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Day Quotes

from thousands of famous people

He Is Rich Who Owns The Day, And No One Owns The Day Who Allows It To Be Invated By Worry, Fret And Anxiety.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Tomorrow Is The Busiest Day Of The Year.
~ Danish prove
A Man Should Not Leave This Earth With Unfinished Business. He Should Live Each Day As If It Was A Pre-flight Check. He Should Ask Each Morning, Am I Prepared To Lift-off?
~ Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider, Northern Exposure, All is Vanity, 1991
Perhaps One Day This Too Will Be Pleasant To Remember.
~ Unknown
May You Live Every Day Of Your Life.
~ Jonathan Swift
The Gaudy, Blabbing, And Remorseful Day Is Crept Into The Bosom Of The Sea.
~ William Shakespeare
I Will Prepare And Some Day My Chance Will Come.
~ Abraham Lincoln
A Great Deal Of Talent Is Lost To The World For Want Of A Little Courage. Every Day Sends To Their Graves Obscure Men Whose Timidity Prevented Them From Making A First Effort.
~ Sydney Smith
We Should Every Night Call Ourselves To An Account; What Infirmity Have I Mastered Today? What Passions Opposed? What Temptation Resisted? What Virtue Acquired? Our Vices Will Abort Of Themselves If They Be Brought Every Day To The Shrift.
~ Seneca
My Writing Is Like A Ten Gallon Spring. It Can Issue From The Ground Anywhere At All. On Smooth Ground It Rushes Swiftly On And Covers A Thouasand Li In A Single Day Without Difficulty. When It Twists And Turns Among Mountains And Rocks, It Fits Its Form To Things It Meets: Unknowable. What Can Be Known Is, It Always Goes Where It Must Go, Always Stops Where It Cannot Help Stopping -- Nothing Else. More Than That, Even I Cannot Know.
~ Su Shih
I Fear Nothing So Much As A Man Who Is Witty All Day Long.
~ Madame de Sevigne
Each New Day Is A Blank Page In The Diary Of Your Life. The Secret Of Success Is In Turning That Diary Into The Best Story You Possibly Can.
~ Douglas Pagels, A Wonderful Resolution For The New Year!