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To Be Silent The Whole Day Long, See No Newspaper, Hear No Radio, Listen To No Gossip, Be Thoroughly And Completely Lazy, Thoroughly And Completely Indifferent To The Fate Of The World Is The Finest Medicine A Man Can Give Himself.
~ Henry Miller, The Colossus of Maroussi
A Man Should Hear A Little Music, Read A Little Poetry, And See A Fine Picture Every Day Of His Life, In Order That Worldly Cares May Not Obliterate The Sense Of The Beautiful Which God Has Implanted In The Human Soul.
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Live Every Day As If It Were Your Last, Because One Of These Days, It Will Be.
~ Jeremy Schwartz
We Should Every Night Call Ourselves To An Account; What Infirmity Have I Mastered Today? What Passions Opposed? What Temptation Resisted? What Virtue Acquired? Our Vices Will Abort Of Themselves If They Be Brought Every Day To The Shrift.
~ Seneca
This Day Before Dawn I Ascended A Hill And Looked At The Crowded Heaven.
~ Walt Whitman
A Chinese Philosopher Once Had A Dream That He Was A Butterfly. From That Day On, He Was Never Quite Certain That He Was Not A Butterfly, Dreaming That He Was A Man.
~ Unknown
No Other Job In The World Could Possibly Dispossess One So Completely As This Job Of Teaching. You Could Stand All Day In A Laundry, For Instance, Still In Possession Of Your Mind. But This Teaching Utterly Obliterates You. It Cuts Right Into Your Being Essentially, It Takes Over Your Spirit. It Drags It Out From Where It Would Hide.
~ Sylvia Ashton-Warne
This Is The Day Upon Which We Are Reminded Of What We Are On The Other Three Hundred And Sixty-four.
~ Mark Twain
My Future Starts When I Wake Up Every Morning... Every Day I Find Something Creative To Do With My Life.
~ Miles Davis
All Men Dream, But Not Equally. Those Who Dream By Night In The Dusty Recesses Of Their Minds Wake In The Day To Find That It Was Vanity But The Dreamers Of The Day Are Dangerous Men, For They May Act Their Dream With Open Eyes, To Make It Possible.
~ T. E. Lawrence
Fill Your Mouth With Marbles And Make A Speech. Every Day Reduce The Number Of Marbles In Your Mouth And Make A Speech. You Will Soon Become An Accredited Public Speaker -- As Soon As You Have Lost All Your Marbles.
~ Brooks Hays
Inside Each And Every One Of Us Is A Person That No One Knows. A Person, Should You Take The Time To Look, Is Waiting To Be Discovered, Wanting You To Take Notice. Take A Few Minutes Every Day And Sit Down To Chat To This Person. Who Knows What You May Learn.
~ Neill MacRae