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Day Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Why Learn At All If One Day We Will Die And Forget Everything.
~ Unknown
Dream Lofty Dreams, As You Dream, So Shall You Become. Your Vision Is The Promise Of What You One Day Shall Be: Your Ideal Is The Prophecy Of What You Shall At Last Unveil.
~ James Allen
The Reflections On A Day Well Spent Furnish Us With Joys More Pleasing Than Ten Thousand Triumphs.
~ Thomas a Kempis
We Get New Ideas From God Every Hour Of Our Day When We Put Our Trust In Him -- But We Have To Follow That Inspiration Up With Perspiration -- We Have To Work To Prove Our Faith. Remember That The Bee That Hangs Around The Hive Never Gets Any Honey.
~ Albert E. Cliffe
As I See It, Every Day You Do One Of Two Things Build Health Or Produce Disease In Yourself.
~ Adelle Davis
One Never Knows What Each Day Is Going To Bring. The Important Thing Is To Be Open And Ready For It.
~ Henry Moore
To Be Nobody But Yourself In A World Which Is Doing Its Best Day And Night To Make You Everybody Else Means To Fight The Hardest Battle Any Human Being Can Fight And Never Stop Fighting.
~ e e cummings
On That Day Let Us Solemnly Remember The Sacrifices Of All Those Who Fought So Valiantly, On The Seas, In The Air, And On Foreign Shores, To Preserve Our Heritage Of Freedom, And Let Us Reconsecrate Ourselves To The Task Of Promoting An Enduring Peace So That All Their Efforts Shall Not Have Been In Vain.
~ Dwight D. Eisenhowe
Reveal Not Every Secret You Have To A Friend, For How Can You Tell But That Friend May Hereafter Become An Enemy. And Bring Not All Mischief You Are Able To Upon An Enemy, For He May One Day Become Your Friend.
~ Saadi
He Has Not Learned The Lesson Of Life Who Does Not Every Day Surmount A Fear.
~ Gaius Julius Caesa
My Wife Is Always Trying To Get Rid Of Me. The Other Day She Told Me To Put The Garbage Out. I Said To Her I Already Did. She Told Me To Go And Keep An Eye On It.
~ Rodney Dangerfield
Finish Each Day Before You Begin The Next, And Interpose A Solid Wall Of Sleep Between The Two. This You Cannot Do Without Temperance.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson