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Game Quotes

from thousands of famous people

My Favorite Part Of The Game Is The Opportunity To Play.
~ Mike Singletary
If Scientific Reasoning Were Limited To The Logical Processes Of Arithmetic, We Should Not Get Very Far In Our Understanding Of The Physical World. One Might As Well Attempt To Grasp The Game Of Poker Entirely By The Use Of The Mathematics Of Probability.
~ Vannevar Bush
Every Game Ever Invented By Mankind, Is A Way Of Making Things Hard For The Fun Of It.
~ John Anthony Ciardi
Science Is The Search For Truth - It Is Not A Game In Which One Tries To Beat His Opponent, To Do Harm To Others. We Need To Have The Spirit Of Science In International Affairs, To Make The Conduct Of International Affairs The Effort To Find T He Right Solution, The Just Solution Of International Problems, Not The Effort By Each Nation To Get The Better Of Other Nations, To Do Harm To Them When It Is Possible.
~ Linus Pauling, No More War!
Life Is Like A Game Of Cards. The Hand That Is Dealt You Is Determinism; The Way You Play It Is Free Will.
~ Jawaharlal Nehru
An Ardent Supporter Of The Hometown Team Should Go To A Game Prepared To Take Offense, No Matter What Happens.
~ Robert Benchley
The Game Is Up.
~ William Shakespeare, "Cymbeline", Act 3 scene 3
The Game Of Life Is A Lot Like Football. You Have To Tackle Your Problems, Block Your Fears, And Score Your Points When You Get The Opportunity.
~ Lewis Grizzard
Half This Game Is 90 Mental.
~ Yogi Berra
Once The Game Is Over, The King And The Pawn Go Back In The Same Box.
~ Italian Prove
Love Is Only The Game That Is Not Called On Account Of Darkness.
~ M. Hirschfield
Ninety-nine Percent Of This Game Is Half Mental.
~ Lawrence Peter Berra