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Day Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Every Day People Are Straying Away From The Church And Going Back To God.
~ Lenny Bruce
Cease To Ask What The Morrow Will Bring Forth. And Set Down As Gain Each Day That Fortune Grants.
~ Horace, Odes
There Are Fine Things Which You Mean To Do Some Day, Under What You Think Will Be More Favorable Circumstances. But The Only Time That Is Surely Yours Is The Present, Hence This Is The Time To Speak The Word Of Appreciation And Sympathy, To Do The Generous Deed, To Forgive The Fault Of A Thoughtless Friend, To Sacrifice Self A Little More For Others. Today Is The Day In Which To Express Your Noblest Qualities Of Mind And Heart, To Do At Least One Worthy Thing Which You Have Long Postponed, And To Use Your God-given Abilities For The Enrichment Of Someone Less Fortunate. Today You Can Make Your Life - Significant And Worthwhile. The Present Is Yours To Do With As You Will.
~ Grenville Kleise
The Most Radical Revolutionary Will Become A Conservative The Day After The Revolution.
~ Hannah Arendt
Worry A Little Bit Every Day And In A Lifetime You Will Lose A Couple Of Years. If Something Is Wrong, Fix It If You Can. But Train Yourself Not To Worry. Worry Never Fixes Anything.
~ Mary Hemingway
I Was Working In A Parking Lot, Which Is A Great Place To Learn The Guitar. I Sat In The Booth And Practiced All Day Long. And Only Two Cars Were Stolen While I Worked There.
~ John Flansburgh
A Cloudy Day Is No Match For A Sunny Disposition.
~ William Arthur Ward
Most Of Us Think Ourselves As Standing Wearily And Helplessly At The Center Of A Circle Bristling With Tasks, Burdens, Problems, Annoyance, And Responsibilities Which Are Rushing In Upon Us. At Every Moment We Have A Dozen Different Things To Do, A Dozen Problems To Solve, A Dozen Strains To Endure. We See Ourselves As Overdriven, Overburdened, Overtired. This Is A Common Mental Picture And It Is Totally False. No One Of Us, However Crowded His Life, Has Such An Existence. What Is The True Picture Of Your Life? Imagine That There Is An Hour Glass On Your Desk. Connecting The Bowl At The Top With The Bowl At The Bottom Is A Tube So Thin That Only One Grain Of Sand Can Pass Through It At A Time. That Is The True Picture Of Your Life, Even On A Super Busy Day, The Crowded Hours Come To You Always One Moment At A Time. That Is The Only Way They Can Come. The Day May Bring Many Tasks, Many Problems, Strains, But Invariably They Come In Single File. You Want To Gain Emotional Poise? Remember The Hourglass, The Grains Of Sand Dropping One By One.
~ James Gordon Gilkey
The Best Thing About The Future Is That It Comes One Day At A Time.
~ Abraham Lincoln
I Detest Life-insurance Agents; They Always Argue That I Shall Some Day Die, Which Is Not So.
~ Stephen Leacock
The Skylines Lit Up At Dead Of Night, The Air-conditioning Systems Cooling Empty Hotels In The Desert, And Artificial Light In The Middle Of The Day All Have Something Both Demented And Admirable About Them The Mindless Luxury Of A Rich Civilization, And Yet Of A Civilization Perhaps As Scared To See The Lights Go Out As Was The Hunter In His Primitive Night.
~ Jean Baudrillard
From The Moment I Picked Your Book Up Until I Laid It Down I Was Convulsed With Laughter. Some Day I Intend Reading It.
~ Julius Henry Marx