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Curious Quotes

from thousands of famous people

It Is A Curious Thing... That Every Creed Promises A Paradise Which Will Be Absolutely Uninhabitable For Anyone Of Civilized Taste.
~ Evelyn Waugh
It Is Curious That Physical Courage Should Be So Common In The World And Moral Courage So Rare.
~ Mark Twain
One Who Is Too Wise An Observer Of The Business Of Others, Like One Who Is Too Curious In Observing The Labor Of Bees, Will Often Be Stung For His Curiosity.
~ Alexander Pope
From Mount Hollywood, Los Angeles Looks Rather Nice, Enveloped In A Haze Of Changing Colors. Actually, And In Spite Of All The Healthful Sunshine And Ocean Breezes, It Is A Bad Place - Full Of Old, Dying People, Who Were Born Old Of Tired Pioneer Parents, Victims Of America - Full Of Curious Wild And Poisonous Growths, Decadent Religious Cults And Fake Science, And Wildcat Enterprises, Which, With Their Aim For Quick Profit, Are Doomed To Collapse And Drag Down Multitudes Of People.
~ Louis Adamic
It Is In Fact Nothing Short Of A Miracle That The Modern Methods Of Instruction Have Not Yet Entirely Strangled The Holy Curious Of Inquiry. It Is A Very Grave Mistake To Think That The Enjoyment Of Seeing And Searching Can Be Promoted By Means Of Coercion And A Sense Of Duty.
~ Albert Einstein
Did Blind Chance Know That There Was Light And What Was Its Refraction, And Fit The Eyes Of All Creatures After The Most Curious Manner To Make Use Of It? These And Other Suchlike Considerations, Always Have, And Always Will Prevail With Mankind, To Believe That There Is A Being Who Made All Things, Who Has All Things In His Power, And Who Is Therefore To Be Feared.
~ Isaac Newton
What A Curious Phenomenon It Is That You Can Get Men To Die For The Liberty Of The World Who Will Not Make The Little Sacrifice That Is Needed To Free Themselves From Their Own Individual Bondage.
~ Bruce Barton
Those Little Nimble Musicians Of The Air, That Warble Forth Their Curious Ditties, With Which Nature Hath Furnished Them To The Shame Of Art.
~ Izaak Walton
It Is A Curious Fact That When We Get Sick We Want An Uncommon Doctor... When We Get Into A War, We Dreadfully Want An Uncommon Admiral And An Uncommon General. Only When We Get Into Politics Are We Content With The Common Man.
~ Herbert Clark Hoove
By A Curious Confusion, Many Modern Critics Have Passed From The Proposition That A Masterpiece May Be Unpopular To The Other Proposition That Unless It Is Unpopular It Cannot Be A Masterpiece.
~ G. K. Chesterton
When I Found The Skull In The Woods, The First Thing I Did Was Call The Police. But Then I Got Curious About It. I Picked It Up, And Started Wondering Who This Person Was, And Why He Had Deer Horns.
~ Jack Handey Deep Thoughts
Nothing Is More Curious Than The Almost Savage Hostility That Humor Excites In Those Who Lack It.
~ George Saintsbury