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The Best Weapons Against The Infamies Of Life Are Courage, Wilfulness And Patience. Courage Strenthens, Wilfulness Is Fun And Patience Provides Tranquility.
~ Hermann Hesse
I Bet Living In A Nudist Colony Takes All The Fun Out Of Halloween.
~ Child Age 13
He Without Benefit Of Scruples His Fun And Money Soon Quadruples.
~ Ogden Nash
There Is No Such Thing As Fun For The Whole Family.
~ Jerry Seinfeld
If Jesus Christ Were To Come Today, People Would Not Even Crucify Him. They Would Ask Him To Dinner, And Hear What He Had To Say, And Make Fun Of It.
~ Thomas Carlyle
There Is No Pleasure In Having Nothing To Do; The Fun Is In Having Lots To Do And Not Doing It.
~ Mary Wilson Little
Flying May Not Be All Plain Sailing, But The Fun Of It Is Worth The Price.
~ Amelia Earhart
The Wit Makes Fun Of Other Persons The Satirist Makes Fun Of The World The Humorist Makes Fun Of Himself, But In So Doing, He Identifies Himself With People--that Is, People Everywhere, Not For The Purpose Of Taking Them Apart, But Simply Revealing Their True Nature.
~ James Thurbe
A Three-year-old Child Is A Being Who Gets Almost As Much Fun Out Of A Fifty-six Dollar Set Of Swings As It Does Out Of Finding A Small Green Worm.
~ Bill Vaughan
People Rarely Succeed Unless They Have Fun In What They Are Doing.
~ Dale Carnegie, How To Win Friends and Influence People
Never Make Fun Of Someone Who Speaks Broken English. It Means They Know Another Language.
~ H. Jackson Brown Jr
Setting A Good Example For Children Takes All The Fun Out Of Middle Age.
~ William Feathe