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Fairy Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The Only Words That Ever Satisfied Me As Describing Nature Are The Terms Used In Fairy Books, Charm, Spell, Enchantment. They Express The Arbitrariness Of The Fact And Its Mystery.
~ Gilbert Keith Chesterton
I Am Among Those Who Think That Science Has Great Beauty. A Scientist In His Laboratory Is Not Only A Technician: He Is Also A Child Placed Before Natural Phenomena Which Impress Him Like A Fairy Tale.
~ Marie Curie
The Tooth Fairy Teaches Children That They Can Sell Body Parts For Money.
~ David Richerby
Knowledge Is Not A Series Of Self-consistent Theories That Converges Toward An Ideal View; It Is Rather An Ever Increasing Ocean Of Mutually Incompatible And Perhaps Even Incommensurable Alternatives, Each Single Theory, Each Fairy Tale, Each Myth That Is Part Of The Collection Forcing The Others Into Greater Articulation And All Of Them Contributing, Via This Process Of Competition, To The Development Of Our Consciousness.
~ Paul Feyerabend