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Elderly Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Obscenity Is What Happens To Shock Some Elderly And Ignorant Magistrate.
~ Bertrand Russell
If An Elderly But Distinguished Scientist Says That Something Is Possible, He Is Almost Certainly Right But If He Says That It Is Impossible, He Is Very Probably Wrong.
~ Arthur C. Clarke
When I Was Young I Had An Elderly Friend Who Used Often To Ask Me To Stay With Him In The Country. He Was A Religious Man And He Read Prayers To The Assembled Household Every Morning. But He Had Crossed Out In Pencil All The Passages That Praised God. He Said That There Was Nothing So Vulgar As To Praise People To Their Faces And, Himself A Gentleman, He Could Not Believe That God Was So Ungentlemanly As To Like It.
~ W. Somerset Maugham
It Was Once Said That The Moral Test Of Government Is How That Government Treats Those Who Are In The Dawn Of Life, The Children Those Who Are In The Twilight Of Life, The Elderly And Those Who Are In The Shadows Of Life, The Sick, The Needy And The Handicapped.
~ Hubert Humphrey