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In The Midst Of Hopes And Cares, Of Apprehensions And Of Disquietude, Regard Every Day That Dawns Upon You As If It Was To Be Your Last Then Super-added Hours, To The Enjoyment Of Which You Had Not Looked Forward, Will Prove An Acceptable Boon.
~ Horace
The Principles Now Planted In Thy Bosom Will Grow, And One Day Reach Maturity; And In That Maturity Thou Wilt Find Thy Heaven Or Thy Hell.
~ David Thomas
Every Day We Do Things, We Are Things That Have To Do With Peace. If We Are Aware Of Our Life..., Our Way Of Looking At Things, We Will Know How To Make Peace Right In The Moment, We Are Alive.
~ Thich Nhat Hanh
We Get New Ideas From God Every Hour Of Our Day When We Put Our Trust In Him -- But We Have To Follow That Inspiration Up With Perspiration -- We Have To Work To Prove Our Faith. Remember That The Bee That Hangs Around The Hive Never Gets Any Honey.
~ Albert E. Cliffe
The Remarkable Thing We Have Is A Choice Every Day Regarding The Attitude We Will Embrace For That Day. We Cannot Change Our Past... We Cannot Change The Fact That People Will Act In A Certain Way. We Cannot Change The Inevitable. The Only Thing We Can Do Is Play On The One String We Have, And That Is Our Attitude.
~ Charles R. Swindoll
The Victory Of Success Is Half Won When One Gains The Habit Of Setting Goals And Achieving Them. Even The Most Tedious Chore Will Become Endurable As You Parade Through Each Day Convinced That Every Task, No Matter How Menial Or Boring, Brings You Closer To Fulfilling Your Dreams.
~ Og Mandino
The Thing To Remember Is That That The Future Comes One Day At A Time.
~ Dean Acheson, Communication Bulletin for Managers & Supervisors, June 2004
Be Patient Enough To Live One Day At A Time, Letting Yesterday Go And Leaving Tomorrow Until It Arrives.
~ Unknown
The Gaudy, Blabbing, And Remorseful Day Is Crept Into The Bosom Of The Sea.
~ William Shakespeare
As A Well-spent Day Brings Happy Sleep, So A Life Well Used Brings A Happy Death.
~ Leonardo Da Vinci
Write It On Your Heart That Every Day Is The Best Day In The Year. No Man Has Learned Anything Rightly, Until He Know That Every Day Is Doomsday.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Each New Day Is A Blank Page In The Diary Of Your Life. The Secret Of Success Is In Turning That Diary Into The Best Story You Possibly Can.
~ Douglas Pagels, A Wonderful Resolution For The New Year!