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A Hundred Times Every Day I Remind Myself That My Inner And Outer Life Depends On The Labors Of Other Men, Living And Dead, And That I Must Exert Myself In Order To Give In The Measure As I Have Received And Am Still Receiving.
~ Albert Einstein
Love Works In Miracles Every Day Such As Weakening The Strong, And Strengthening The Weak Making Fools Of The Wise, And Wise Men Of Fools Favouring The Passions, Destroying Reason, And In A Word, Turning Everything Topsy-turvy.
~ Marguerite de Valois
She Said She Usually Cried At Least Once Each Day Not Because She Was Sad, But Because The World Was So Beautiful And Life Was So Short.
~ Brian Andreas
As I See It, Every Day You Do One Of Two Things: Build Health Or Produce Disease In Yourself.
~ Adelle Davis
All Men Dream: But Not Equally. Those Who Dream By Night In The Dusty Recesses Of Their Minds Wake In The Day To Find That It Was Vanity: But The Dreamers Of The Day Are Dangerous Men, For They May Act Their Dreams With Open Eyes, To Make It Possible. This I Did.
~ T. E. Lawrence, The Seven Pillars of Wisdom
What, To The American Slave, Is Your Fourth Of July I Answer A Day That Reveals To Him, More Than All Other Days Of The Year, The Gross Injustices And Cruelty To Which He Is The Constant Victim. To Him Your Celebration Is A Sham.
~ Frederick Douglas
If All The Cars In The United States Were Placed End To End, It Would Probably Be Labor Day Weekend.
~ Doug Larson
If The Day And The Night Are Such That You Greet Them With With Joy, And Life Emits A Fragrance Like Flowers And Sweet-scented Herbs, More Elastic, More Starry, More Immortal--that Is Your Success.
~ Henry David Thoreau
As Long As We Are Persistence In Our Pursuit Of Our Deepest Destiny, We Will Continue To Grow. We Cannot Choose The Day Or Time When We Will Fully Bloom. It Happens In Its Own Time.
~ Denis Watley
I Would Rather Lose In A Cause That Will Some Day Win, Than Win In A Cause That Will Some Day Lose.
~ Woodrow Wilson
The Same Stream Of Life That Runs Through My Veins Night And Day Runs Through The World And Dances In Rhythmic Measures. It Is The Same Life That Shoots In Joy Through The Dust Of The Earth In Numberless Blades Of Grass And Breaks Into Tumultuous Waves Of Leaves And Flowers. It Is The Same Life That Is Rocked In The Ocean-cradle Of Birth And Of Death, In Ebb And In Flow. I Feel My Limbs Are Made Glorious By The Touch Of This World Of Life. And My Pride Is From The Life-throb Of Ages Dancing In My Blood This Moment.
~ Rabindranath Tagore
Never Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Do The Day After Tomorrow.
~ Mark Twain