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Life Is A Challenge - Meet It Life Is A Song - Sing It Life Is A Dream - Realize It Life Is A Game - Play It Life Is Love - Enjoy It.
~ Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Philosophy Is A Game With Objectives And No Rules. Mathematics Is A Game With Rules And No Objectives.
~ Anonymous
The Game Is Up.
~ William Shakespeare, "Cymbeline", Act 3 scene 3
Learn The Fundamentals Of The Game And Stick To Them. Band- Aid Remedies Never Last.
~ Jack Nicklaus
Jerry I Will Not Rest Until I Have You Holding A Coke, Wearing Your Own Shoe, Playing A Sega Game *featuring You*, While Singing Your Own Song In A New Commercial, *starring You*, Broadcast During The Superbowl, In A Game That You Are Winning, And I Will Not *sleep* Until That Happens.
~ Jerry Maguire
It? S More Easy To Win A Chess Game In Five Minutes Than It Is To Talk About Russia? S Problems In 15 Minutes.
~ Garry Kasparov, Baltic Development Forum, Hamburg, September 13, 2004
The Padres, After Winning The First Game Of The Doubleheader, Are Ahead Here In The Top Of The Fifth And Hoping For A Split.
~ Jerry Coleman
Half This Game Is 90 Mental.
~ Yogi Berra
Science Is The Search For Truth - It Is Not A Game In Which One Tries To Beat His Opponent, To Do Harm To Others. We Need To Have The Spirit Of Science In International Affairs, To Make The Conduct Of International Affairs The Effort To Find T He Right Solution, The Just Solution Of International Problems, Not The Effort By Each Nation To Get The Better Of Other Nations, To Do Harm To Them When It Is Possible.
~ Linus Pauling, No More War!
Ninety-nine Percent Of This Game Is Half Mental.
~ Lawrence Peter Berra
Once The Game Is Over, The King And The Pawn Go Back In The Same Box.
~ Italian Prove
Golf Is A Game In Which You Claim The Privileges Of Age, And Retain The Playthings Of Childhood.
~ Samuel Johnson