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It? S More Easy To Win A Chess Game In Five Minutes Than It Is To Talk About Russia? S Problems In 15 Minutes.
~ Garry Kasparov, Baltic Development Forum, Hamburg, September 13, 2004
Golf Is A Game In Which You Claim The Privileges Of Age, And Retain The Playthings Of Childhood.
~ Samuel Johnson
At Points Of Clarity, I Realize That My Life On Earth Is Meaningless, And That I Am Merely A Pawn In A Bigger Game. A Game I Cannot Possible Understand Or Have Control Of. Thankfully, Before Depression Sets In, I Drift Back Into My Cloudy, Bewildered Daily Routine.
~ Joel Patrick Warneke
I Have Discovered, In 20 Years Of Moving Around A Ballpark, That The Knowledge Of The Game Is Usually In Inverse Proportion To The Price Of The Seats.
~ Bill Veeck
If Scientific Reasoning Were Limited To The Logical Processes Of Arithmetic, We Should Not Get Very Far In Our Understanding Of The Physical World. One Might As Well Attempt To Grasp The Game Of Poker Entirely By The Use Of The Mathematics Of Probability.
~ Vannevar Bush
The Padres, After Winning The First Game Of The Doubleheader, Are Ahead Here In The Top Of The Fifth And Hoping For A Split.
~ Jerry Coleman
Learn The Fundamentals Of The Game And Stick To Them. Band- Aid Remedies Never Last.
~ Jack Nicklaus
Science Is The Search For Truth - It Is Not A Game In Which One Tries To Beat His Opponent, To Do Harm To Others. We Need To Have The Spirit Of Science In International Affairs, To Make The Conduct Of International Affairs The Effort To Find T He Right Solution, The Just Solution Of International Problems, Not The Effort By Each Nation To Get The Better Of Other Nations, To Do Harm To Them When It Is Possible.
~ Linus Pauling, No More War!
Perseverance Alone Does Not Assure Success. No Amount Of Stalking Will Lead To Game In A Field That Has None.
~ I Ching
Nobody In The Game Of Football Should Be Called A Genius. A Genius Is Somebody Like Norman Einstein.
~ Joe Theismann, Former quarterback
I Went To A Fight The Other Night, And A Hockey Game Broke Out.
~ Rodney Dangerfield
Life Is A God-damned, Stinking, Treacherous Game And Nine Hundred And Ninety-nine Men Out Of A Thousand Are Bastards.
~ Theodore Dreiser, quoting an unnamed newspaper edito