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Flower Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Praise Is Like Sunlight To The Human Spirit We Cannot Flower And Grow Without It.
~ Jesse Lai
Anything Will Give Up Its Secrets If You Love It Enough. Not Only Have I Found That When I Talk To The Little Flower Or To The Little Peanut They Will Give Up Their Secrets, But I Have Found That When I Silently Commune With People They Give Up Their Secrets Also - If You Love Them Enough.
~ George Washington Carve
What If You Slept? And What If, In Your Sleep, You Dreamed? And What If, In Your Dream, You Went To Heaven And Plucked A Strange And Beautiful Flower? And What If, When You Awoke, You Had The Flower In Your Hand? Ah, What Then?
~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May, Old Times Is Still A-flying And This Same Flower That Smiles Today, Tomorrow Will Be Dying.
~ Robert Herrick
Live Neither In The Present Nor The Future, But In The Eternal. The Giant Weed Of Evil Cannot Flower There This Blot Upon Existence Is Wiped Out By The Very Atmosphere Of Eternal Thought.
~ H Hahn Blavatsky
From Seeds Of His Body Blossomed The Flower That Liberated A People And Touched The Soul Of A Nation. Funeral Oration For Martin Luther King, Sr.
~ Jesse Louis Jackson
All My Life I Have Tried To Pluck A Thistle And Plant A Flower Wherever The Flower Would Grow In Thought And Mind.
~ Abraham Lincoln
It Is Not Growing Like A Tree In Bulk Doth Make Man Better Be; Or Standing Long An Oak, Three Hundred Year, To Fall A Log At Last, Dry, Bald, And Sere, A Lily Of A Day Is Fairer In May Although It Fall And Die That Night, It Was The Plant Of Flower And Light, In Small Proportions We Just Beauties See; And In Short Measures, Life May Perfect Be.
~ Benjamin Johnson
Democracy Is Not A Fragile Flower Still It Needs Cultivating.
~ Ronald Reagan
Horror On Earth Is Real And It Is Every Day. It Is Like A Flower Or Like The Sun; It Cannot Be Contained.
~ Alice Sebold, The Lovely Bones
Creativity Is So Delicate A Flower That Praise Tends To Make It Bloom, While Discouragement Often Nips It In The Bud. Any Of Us Put Out More And Better Ideas If Our Efforts Are Truly Appreciated.
~ Alexander Osborn
A Family Is A Place Where Minds Come In Contact With One Another. If These Minds Love One Another The Home Will Be As Beautiful As A Flower Garden. But If These Minds Get Out Of Harmony With One Another It Is Like A Storm That Plays Havoc With The Garden.
~ Buddha