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Day Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Everyone Has His Day And Some Days Last Longer Than Others.
~ Winston Churchill
He Is Rich Who Owns The Day, And No One Owns The Day Who Allows It To Be Invated By Worry, Fret And Anxiety.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Have Patience With All Things, But Chiefly Have Patience With Yourself. Do Not Lose Courage In Considering You Own Imperfections But Instantly Set About Remedying Them - Every Day Begin The Task Anew.
~ Saint Francis de Sales
The Skylines Lit Up At Dead Of Night, The Air-conditioning Systems Cooling Empty Hotels In The Desert, And Artificial Light In The Middle Of The Day All Have Something Both Demented And Admirable About Them The Mindless Luxury Of A Rich Civilization, And Yet Of A Civilization Perhaps As Scared To See The Lights Go Out As Was The Hunter In His Primitive Night.
~ Jean Baudrillard
Live Every Day As If It Were Your Last, Because One Of These Days, It Will Be.
~ Jeremy Schwartz
I Would Rather Lose In A Cause That Will Some Day Win, Than Win In A Cause That Will Some Day Lose.
~ Woodrow Wilson
I Know My Fate. One Day My Name Will Be Associated With The Memory Of Something Tremendous--a Crisis Without Equal On Earth, The Most Profound Collision Of Conscience, A Decision That Was Conjured Up Against Everything That Had Been Believed, Demanded, Hallowed So Far. I Am No Man, I Am Dynamite.
~ Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
The Doors We Open And Close Each Day Decide The Lives We Live.
~ Flora Whittemore
A Man Should Not Leave This Earth With Unfinished Business. He Should Live Each Day As If It Was A Pre-flight Check. He Should Ask Each Morning, Am I Prepared To Lift-off?
~ Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider, Northern Exposure, All is Vanity, 1991
Either You Run The Day Or The Day Runs You.
~ Jim Rohn
When One Has Much To Put Into Them, A Day Has A Hundred Pockets.
~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Statistics Show That We Lose More Fools On This Day Than On All Other Days Of The Year Put Together. This Proves, By The Numbers Left In Stock, That One Fourth Of July Per Year Is Now Inadequate, The Country Has Grown So.
~ Mark Twain