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Day Quotes

from thousands of famous people

James, You Ought To Discover Some Day That Words Have An Exact Meaning.
~ Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, 1957
The Day Is For Honest Men, The Night For Thieves.
~ Euripides, Iphigenia in Tauris, circa 412 B. C
As Long As We Are Persistence In Our Pursuit Of Our Deepest Destiny, We Will Continue To Grow. We Cannot Choose The Day Or Time When We Will Fully Bloom. It Happens In Its Own Time.
~ Denis Watley
When You Have Too Much Month For You Paycheck, Then What You Need To Do Is Realize That There Is Abundance All Around You And Focus On The Abundance And Not Your Lack And As Night Follows Day Abundance Will Come To You.
~ Sidney Madwed
It Is Better To Be A Lion For A Day Than A Sheep For Your Whole Life.
~ Elizabeth Henry
Do Not Be So Quick To Judge Or Label, For One Day The Objects Of Ridicule May Become What They Are Ever So Used To Being Seen As. And When This Happens It Is Too Late, Another Soul Has Fallen To The Cruel Persecution Of Todays Society And Become What They Are Seen As Instead Of Who They Really Are. A Person, Just Like Everyone Else.
~ Unknown
Someday Is Not A Day Of The Week.
~ Anonymous
The End Crowns All, And That Old Common Arbitrator, Time, Will One Day End It.
~ William Shakespeare, "Troilus and Cressida", Act 4 scene 5
The Individual Choice Of Garnishment Of A Burger Can Be An Important Point To The Consumer In This Day When Individualism Is An Increasingly Important Thing To People.
~ Donald N. Smith, president of Burger King
A Day Out-of-doors, Someone I Loved To Talk With, A Good Book And Some Simple Food And Music -- That Would Be Rest.
~ Roosevelt, Eleano
The Day The Child Realizes That All Adults Are Imperfect He Becomes An Adolescent The Day He Forgives Them, He Becomes An Adult The Day He Forgives Himself He Becomes Wise.
~ Alden Nowlan
One Of The Illusions Of Life Is That The Present Hour Is Not The Critical, Decisive Hour. Write It On Your Heart That Every Day Is The Best Day Of The Year.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson