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I Have Discovered, In 20 Years Of Moving Around A Ballpark, That The Knowledge Of The Game Is Usually In Inverse Proportion To The Price Of The Seats.
~ Bill Veeck
The Game Is Afoot.
~ Sir Arther Connan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes
Life Is Like A Game Of Cards. The Hand That Is Dealt You Is Determinism; The Way You Play It Is Free Will.
~ Jawaharlal Nehru
The Game Is Up.
~ William Shakespeare, "Cymbeline", Act 3 scene 3
Half This Game Is 90 Mental.
~ Yogi Berra
Where There Is Life, There Is Hope. Where There Are Hopes, There Are Dreams. Where There Are Vivid Dreams Repeated, They Become Goals. Goals Become The Action Plans And Game Plans That Winners Dwell On In Intricate Detail, Knowing That Achievement Is Almost Automatic When The Goal Becomes An Inner Commitment. The Response To The Challenges Of Life -- Purpose -- Is The Healing Balm That Enables Each Of Us To Face Up To Adversity And Strife.
~ Denis Watley
I Was Not Successful As A Ballplayer, As It Was A Game Of Skill.
~ Casey Stengel
The Game Of Life Is A Lot Like Football. You Have To Tackle Your Problems, Block Your Fears, And Score Your Points When You Get The Opportunity.
~ Lewis Grizzard
Golf Is A Game Whose Aim Is To Hit A Very Small Ball Into A Even Smaller Hole, With Weapons Singularly Ill- Designed For The Purpose.
~ Winston Churchill
If Scientific Reasoning Were Limited To The Logical Processes Of Arithmetic, We Should Not Get Very Far In Our Understanding Of The Physical World. One Might As Well Attempt To Grasp The Game Of Poker Entirely By The Use Of The Mathematics Of Probability.
~ Vannevar Bush
Once The Game Is Over, The King And The Pawn Go Back In The Same Box.
~ Italian Prove
An Ardent Supporter Of The Hometown Team Should Go To A Game Prepared To Take Offense, No Matter What Happens.
~ Robert Benchley