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Game Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The Game Of Life Is Not So Much In Holding A Good Hand As Playing A Poor Hand Well.
~ H. T. Leslie
Perseverance Alone Does Not Assure Success. No Amount Of Stalking Will Lead To Game In A Field That Has None.
~ I Ching
Life Is A God-damned, Stinking, Treacherous Game And Nine Hundred And Ninety-nine Men Out Of A Thousand Are Bastards.
~ Theodore Dreiser, quoting an unnamed newspaper edito
Ninety-nine Percent Of This Game Is Half Mental.
~ Lawrence Peter Berra
I Have Discovered, In 20 Years Of Moving Around A Ballpark, That The Knowledge Of The Game Is Usually In Inverse Proportion To The Price Of The Seats.
~ Bill Veeck
My Favorite Part Of The Game Is The Opportunity To Play.
~ Mike Singletary
If Scientific Reasoning Were Limited To The Logical Processes Of Arithmetic, We Should Not Get Very Far In Our Understanding Of The Physical World. One Might As Well Attempt To Grasp The Game Of Poker Entirely By The Use Of The Mathematics Of Probability.
~ Vannevar Bush
Half This Game Is 90% Mental.
~ Danny Ozark, manager of the Phillies
The Padres, After Winning The First Game Of The Doubleheader, Are Ahead Here In The Top Of The Fifth And Hoping For A Split.
~ Jerry Coleman
Half This Game Is 90 Mental.
~ Yogi Berra
The Chess Board Is The World, The Pieces Are The Phenomena Of The Universe, The Rules Of The Game Are What We Call The Laws Of Nature. The Player On The Other Side Is Hidden From Us. We Know That His Play Is Always Fair, Just, And Patient. But We Also Know, To Our Cost, That He Never Overlooks A Mistake, Or Makes The Smallest Allowance For Ignorance.
~ Thomas Huxley
Business Is A Good Game - Lots Of Competition And A Minimum Of Rules. You Keep Score With Money.
~ Atari founder Nolan Bushnell