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Creativity Quotes

from thousands of famous people

A Hunch Is Creativity Trying To Tell You Something.
~ Unknown
Technical Skill Is Mastery Of Complexity, While Creativity Is Mastery Of Simplicity.
~ Christopher Zeeman
Without Glasnost There Is Not, And There Cannot Be, Democratism, The Political Creativity Of The Masses And Their Participation In Management.
~ Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev
The Secret To Creativity Is Knowing How To Hide Your Sources.
~ Albert Einstein
You Must Not For One Instant Give Up The Effort To Build New Lives For Yourselves. Creativity Means To Push Open The Heavy, Groaning Doorway To Life. This Is Not An Easy Struggle. Indeed, It May Be The Most Difficult Task In The World, For Opening The Door To Your Own Life Is, In The End, More Difficult Than Opening The Doors To The Mysteries Of The Universe.
~ Daisaku Ikeda
The Problem Is Never How To Get New, Innovative Thoughts Into Your Mind, But How To Get Old Ones Out. Every Mind Is A Building Filled With Archaic Furniture. Clean Out A Corner Of Your Mind And Creativity Will Instantly Fill It.
~ Dee Hock
I Had Learned To Respect The Intelligence, Integrity, Creativity And Capacity For Deep Thought And Hard Work Latent Somewhere In Every Child They Had Learned That I Differed From Them Only In Years And Experience, And That As I, An Ordinary Human Being, Loved And Respected Them, I Expected Payment In Kind.
~ Sybil Marshall
My Curiosity Is My Creativity On The Way To Discovery.
~ "Why" on Quartz
Above All, We Are Coming To Understand That The Arts Incarnate The Creativity Of A Free People. When The Creative Impulse Cannot Flourish, When It Cannot Freely Select Its Methods And Objects, When It Is Deprived Of Spontaneity, Then Society Severs The Root Of Art.
~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Art Requires Imagination. It Requires Creativity. Creativity Requires Experience And Experience Comes From Your Life. And Your Life Is Expressed In Your Art.
~ Bruce Lee
Frugality Without Creativity Is Deprivation.
~ Amy Dacyczyn
Conditions For Creativity Are To Be Puzzled To Concentrate To Accept Conflict And Tension To Be Born Everyday To Feel A Sense Of Self.
~ Erich Fromm