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Day Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Love Has No Other Desire But To Fulfill Itself. To Melt And Be Like A Running Brook That Sings Its Melody To The Night. To Wake At Dawn With A Winged Heart And Give Thanks For Another Day Of Loving.
~ Kahlil Gibran
Fill Your Mouth With Marbles And Make A Speech. Every Day Reduce The Number Of Marbles In Your Mouth And Make A Speech. You Will Soon Become An Accredited Public Speaker -- As Soon As You Have Lost All Your Marbles.
~ Brooks Hays
No Matter How Smart You Are, You Spend Much Of Your Day Being An Idiot.
~ Scott Adams
To Be Always Intending To Live A New Life, But Never Find Time To Set About It - This Is As If A Man Should Put Off Eating And Drinking From One Day To Another Till He Be Starved And Destroyed.
~ Sir Walter Scott
Men Are The Only Animals That Devote Themselves, Day In And Day Out, To Making One Another Unhappy. It Is An Art Like Any Other. Its Virtuosi Are Called Altruists.
~ H. L. Mencken
How Small A Portion Of Our Life It Is That We Really Enjoy! In Youth We Are Looking Forward To Things That Are To Come; In Old Age We Are Looking Backward To Things That Are Gone Past; In Manhood, Although We Appear Indeed To Be More Occupied In Things That Are Present, Yet Even That Is Too Often Absorbed In Vague Determinations To Be Vastly Happy On Some Future Day When We Have Time.
~ C. C. Colton
May You Live Every Day Of Your Life.
~ Jonathan Swift
When You Read History It Is Quite Astonishing To Discover That There Never Was A Day When Men Thought Times Were Really Good. Every Generation In History Has Been Haunted By The Feeling Of Crisis.
~ Harold Walke
Do Not Be So Quick To Judge Or Label, For One Day The Objects Of Ridicule May Become What They Are Ever So Used To Being Seen As. And When This Happens It Is Too Late, Another Soul Has Fallen To The Cruel Persecution Of Todays Society And Become What They Are Seen As Instead Of Who They Really Are. A Person, Just Like Everyone Else.
~ Unknown
One Ought, Every Day At Least, To Hear A Little Song, Read A Good Poem, See A Fine Picture, And If It Were Possible, To Speak A Few Reasonable Words.
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
We Say That The Hour Of Death Cannot Be Forecast, But When We Say This We Imagine That Hour As Placed In An Obscure And Distant Future. It Never Occurs To Us That It Has Any Connection With The Day Already Begun Or That Death Could Arrive This Same Afternoon, This Afternoon Which Is So Certain And Which Has Every Hour Filled In Advance.
~ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
In Life You Can Never Be Too Kind Or Too Fair Everyone You Meet Is Carrying A Heavy Load. When You Go Through Your Day Expressing Kindness And Courtesy To All You Meet, You Leave Behind A Feeling Of Warmth And Good Cheer, And You Help Alleviate The Burdens Everyone Is Struggling With.
~ Brian Tracy