ Scott Adams, The Dilbert Future
Hardware The Parts Of A Computer That Can Be Kicked.
~ Jeff Pesis