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Friendship Quotes

from thousands of famous people

True Friendship Is Never Serene.
~ Marie de Rabutin- Chantal
The Greatest Healing Therapy Is Friendship And Love.
~ Hubert Humphrey
Tis The Privilege Of Friendship To Talk Nonsense, And Have Her Nonsense Respected.
~ Charles Lam
We Only Want That Which Is Given Naturally To All Peoples Of The World, To Be Masters Of Our Own Fate, Not Of Others, And In Cooperation And Friendship With Others.
~ Golda Mei
One Of The Most Beautiful Qualities Of True Friendship Is To Understand And To Be Understood.
~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca
Women Can Form A Friendship With A Man Very Well But To Preserve It--to That End A Slight Physical Antipathy Must Probably Help.
~ George Jean Nathan
There Is Little Friendship In The World, And Least Of All Between Equals.
~ Francis Bacon
The Real Test Of Friendship Is Can You Literally Do Nothing With The Other Person Can You Enjoy Together Those Moments Of Life That Are Utterly Simple They Are The Moments People Look Back On At The End Of Life And Number As Their Most Sacred Experiences.
~ Eugene Kennedy
The Glory Of Friendship Is Not The Outstretched Hand, Nor The Kindly Smile, Nor The Joy Of Companionship It Is The Spiritual Inspiration That Comes To One When You Discover That Someone Else Believes In You And Is Willing To Trust You With A Friendship.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Love Is Friendship Set On Fire.
~ Jeremy Taylo
For Prayer Is Nothing Else Than Being On Terms Of Friendship With God.
~ Saint Teresa of Avila
But Friendship Is Precious, Not Only In The Shade, But In The Sunshine Of Life And Thanks To A Benevolent Arrangement Of Things, The Greater Part Of Life Is Sunshine.
~ Thomas Jefferson