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Day Quotes

from thousands of famous people

A Hobby A Day Keeps The Doldrums Away.
~ Phyllis Mcginley
Drop The Question What Tomorrow May Bring, And Count As Profit Every Day That Fate Allows You.
~ Horace
Roam Abroad In The World, And Take Thy Fill Of Its Enjoyments Before The Day Shall Come When Thou Must Quit It For Good.
~ Saadi
Start Every Day Off With A Smile And Get It Over With.
~ W. C. Fields
The Principles Now Planted In Thy Bosom Will Grow, And One Day Reach Maturity And In That Maturity Thou Wilt Find Thy Heaven Or Thy Hell.
~ David Thomas
It Is Better To Be A Lion For A Day Than A Sheep For Your Whole Life.
~ Elizabeth Henry
May You Live Every Day Of Your Life.
~ Jonathan Swift
To Be Silent The Whole Day Long, See No Newspaper, Hear No Radio, Listen To No Gossip, Be Thoroughly And Completely Lazy, Thoroughly And Completely Indifferent To The Fate Of The World Is The Finest Medicine A Man Can Give Himself.
~ Henry Miller, The Colossus of Maroussi
Think To Yourself That Every Day Is Your Last The Hour To Which You Do Not Look Forward Will Come As A Welcome Surprise.
~ Horace
Dream Lofty Dreams, And As You Dream, So You Shall Become. Your Vision Is The Promise Of What You Shall One Day Be Your Ideal Is The Prophecy Of What You Shall At Last Unveil.
~ James Allen
Each Of Us Should Do Something Every Day That We Do Not Want To Do But We Know We Should Do, To Strengthen Our Backbone And Put Iron In Our Soul.
~ Henry Hitt Crane
Stop Acting As If Life Is A Rehearsal. Live This Day As If It Were Your Last. The Past Is Over And Gone. The Future Is Not Guaranteed.
~ Wayne W Dye