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Flower Quotes

from thousands of famous people

No Flower Of Art Ever Fully Blossomed Save It Was Nourished By Tears Of Agony.
~ Isadora Duncan, The Sensational Life of Isadora Duncan
It Is Not Growing Like A Tree In Bulk Doth Make Man Better Be; Or Standing Long An Oak, Three Hundred Year, To Fall A Log At Last, Dry, Bald, And Sere, A Lily Of A Day Is Fairer In May Although It Fall And Die That Night, It Was The Plant Of Flower And Light, In Small Proportions We Just Beauties See; And In Short Measures, Life May Perfect Be.
~ Benjamin Johnson
Us Sing And Dance, Make Faces And Give Flower Bouquets, Trying To Be Loved. You Ever Notice That Trees Do Everything To Git Attention We Do, Except Walk.
~ Alice Walke
Creativity Is So Delicate A Flower That Praise Tends To Make It Bloom, While Discouragement Often Nips It In The Bud. Any Of Us Put Out More And Better Ideas If Our Efforts Are Truly Appreciated.
~ Alexander Osborn
We Must Learn Not To Disassociate The Airy Flower From The Earthy Root, For The Flower That Is Cut Off From Its Root Fades, And Its Seeds Are Barren, Whereas The Root, Secure In Mother Earth, Can Produce Flower After Flower And Bring Their Fruit To Maturity.
~ Kabbalah
A Family Is A Place Where Minds Come In Contact With One Another. If These Minds Love One Another The Home Will Be As Beautiful As A Flower Garden. But If These Minds Get Out Of Harmony With One Another It Is Like A Storm That Plays Havoc With The Garden.
~ Buddha
Praise Is Like Sunlight To The Human Spirit: We Cannot Flower And Grow Without It.
~ Jess Lai
Live Neither In The Present Nor The Future, But In The Eternal. The Giant Weed Of Evil Cannot Flower There This Blot Upon Existence Is Wiped Out By The Very Atmosphere Of Eternal Thought.
~ H Hahn Blavatsky
Love Is The Flower Of Life, And Blossoms Unexpectedly And Without Law, And Must Be Plucked Where It Is Found, And Enjoyed For The Brief Hour Of Its Duration.
~ D. H. Lawrence
Horror On Earth Is Real And It Is Every Day. It Is Like A Flower Or Like The Sun; It Cannot Be Contained.
~ Alice Sebold, The Lovely Bones
The Artist Is The Confidant Of Nature, Flowers Carry On Dialogues With Him Through The Graceful Bending Of Their Stems And The Harmoniously Tinted Nuances Of Their Blossoms, Every Flower Has A Cordial Word Which Nature Directs Towards Him.
~ Auguste Rodin
The Flower That Follows The Sun Does So Even On Cloudy Days.
~ Robert Leighton