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Day Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Frost You May Wake Up One Day And Find Yourself Extinct.
~ Blade
I Would Advise You To Keep Your Overhead Down Avoid A Major Drug Habit Play Every Day And Take It In Front Of Other People. They Need To Hear It, And You Need Them To Hear It.
~ James Taylo
A Chinese Philosopher Once Had A Dream That He Was A Butterfly. From That Day On, He Was Never Quite Certain That He Was Not A Butterfly, Dreaming That He Was A Man.
~ Unknown
Celebrate The Happiness That Friends Are Always Giving, Make Every Day A Holiday And Celebrate Just Living.
~ Amanda Bradley
Finish Each Day And Be Done With It. You Have Done What You Could Some Blunders And Absurdities Have Crept In Forget Them As Soon As You Can. Tomorrow Is A New Day You Shall Begin It Serenely And With Too High A Spirit To Be Encumbered With Your Old Nonsense.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
The Gaudy, Blabbing, And Remorseful Day Is Crept Into The Bosom Of The Sea.
~ William Shakespeare, "King Henry VI Part II", Act 4 scene 1
He Who Every Morning Plans The Transaction Of The Day And Follows Out That Plan, Carries A Thread That Will Guide Him Through The Maze Of The Most Busy Life. But Where No Plan Is Laid, Where The Disposal Of Time Is Surrendered Merely To The Chance Of Incidence, Chaos Will Soon Reign.
~ Victor Hugo
A Prudent Mind Can See Room For Misgiving, Lest He Who Prospers Would One Day Suffer Reverse.
~ Sophocles, Trachiniae
Fill Your Mouth With Marbles And Make A Speech. Every Day Reduce The Number Of Marbles In Your Mouth And Make A Speech. You Will Soon Become An Accredited Public Speaker -- As Soon As You Have Lost All Your Marbles.
~ Brooks Hays
Finish Each Day Before You Begin The Next, And Interpose A Solid Wall Of Sleep Between The Two. This You Cannot Do Without Temperance.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Tomorrow Is The Busiest Day Of The Year.
~ Danish prove
The Day Will Come When The Mystical Generation Of Jesus By The Supreme Being In The Womb Of A Virgin, Will Be Classed With The Fable Of The Generation Of Minerva In The Brain Of Jupiter.
~ Thomas Jefferson