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Fun Quotes

from thousands of famous people

You Will Have More Fun On Your Vacation If You Maintain A Mental Age Of 18 Or Less. Act Just Old Enough To Make Your Travel Connections And Stay Out Of Trouble.
~ Joe Schwartz
It Is Fun To Be In The Same Decade With You.
~ Franklin D. Roosevelt, in a letter to Winston Churchill
If You Never Did, You Should. These Things Are Fun And Fun Is Good!
~ Dr. Seuss
Never Put Off Till Tomorrow The Fun You Can Have Today.
~ Aldous Huxley
There Is No Such Thing As Fun For The Whole Family.
~ Jerry Seinfeld
Setting A Good Example For Children Takes All The Fun Out Of Middle Age.
~ William Feathe
The Wit Makes Fun Of Other Persons The Satirist Makes Fun Of The World The Humorist Makes Fun Of Himself, But In So Doing, He Identifies Himself With People--that Is, People Everywhere, Not For The Purpose Of Taking Them Apart, But Simply Revealing Their True Nature.
~ James Thurbe
There Is No Such Thing As Fun For The Whole Family.
~ Jerry Seinfeld
If Jesus Christ Were To Come Today People Would Not Even Crucify Him. They Would Ask Him To Dinner And Hear What He Had To Say, And Make Fun Of It.
~ Thomas Carlyle
The Man Who Does Not Work For The Love Of Work But Only For Money Is Not Likely To Make Money Nor Find Much Fun In Life.
~ Charles Schwa
I Bet Living In A Nudist Colony Takes All The Fun Out Of Halloween.
~ Child Age 13
We Find Greatest Joy, Not In Getting, But Expressing What We Are. Men Do Not Really Live For Honors Or For Pay; Their Gladness Is Not In The Taking And Holding, But In The Doing, The Striving, The Building, The Living. It Is A Higher Joy To Teach Than To Be Taught. It Is Good To Get Justice, But Better To Do It; Fun To Have Things, But More To Make Them. The Happy Man Is He Who Lives The Life Of Love, Not For The Honors It May Bring, But For The Life Itself.
~ R. J. Baughan