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The Wit Makes Fun Of Other Persons The Satirist Makes Fun Of The World The Humorist Makes Fun Of Himself.
~ James Thurbe
Every Game Ever Invented By Mankind, Is A Way Of Making Things Hard For The Fun Of It.
~ John Anthony Ciardi
There Is No Pleasure In Having Nothing To Do The Fun Is In Having Lots To Do And Not Doing It.
~ Mary Wilson Little
Skiing Combines Outdoor Fun With Knocking Down Trees With Your Face.
~ Dave Barry
A Pessimist Is Correct Oftener Than An Optimist, But An Optimist Has More Fun - And Neither Can Stop The March Of Events.
~ Robert A. Heinlein
The Saying Getting There Is Half The Fun Became Obsolete With The Advent Of Commercial Airlines.
~ Henry J. Tillman
It Is Against The Grain Of Modern Education To Teach Children To Program. What Fun Is There In Making Plans, Acquiring Discipline In Organizing Thoughts, Devoting Attention To Detail, And Learning To Be Self-critical?
~ Alan Perlis
You Will Have More Fun On Your Vacation If You Maintain A Mental Age Of 18 Or Less. Act Just Old Enough To Make Your Travel Connections And Stay Out Of Trouble.
~ Joe Schwartz
People Rarely Succeed Unless They Have Fun In What They Are Doing.
~ Dale Carnegie, How To Win Friends and Influence People
There Is No Such Thing As Fun For The Whole Family.
~ Jerry Seinfeld
It Is Fun To Be In The Same Decade With You.
~ Franklin D. Roosevelt, in a letter to Winston Churchill
The Wit Makes Fun Of Other Persons; The Satirist Makes Fun Of The World; The Humorist Makes Fun Of Himself.
~ James Thurber, in Edward R. Murrow television interview