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Flower Quotes

from thousands of famous people

We Were Born To Die And We Die To Live. As Seedlings Of God, We Barely Blossom On Earth We Fully Flower In Heaven.
~ Russell M. Nelson
For Man, As For Flower And Beast And Bird, The Supreme Triumph Is To Be Most Vividly, Most Perfectly Alive.
~ David H. Lawrence
Gather Ye Rose-buds While Ye May, Old Time Is Still A-flying; And This Same Flower That Smiles Today, Tomorrow Will Be Dying.
~ Robert Herrick, To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time
How Does The Meadow Flower Its Bloom Unfold Because The Lovely Little Flower Is Free Down To Its Root, And In That Freedom Bold.
~ William Wordsworth
There Is Not A Flower Or Bird In Sight, Only A Small Screen On Which Lines Are Moving, While The Child Sits Almost Motionless, Pushing At The Keyboard With One Finger. As A Learning Environment, It May Be Mentally Rich, But It Is Perceptually Extremely Impoverished. No Smells Or Tastes, No Wind Or Bird Song Unless The Computer Is Programmed To Produce Electronic Tweets, No Connection With Soil, Water, Sunlight, Warmth, The Actual Learning Environment Is Almost Autistic In Quality, Impoverished Sensually, Emotionally, And Socially.
~ John Davy
What Though The Radiance Which Was Once So Bright Be Not Forever Taken From My Sight, Though Nothing Can Bring Back The Hour Of Splendour In The Grass, Of Glory In The Flower Strength In What Remains Behind, In The Primal Sympathy Which Having Been Must Ever Be, In The Soothing Thoughts That Spring Out Of Human Suffering, In The Faith That Looks Through Death In Years That Bring Philophic Mind.
~ William Wordsworth
Anything Will Give Up Its Secrets If You Love It Enough. Not Only Have I Found That When I Talk To The Little Flower Or To The Little Peanut They Will Give Up Their Secrets, But I Have Found That When I Silently Commune With People They Give Up Their Secrets Also - If You Love Them Enough.
~ George Washington Carve
When I Walk With You I Feel As If I Had A Flower In My Buttonhole.
~ William Makepeace Thackeray
Good Taste Is The Flower Of Good Sense.
~ A. Poincelot
All My Life I Have Tried To Pluck A Thistle And Plant A Flower Wherever The Flower Would Grow In Thought And Mind.
~ Abraham Lincoln
Life Is The Flower For Which Love Is The Honey.
~ Victor Hugo
Oh, Heart, I The Ignorant Say To You That The Soul Perishes Like The Body, Answer That The Flower Perishes, But The Seeds Remain. This Is The Law Of God.
~ Kahlil Gibran