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My Writing Is Like A Ten Gallon Spring. It Can Issue From The Ground Anywhere At All. On Smooth Ground It Rushes Swiftly On And Covers A Thouasand Li In A Single Day Without Difficulty. When It Twists And Turns Among Mountains And Rocks, It Fits Its Form To Things It Meets: Unknowable. What Can Be Known Is, It Always Goes Where It Must Go, Always Stops Where It Cannot Help Stopping -- Nothing Else. More Than That, Even I Cannot Know.
~ Su Shih
No Matter How Smart You Are, You Spend Much Of Your Day Being An Idiot.
~ Scott Adams
Always Have Some Project Under Way... An Ongoing Project That Goes Over From Day To Day And Thus Makes Each Day A Smaller Unit Of Time.
~ Dr. Lillian Troll
Nirvana Is Not The Blowing Out Of The Candle. It Is The Extinguishing Of The Flame Because Day Is Come.
~ Rabindranath Tagore
Some Of Us Just Go Along... Until That Marvelous Day People Stop Intimidating Us -- Or Should I Say We Refuse To Let Them Intimidate Us.
~ Peggy Lee
The True Conservative Is The Man Who Has A Real Concern For Injustices And Takes Thought Against The Day Of Reckoning.
~ Franklin D. Roosevelt, Speech in Syracuse, NY Sep. 29, 1936
Every Day You May Make Progress. Every Step May Be Fruitful. Yet There Will Stretch Out Before You An Ever-lengthening, Ever-ascending, Ever-improving Path. You Know You Will Never Get To The End Of The Journey. But This, So Far From Discouraging, Only Adds To The Joy And Glory Of The Climb.
~ Sir Winston Churchill
A Man Should Not Leave This Earth With Unfinished Business. He Should Live Each Day As If It Was A Pre-flight Check. He Should Ask Each Morning, Am I Prepared To Lift-off?
~ Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider, Northern Exposure, All is Vanity, 1991
Statistics Show That We Lose More Fools On This Day Than On All Other Days Of The Year Put Together. This Proves, By The Numbers Left In Stock, That One Fourth Of July Per Year Is Now Inadequate, The Country Has Grown So.
~ Mark Twain
There Are Now Two Great Nations In The World, Which Starting From Different Points, Seem To Be Advancing Toward The Same Goal: The Russians And The Anglo- Americans... Each Seems Called By Some Secret Design Of Providence One Day To Hold In Its Hands The Destinies Of Half The World.
~ Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America 1835
Every Morning Is A Fresh Beginning. Every Day Is The World Made New. Today Is A New Day. Today Is My World Made New. I Have Lived All My Life Up To This Moment, To Come To This Day. This Moment--this Day--is As Good As Any Moment In All Eternity. I Shall Make Of This Day--each Moment Of This Day--a Heaven On Earth. This Is My Day Of Opportunity.
~ Dan Custe
A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A DOE Unbearably Lovely Music Is Heard As The Curtain Rises, And We See The Woods On A Summer Afternoon. A Fawn Dances On And Nibbles Slowly At Some Leaves. He Drifts Lazily Through The Soft Foliage. Soon He Starts Coughing And Drops Dead.
~ Woody Allen, Without Feathers