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You Must Pay For Conformity. All Goes Well As Long As You Run With Conformists. But You, Who Are Honest Men In Other Particulars, Know That There Is Alive Somewhere A Man Whose Honesty Reaches To This Point Also, That He Shall Not Kneel To False Gods, And, On The Day When You Meet Him, You Sink Into The Class Of Counterfeits.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Love Works In Miracles Every Day Such As Weakening The Strong, And Strengthening The Weak Making Fools Of The Wise, And Wise Men Of Fools Favouring The Passions, Destroying Reason, And In A Word, Turning Everything Topsy-turvy.
~ Marguerite de Valois
To Conceal Ignorance Is To Increase It. An Honest Confession Of It, However, Gives Ground For The Hope That It Will Diminish Some Day Or The Other.
~ Mahatma Gandhi
This Is A Burden I Shall Bear For Every Day Of The Life That Is Left To Me.
~ Richard Milhous Nixon
To Be Always Intending To Live A New Life, But Never Find Time To Set About It - This Is As If A Man Should Put Off Eating And Drinking From One Day To Another Till He Be Starved And Destroyed.
~ Sir Walter Scott
The Remarkable Thing We Have Is A Choice Every Day Regarding The Attitude We Will Embrace For That Day. We Cannot Change Our Past... We Cannot Change The Fact That People Will Act In A Certain Way. We Cannot Change The Inevitable. The Only Thing We Can Do Is Play On The One String We Have, And That Is Our Attitude.
~ Charles R. Swindoll
I Look Upon Every Day To Be Lost, In Which I Do Not Make A New Acquaintance.
~ Samuel Johnson
The Skylines Lit Up At Dead Of Night, The Air-conditioning Systems Cooling Empty Hotels In The Desert, And Artificial Light In The Middle Of The Day All Have Something Both Demented And Admirable About Them The Mindless Luxury Of A Rich Civilization, And Yet Of A Civilization Perhaps As Scared To See The Lights Go Out As Was The Hunter In His Primitive Night.
~ Jean Baudrillard
Live Your Questions Now, And Perhaps Even Without Knowing It, You Will Live Along Some Distant Day Into Your Answers.
~ Rainer Maria Rilke
In Life You Can Never Be Too Kind Or Too Fair Everyone You Meet Is Carrying A Heavy Load. When You Go Through Your Day Expressing Kindness And Courtesy To All You Meet, You Leave Behind A Feeling Of Warmth And Good Cheer, And You Help Alleviate The Burdens Everyone Is Struggling With.
~ Brian Tracy
You Grow Up The Day You Have Your First Real Laugh -- At Yourself.
~ Ethel Barrymoore
We Get New Ideas From God Every Hour Of Our Day When We Put Our Trust In Him -- But We Have To Follow That Inspiration Up With Perspiration -- We Have To Work To Prove Our Faith. Remember That The Bee That Hangs Around The Hive Never Gets Any Honey.
~ Albert E. Cliffe