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Philosophy Is A Game With Objectives And No Rules. Mathematics Is A Game With Rules And No Objectives.
~ Anonymous
The Game Is Afoot.
~ Sir Arther Connan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes
Jerry I Will Not Rest Until I Have You Holding A Coke, Wearing Your Own Shoe, Playing A Sega Game *featuring You*, While Singing Your Own Song In A New Commercial, *starring You*, Broadcast During The Superbowl, In A Game That You Are Winning, And I Will Not *sleep* Until That Happens.
~ Jerry Maguire
Where There Is Life, There Is Hope. Where There Are Hopes, There Are Dreams. Where There Are Vivid Dreams Repeated, They Become Goals. Goals Become The Action Plans And Game Plans That Winners Dwell On In Intricate Detail, Knowing That Achievement Is Almost Automatic When The Goal Becomes An Inner Commitment. The Response To The Challenges Of Life -- Purpose -- Is The Healing Balm That Enables Each Of Us To Face Up To Adversity And Strife.
~ Denis Watley
Golf Is A Game Whose Aim Is To Hit A Very Small Ball Into A Even Smaller Hole, With Weapons Singularly Ill- Designed For The Purpose.
~ Winston Churchill
It? S More Easy To Win A Chess Game In Five Minutes Than It Is To Talk About Russia? S Problems In 15 Minutes.
~ Garry Kasparov, Baltic Development Forum, Hamburg, September 13, 2004
The Game Of Life Is The Game Of Boomerangs. Our Thoughts, Deeds And Words Return To Us Sooner Or Later, With Astounding Accuracy.
~ Florence Shinn
Love Is Only The Game That Is Not Called On Account Of Darkness.
~ M. Hirschfield
Nobody In The Game Of Football Should Be Called A Genius. A Genius Is Somebody Like Norman Einstein.
~ Joe Theismann, Former quarterback
Half This Game Is 90 Mental.
~ Yogi Berra
I Have Discovered, In 20 Years Of Moving Around A Ballpark, That The Knowledge Of The Game Is Usually In Inverse Proportion To The Price Of The Seats.
~ Bill Veeck
An Ardent Supporter Of The Hometown Team Should Go To A Game Prepared To Take Offense, No Matter What Happens.
~ Robert Benchley