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from thousands of famous people

Love Works In Miracles Every Day Such As Weakening The Strong, And Strengthening The Weak Making Fools Of The Wise, And Wise Men Of Fools Favouring The Passions, Destroying Reason, And In A Word, Turning Everything Topsy-turvy.
~ Marguerite de Valois
Many Years Ago Rudyard Kipling Gave An Address At McGill University In Montreal. He Said One Striking Thing Which Deserves To Be Remembered. Warning The Students Against An Over-concern For Money, Or Position, Or Glory, He Said: Some Day You Will Meet A Man Who Cares For None Of These Things. Then You Will Know How Poor You Are.
~ Halford E. Luccock
Why Learn At All If One Day We Will Die And Forget Everything.
~ Unknown
This Day Before Dawn I Ascended A Hill And Looked At The Crowded Heaven.
~ Walt Whitman
From This Day Forward Until The End Of The World... We In It Shall Be Remembered... We Band Of Brothers.
~ William Shakespeare, Henry V
One Day At A Time- This Is Enough. Do Not Look Back And Grieve Over The Past, For It Is Gone; And Do Not Be Troubled About The Future, For It Has Not Yet Come. Live In The Present, And Make It So Beautiful That It Will Be Worth Remembering.
~ Ida Scott Taylor
Normal Is Getting Dressed In Clothes That You Buy For Work And Driving Through Traffic In A Car That You Are Still Paying For - In Order To Get To The Job You Need To Pay For The Clothes And The Car, And The House You Leave Vacant All Day So You Can Afford To Live In It.
~ Ellen Goodman
Inside Each And Every One Of Us Is A Person That No One Knows. A Person, Should You Take The Time To Look, Is Waiting To Be Discovered, Wanting You To Take Notice. Take A Few Minutes Every Day And Sit Down To Chat To This Person. Who Knows What You May Learn.
~ Neill MacRae
Those Who Dream By Day Are Cognizant Of Many Things Which Escape Those Who Dream Only By Night.
~ Edgar Allan Poe, "Eleonora"
The Day I See A Leaf Is A Marvel Of A Day.
~ Kenneth Patton
You Can Swim All Day In The Sea Of Knowledge And Still Come Out Completely Dry. Most People Do.
~ Norman Juste
The Only Difference Between A Good Day And A Bad Day Is Your ATTITUDE.
~ Dennis S. Brown