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Flower Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Oh, Heart, I The Ignorant Say To You That The Soul Perishes Like The Body, Answer That The Flower Perishes, But The Seeds Remain. This Is The Law Of God.
~ Kahlil Gibran
How Does The Meadow Flower Its Bloom Unfold Because The Lovely Little Flower Is Free Down To Its Root, And In That Freedom Bold.
~ William Wordsworth
Apathy Isn? T It. We Can Do Something. So Flower Power Didn? T Work. So What. We Start Again.
~ John Lennon
The Flower That Follows The Sun Does So Even On Cloudy Days.
~ Robert Leighton
No Flower Of Art Ever Fully Blossomed Save It Was Nourished By Tears Of Agony.
~ Isadora Duncan, The Sensational Life of Isadora Duncan
And Thereof Do I Repent: I Only Plucked An Occasional Flower When I Might Have Gathered An Ample Harvest Of Fruit -- Such Are The Just Grounds For The Regrets I Have...
~ D. A. F. Sade, "Dialogue between a Priest and a Dying Man"
Us Sing And Dance, Make Faces And Give Flower Bouquets, Trying To Be Loved. You Ever Notice That Trees Do Everything To Git Attention We Do, Except Walk.
~ Alice Walke
We Must Learn Not To Disassociate The Airy Flower From The Earthy Root, For The Flower That Is Cut Off From Its Root Fades, And Its Seeds Are Barren, Whereas The Root, Secure In Mother Earth, Can Produce Flower After Flower And Bring Their Fruit To Maturity.
~ Kabbalah
From Seeds Of His Body Blossomed The Flower That Liberated A People And Touched The Soul Of A Nation. Funeral Oration For Martin Luther King, Sr.
~ Jesse Louis Jackson
Praise Is Like Sunlight To The Human Spirit: We Cannot Flower And Grow Without It.
~ Jess Lai
No One Flower Can Ever Symbolize This Nation. America Is A Bouquet.
~ William Safire
Our National Flower Is The Concrete Cloverleaf.
~ Lewis Mumford